5 AM at Freddy’s: The Prequel

*vent noises* Hi Freddy! Ah, aha! H-Hey Bonnie! Have you seen the night guard? He’s not wearing his costume again Haha, Pshhh. Well, you know him! Yeah… But we’ll find him eventually It’s just… difficult with that spare Freddy head he’s been wearing Well as you can see, he’s no where around here So… why don’t you go look else where! *Distant* Night Guard! I’m gonna kick your ass! AARRG! Fucking- Ahhh! Wait, you saw the night guard? Aye! That’s the night guard, right there! No, that’s just Freddy No! He’s doing that thing with the… spare Freddy head again You know? ‘Messing with your facial scanners AHHH, Dammit! If he’s Freddy… Why does he keep flashing that wretched flashlight in my face?! Well obviously, you’re scaring him Scaring him?! I’m gonna gouge your eyes out! Foxy! Calm down! NO! I’m the ONLY one in this damn place who can see through that disguise! Balloon Boy, back me up here I don’t really care if he’s Freddy I’m just trying to get my hands on his sweet succulent double A batteries (Foxy) I’ve had enough of this! Show them you’re the night guard! Ehhhh, that’s a prop *Growls* You know what? Where’s Freddy? There can’t be two Freddys right? FREDDY?! Yo Well… Now we’ve got TWO Freddys in the room! Cool! Bonnie, oh my GOD. I will slap you! Wait, what’s going on here? We’re looking for the night guard He’s the night guard! Hmmmm… Pretty sure that’s Freddy Oh, God DAMMIT. You’re Freddy! Where are you going? (Musically) Fuck this shit I’m out Uh, I don’t get what’s confusing Bonnie? Listen… Oh wait What time is it? Hey fellas! Oi, Mangle! What time is it? It’s about 5:59 5:59?! It be the night guard! The night guard!? BATTERIES?! No, no, no! I’m Freddy! Right guys? OH GOD (6 AM bells) HURBEBLBLESJEILFSFNLS Umm… Hello?

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