5 Delete from history of Trotsky and Goblets

after the news of the execution of Jang song-thaek uncle of North Korean leader Kim jong-un was published last December the government media wiped the man out of history completely and removed it from the electronic archive and photographs but the u.s. Business Insider said Iran is not the first political leader to try to remove someone from history and the American site offered an offer to five people who were removed from existence one Nikolai Azov chief of the secret police of Josef Stalin he was the head of the secret police during the Stalin era and supervised mass arrests and executions of those considered treasonous of the Soviet regime before being arrested tortured tried and executed for lack of loyalty to Joseph Goebbels Minister of political propaganda under Adolf Hitler over the years the German leader Hitler has largely valued gurbles for his enthusiasm brilliant ideas and violent anti-semitism and appointed him as minister of propaganda and sent it all over Germany to create a Nazi presence and raise morale during the war like Stalin Hitler was famous for wiping out those who fell out of his calculations and what Goebbels did was still obscure especially after his removal from his image with Hitler three Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky Trotsky was initially the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution but the references to Trotsky after his powers returned into mensheviks were separated from his revolutionary colleague Vladimir Lenin although Trotsky eventually returned to the Bolsheviks after Lenin’s death stalin removed Trotsky from photographs and Trotsky eventually denied the Soviet Union altogether for Soviet astronaut Gregory Mille pallav Neil epod was chosen as the first astronaut in 1960 and was a founding member of the Sochi six he was the third or fourth person in space although some say he was the first to be expelled from the Soviet space program for associated misconduct alcohol which led to its removal from the records of the program five leading leader of the Communist Party of China CPC as a result of a misunderstanding of some military tactical matters Bojo was criticized for serious partial political errors and replaced in 1935 you [Music]

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