5 CREEPIEST “Lost Tapes” Which Were Found!

a lost tape is video footage of an event in
which the person filming lost their camera and it was later found by authorities or just
a member of the public in this list we take a look at some really
creepy tapes that were found. Croatian stalking
its believed that this tape was found in Croatia on the 4th of october 2005, the tape simply shows two teenagers filming themselves. in the video the teen behind the camera explains that the camera is new and that he is testing it out, the teens then go on and film themselves doing random things such as parkour. after this they notice a shadowy figure in which
they believe is a man urinating. they then see the man get closer and notice that he has a sack over his head, believing the man is drunk they approach him the man then begins to chase them its believed that the teens went missing and
the camera was found by Croatian Police who released the footage to the public to see if any leads would come up however this has never been confirmed. Pennhurst Footage
the actual clips aren’t too creepy but the back-story behind it is, known as Pennhurst
State School and Hospital its located in pennhurst Pennsylvania
it opened in 1908 as an institution for mentally and physically disabled individuals,
in 1968 it was exposed in an television news report called “suffer the little children”
a reporter went into the hospital and showed children living in terrible conditions. in 1983 it was exposed that the staff would badly assault
the patients on a regular basis this lead to the
place being shut down in 1987 as it was ruled that the conditions at the institution violated
patients’ constitutional rights. the abandoned building remains up today and
many people visit it as its believed to be a paranormal hotspot.
this footage was filmed in may of 2008, recorded by two college students it shows them exploring
the hospital, its badly decayed and there is creepy writings on the walls such as a pentagram. the footage itself isn’t too creepy but its
said that the camera was found near the hospital and the whereabouts and fate of the students
remain unknown, they could of just lost the camera… but who knows?? bjork stalker tapes
The bjork stalker, otherwise known as ricardo lopez was an american pest control officer who was obsessed with icelandic singer bjork. he became obsessed with the singer in 1993.
after learning about bjork’s relationship with fellow artist goldie ricardo became
jealous and grew increasingly angry. He then decided
to try and kill bjork by sending a letter bomb rigged with sulphuric acid to her home
in london. after dropping the bomb off at the post office he went home and committed suicide, he filmed the entire event.
months before this he started a video diary he described the purpose of it in his own
words as this: “my life, my art and my plan. Comfort is what
I seek in speaking to you … I am being my own psychologist. You are a camera. I am Ricardo.”
in total there was 11 video tapes which held 2 hours of footage each as they progressed
his anger towards bjork increased and he ended up stating
that the only solution was to kill her. towards the end of the tapes he showed himself making a letter bomb, he originally planned to create a bomb filled with contaminated blood which contained the HIV virus, he soon gave up on this idea and created one filled with sulphuric acid. in the final tape he filmed himself taking
the bomb to the post office in order to send it to bjorks address he then went home painted his face ,sat in front of his camera, played
a few bjork songs then committed suicide he committed suicide in his florida apartment by shooting himself in
the head. he committed suicide as he believed that if
the bomb killed bjork then they would be united in heaven.
police found his rotting body a few days later as somebody complained of a foul smell.
after viewing the tapes the police were able to intercept the bomb.
bjork commented saying she was very distressed by the incident and she also sent flowers to ricardos family. paris catacombs
The paris catacombs are a network of tunnels underneath paris which were originally built
by the romans thousands of years ago it was originally built to us as a mine but
by the 18th century when cemeteries in paris started to become over packed the residents
decided to place the deceased in the catacombs. the network of tunnels are
now filled with skeletons. the tunnels have a span of 170 miles.
guided tours are offered however people are ony allowed to explore a certain amount of
miles as it is really easy to get lost. in 1955 it was made illegal to enter the catacombs
without an official escort. Many years ago ABC family done a special on the catacombs, in it they featured a clip. the clip is believed to have come from the
mid 90s, it shows a man exploring the catacombs alone.
while he was 228 feet below street level he starts to feel uneasy and you can hear his
breathing become faster, as he continues to explore he comes across paintings and after this he sees something that terrifies him he then begins to run and drops his camera but it continued to record.
his camera was later found. the fate of the man remains unknown today.
what he saw down there is unsure but the documentary hinted that he may have come across “the gates of hell” dead diver
Yuri Lipski was an israli-russian diving instructor, on the 28th of april 2000 he died while exploring
the blue hole in the red sea. the blue hole, located in dahab egypt is a
natural sinkhole which is notorious for killing many divers.
while diving at below 300 feet he began to suffer from nitrogen narcosis, this usually
occurs in divers who explore further than 100 feet.
nitrogen narcosis is an change in consciousness which occurs while deep underwater, its been
described as feeling similar to being drunk. other symptoms have been described as loss
of senses, movement and numbness. its caused by the effects of certain gases while in a high pressure area. While at 300 feet the narcosis will induce
hallucinations, blackouts, euphoria and states of extreme rapid depression.
this will eventually lead to death. Yuri was recording his dive, in the video
you do not see him die but you see moments before his death,
you can hear his breathing become quicker as he starts to panic, clouds of sand are then visible as he becomes panicked and thrashes around after this you can hear the air begin to leave his lungs, he died shortly after

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