5 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in the History of world

Throughout mankind’s past, unexplained oddities
have become commonplace, often being relegated to myths and legends in the minds of future
generations… So often forgotten with little more than a
complacent shrug and the statement, “We’ll never know.”, these events often capture
humanity’s strangest characteristics. I am known as Mr Mysterious, and today we’ll
be delving into that past, exploring some of the many unsolved and unexplained cases
of history. 5. Can a man be said to vanish without a trace? It’s a popular fiction in modern media,
but on the 24th of November, 1971, precisely this situation occurred as a man leapt from
the rear exit door of an airborne Boeing 727-100 with two-hundred thousand dollars in unmarked
bills, and disappeared into the inky, bitter blackness of the night, never to be seen again. This man later became known to the media as
D.B. Cooper; the man that escaped the US Government… One way or another. The fate of the man that boarded that plane
as Dan Cooper, whom the media would later ney. It’s possible that he survived… Unlikely certainly, but not implausible. John Doe, aka Dan Cooper, has never been caught,
though the FBI continue their investigation to this day. 4. A monarchy is a dirty business. The crown may be a heavy responsibility, but
as it has so often been stated… It is good to be the King. But if it were your choice, your birthright… What would you do to secure your claim from
those that would question or seize it from you? 3. Even to this day, the vast, empty oceans spread
between our land masses remain one of the most terrifying natural forces on the planet. Vicious winds, mountainous waves and storms
that can effortlessly rip welded rivets from tempered metal remain ever-present fears. Not just because of their incredible destructive
potential… But for the simple truth that due to the chaotic
nature of maritime weather, these harsh conditions can manifest from the calmest, more peaceful
of conditions in mere hours. Of course, there are always those that choose
to believe in the paranormal… Several sources at the time, and even some
today believe that an external force could have been responsible for the events that
befell the Mary Celeste. Malevolent ghosts and sea spirits were popularly
believed in at the time by superstitious sailors, and the same approach can be applied today
regarding paranormal specialists and aliens… Both seem unlikely, and yet… There always exists that possibility… What do you believe? Post your theory below in
the comments on what happened to Briggs and his crew. 2. An individual disappearing without a trace is
odd, but not uncommon, and even the crew of a ship being lost amidst the misty waves of
the high seas was an unsettling event that was rare, but not unheard of… But what about an entire colony? Surely an organised settlement of dozens of
explorers, artisans and civilians couldn’t simply… Vanish? The Roanoke Colony was a small, military-focused
settlement that was founded just off the coast of North Carolina in the 16th century, on
the appropriately-named Roanoke Island. It’s initial purpose was to act as both
a naval port for Crown military vessels seeking to harass the Spanish treasure fleets, and
to act as an discoverer and exporter of exotic goods and wealth. Things did not go well for the colonists. The Spanish, naturally, were blamed by some. This is considered historically unlikely. Unlikely, yes… But possible. If only they knew. Speculation is Progression, as they say. Share your theories in the comments down below. If you find it mysterious, then share and
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