5 Historical Misconceptions Rundown

# 5. Vikings What would a Viking be without his trusty
battle helmet and its impressive horns? The answer is: a more historically accurate viking. Think, for a moment about wearing headgear
like that into battle: the horns are just easy targets for your opponent to hit and
knock off your helmet. Or, if you strap on your helmet, now your
opponent has a convenient lever with which to drag you to the ground and something to
hold onto while slitting your throat. Horned helmets are a terrible idea, which
is why archeologists have never found them at viking battle sites and there’s no evidence
that they were ever used. It was poets and artists — people not known
for caring about facts and reality — who gave the Vikings their silly hats during the
late 1800s, long after the vikings could ‘correct’ their misconceptions. 4. Lady Godiva The story of this 11th century English noblewoman
is that her mean husband the Earl raised taxes on the townspeople of Coventry which Lady
Godiva — and not surprising the locals — thought were too high. She badgered her husband and he conceded in
exasperation to lower the taxes if she rode through town naked — assuming that she never
would, but she did. Because people don’t likes taxes — even though
they’re how civilization is purchased — Lady Godiva’s story lives on notably in the Godiva
logo and in popular songs. But while Lady Godiva was a real person and
Coventry is a real town there is no record of her nude ride from the time when it happened
— so we can assume the story is false. Just as with the Vikings, again poets and artists
are to blame, who made up the tale long after Lady Godiva’s death. 3. Napoleon Famously this tiny, tiny general — perhaps
to compensate for his short stature — took control of France greatly expanded its influence
and dubbed himself emperor. Napoleon’s official height was indeed 5 foot
2 inches but at the time French inches were longer than English inches, so doing the unit
conversion, Napoleon’s height should have been reported as 5’7 in England’s imperial
units — which is short by today’s standard but was average or slightly above average
in the early 1800s. However England, with it’s eternal love for
all things French, didn’t care and went the Napoleon-is-so-short-LOL version of the story
in newspapers and cartoons. Meanwhile, Napoleon was busy introducing the
Metric System to France and the wider world to standardize measurements so this sort of
confusion would never happen again — and thankfully the whole world now uses metric.
Mostly. Sort of. 2. Roman Vomit Ah, the Roman empire, so great and powerful,
but corrupted by decadence from within. And what could be a better symbol of that decadence
than the Vometorum: where Romans, after stuffing themselves with delicious foods, could vomit
them all up to make room to feast anew. Vometoria are real but this idea of them is
not, though confusion is understandable because their name — Vomit-orium — seems to make
their purpose so clear. Even if for some reason you know latin — perhaps
because you live in a country that insists you waste hundreds of hours of your life learning
a dead, useless language — this knowledge still won’t help you because the root word
‘vomitum’ means ‘to spew forth’. So what is it really? If you’ve ever been
to a big stadium, like say, the ones made by the romans, you have already used a vometorium.
This is what the vometoria are — the passageways that lets lots of people enter or exit at
once. The people are what spews forth in the vometoria, not the contents of the people. 1. Columbus There is so very much wrong with the common
retelling of the story of Christopher Columbus that it’s hard to know where to begin, but
the biggest misconception is that everyone else thought the world was flat, but Columbus
was the only guy smart enough to know that it’s round. It makes a daring story, but knowledge of
a spherical earth goes back to at least 5,000 BC that’s six and a half thousand years before
Columbus set sail — and that knowledge was never lost to western civilization. In 200
BC Eratosthenes calculated Earth’s circumference and his estimate was still well know and being
used in Columbus’s time. The argument Columbus had with queen Isabella
was not over the shape of the earth, but of its size. Columbus estimated the Earth was
much smaller than Queen Isabella and her scientific advisors did which was way he thought he could
make it across the empty Atlantic to India. But Columbus’s size estimate was wrong — again,
just like Napoleon’s height — because of mixed up units. However, his error did send him West to become
the first European to discover America — as long as you ignore the hornless vikings who
beat him by 500 years.

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    The more I learn about him, the more I wonder how anyone ever admired him. Fuck that guy.

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  • I think you could have elaborated more on the Columbus story. He was actually arguing over the shape of the Earth, but not over whether or not it was flat. He was arguing that the Earth was pear shaped (an idea that traces back to the Christian creation story) and that the farther north you are, the shorter the distance to Asia is.

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  • You can't discover land that's already populated. To say discover refers to finding something new and the land had people there meaning America wasn't discovered by Columbus.

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  • Americans: colombus first said that earth was round

    Copernicus ( and polish in general): Am I a joke to you?

    PS. Sorry for any mistakes but english is not my first language.

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  • America was NEVER a DISCOVERY. It existed and was HOME to OTHER HUMANS…. Stop the lies. He got LOST and because of HIS IGNORANCE? COLUMBUS has been masqueraded as a discoverer. PERIOD!

    Just because You don’t know the Ocean exists YOU finding it for yourself may be a discovery to YOU. Those who live on coastal areas would say IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN RIGHT WHERE AN IDIOT LANDED!

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  • The next time you go to the beach look to your left and to your right along the horizon. You will be viewing at least 35 miles of perfectly flat Horizon. The curvature of the Earth according to NASA is calculated by multiplying every mile, by 8 inches… x the distance squared. That means the curvature is 8 inches for one mile, 2×2=4×8=32inches for the second. Let's look at Ten miles…10×10=100×8"=800" inches divided by 12" is 66.66667 FEET. So when you are seeing 30 miles of horizon there should be 30×30=900×8= 7,200/12"=600 ft. That's SIX HINDRED FEET OF CURVATURE…that doesn't exist. Look at pictures from 72 miles up on a weather balloon. HOT SPOTS ON THE EARTH where THE SUN IS CLOSER, the horizon always RISES TO YOUR EYE LEVEL, and it remains perfectly FLAT AS FAR AS YOU CAN SEE. spinning faster than the speed of sound? Tiltedbut…. midnight and noon should exchange every 6 months! And don't give me any crap about SideReel days as they only apply to Celestial navigation and not terrestrial! That's dishonest! There's only one explanation and that's that you live in an enclosure! A holographic, digital, fractal composition that Winks in and out of existence and a frame rate that gives you the illusion of time and motion. This is not disputed. Google Rupert sheldrake banned TED Talk!

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  • Objection: Columbus wasn't wrong about the size of the Earth. He accepted Aristophanes' estimation, which turned out to be very close to the actual number. What Columbus disputed was the size of Eurasia; Columbus thought it was much bigger, which would have made the space between the two ends shorter.

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  • So you actually decided to admit tue truth about the the Vikings finding America long before Columbus. That's bloody amazing. The last video I watched from you that mentioned Columbus you stated he was the first European to find America of which was false.

  • Columbus did not even land in North America he landed in which is now central America and murdered thousands because he thought they were hiding gold from him so he murdered them

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  • 3:19 This is actually a 6th Historical misconception. Columbus didn't think the world was smaller, but he and most cartographers at the time thought Asia was much, much larger.

  • Coventry is a real City*** Don't call me home a town fam.

  • Experts thought Asia was much larger, Columbus didn't think the earth was small.

  • Calling the old vikings europeans may be a bit of a stretch.

  • 1 : 1:24 The Dacian/Romanian Principalities were NEVER part of an empire.Valahia and Moldova were ALWAYS sovereign and obviously independent .Only for a short time (especially for the tens of milenia of history it's got) we paid a sort of "protection tax" to the otoman empire.

    Also,Transilvania was always either very autonomus,or directly rulled by the imperial family or a representive of them.
    it was thus NEVER part of the empire.

    2 : 2:02 Here we go again. DACIA WAS NEVER CONQUERED NOR OCCUPIED.It was only a VERY short perior in wich the apuseni mountains,THEN,with gold,was occupied,wich amounted to only 8% of the country.
    Also,Moesia inferior was WAAAAAAY smaller,basicly only occupiying the Dobrogea region.
    Thus,Dacia,Tracia and Moesia Inferior were NEVER ocupied,let alone integrated into the empire.

    In fact,we BROKE the empire,by always fighting back,NEVER beeing integrated and finally led it.At the last count there were 50 EMPERORS from Dacia that rulled the Empire.A origin they ALWAYS flaunted.

    3 : 3:42 As long as you ignore the Dacian who beat the wiking with some 359 years and started a JOURNEY across the world in 641 and ended it in 645 beeing received by the Kings in manny places he debarcked.

  • HEY THAT WAS 6 things i did not know >.> NOT 5!!! DownVOTE HIM EVERYONE. DOWNVOTE HIM FOR EDUCATING ME >.>

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  • Actually… Columbus didn't even go to America. He went to Columbia. America was "discovered" by Americas. At least I think that was his name.

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  • "Romanes eunt domus": boar latin.


  • 5"7" is short by today standard….excuse me, my modern 5 foot and 3 modern inches will be crying in the corner for a minute

  • Fun fact: Russia was named that after Rome, because at that time, russian territory was full of barbarians, and Rome was "the civilized nation", so they wanted to distinguish themselves from the flithy barbarians that roamed the place.
    …only to be invaded by Genghis Khan and his group of barbarians.

  • "taxes are how civilizations are purchased" – another misconception.

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  • Coventry IS a city, so much so that Hitler bombed it to ruins in 1940.

  • Columbus never landed in America though. He first landed in the Bahamas then Dominican Republic and later all over the Caribbean but never actually in present day America… unless you count Puerto Rico

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