5 Minute Tech Clearing Web Browser History

Okay this is the first in a new series
of brief weekly tech tutorials; were gonna
call it (the series of videos) 5 Minute Tech; the idea is to show a few tips and tricks
about personal technology in five minutes or less so; this week we’re
gonna kick this series off and talk about how you clear your web browser history. There’s a keyboard shortcut that will do
that for you with three of the four major web browsers
those being Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
and Internet Explorer. Safari which is Apple’s web browser is a
little different; but we’ll talk about that when
we get there and the first thing we’re going to do is go to Google Chrome and open that (web browser); so here’s a Google Chrome (web) page and we’ve got it set (the homepage) to the Google page so to clear the browsing history there’s
three keys on your keyboard Control (Ctrl), Shift and Delete and I’m going to tilt the camera a little bit so you can see them… I’ll try not to be too jarry here (in moving the camera) We’ve got Control (Ctrl) and Shift right there in the bottom left hand corner. And then if you go up towards the right top hand corner of your keyboard — there’s Delete. So those are the three keys you’re going to press down at the same time; and with
Chrome you get this Clear browsing history (data) window that looks like
this; you can obliterate the following items from; I’ve
got it set to the beginning of time but you could do the past hour, the past
day, the past week or the past four weeks We’re going to choose to do just the past hour this time Since I use Google Chrome a lot for my web
browser it will take a while if we do from the
beginning of time so you just click Clear browsing history and then when it’s done you get a page
that looks like this and go back to home page you go to any other page you want. And it will clear your browsing history from
Chrome so that’s web browser one. Web browser 2 is Mozilla Firefox – and we’ll wait for the (web) page to come up; Again I have the homepage set to the Google page And if I press Ctrl, Shift and Delete on
the keyboard; I have a clear all history box which looks a little different from the
one that we saw with Google Chrome but nevertheless still works so per click Clear now. that
will clear the browsing history with this web browser. So I’m now going to close that (the Firefox web browser) And bring up web browser three which is
Internet Explorer. And again, I’ve got the homepage here (set as) the Google homepage So Ctrl, Shift and Delete are the keys
again and with Internet Explorer you get a box says delete browsing history; it looks
a little different again although it’s the same kinda stuff see just click on
Delete and it (the computer) will delete the browsing history and then it’s done – so your browsing history is deleted. And with Safari; and this is the desktop
version of Safari this is not the version you would have an
iPad that’s a little bit different iPad or iPhone versions of Safari are a little
different; there is not a keyboard shortcut to clear the browsing history with Safari – so
you have to go up towards the top right hand corner of the screen there is this little gear wheel looks kinda like a clock wheel so you click
the down arrow right next to it (a menu will display) And you go down to reset Safari and left click
on that And then here is your clear browsing history
box; this one says are you sure you want to reset Safari and we’re gonna reset and it will clear
the browser history so then that is done and that is in a nutshell, how you clear the browsing
history from the four major web browsers. And we’ll be back next week with another 5 Minute Tech or less. Thank you for watching!

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