4 Biggest Viral Hoaxes

Seeing is not believing in the world of
viral videos. Lets talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good mythical morning!
– Thanks to internet video we are now able to see and vicariously experience many
things that otherwise we would never have – been able to see or experience.
– Like this fitness expert and her dogs. ♪ (workout music) ♪ But the internet had also created a high
suspicion quotation. – Yes, lots of fake stuff.
– Seeing is no longer believing. What up until the internet was the world in
the realm of illusionists and magicians is now the wold and realm of people who ave
video effects knowledge. – Right, so we’re gonna be going through–
– Or I will say, I will add the agencies who hire said videographers and video
effects people to promote something. Yeah, that is the case with many of these.
So, that’s what we’re doing today, we’re going through some of the ones that
fooled the most people. – Okay.
– Starting with an Australian dude driving through the desert who comes upon
something awesome. Lets watch this. (Australian man) It’s huge!
That is absolutely huge! He’s definitely Australian.
He’s selling the fact that he is. – Whoa.
– Oop. – Okay, a little more than he bargained for.
– He’s running, he’s running, he’s running. In the car. – And then the storm–
– What was he saying? – (Australian accent) “It was–”
– (Australian accent) “It’s huge!” “It’s absolutely huge!”
(talking normally) It’s really the face that’s a part of what he did, that’s why it got
so many views. The face made it believable,
I mean that looked bel– 7.5 million views!
Is what this one has which was released in – august of 2014, that’s last year.
– Of course I know it’s a hoax because – we’re talking about it in that context
– I think that, I mean– – but I say that’s very convincing.
– I don’t know much about the effects world but I would’ve been convinced by that one
because it wasn’t, like, something that was impossible, it was just something that
was just awesome. But it was a hoax.
It was by the Wool Shed company. It was part of a guerrilla marketing for
the film “Into The Storm.” I didn’t see “Into The Storm.” – (both) So it didn’t work.
– (Rhett) On me. – (Link) (laughs)
– I also didn’t see this video when it was going viral,
but I guess “Into The Storm” is a movie about Australian dudes who run into
dust devils. – Well, when–
– And say, “It’s huuuuge!” When the camera, like,
panned down, like, someone getting in the car,
they should’ve just put, like, you know,
“Watch this– Watch my movie.” – Like this dude made a movie or something.
– It makes you wonder about the effectiveness – of this this technique.
– Right. I mean we’re talking about it now,
but, you know what? – Box office is over.
– Alright. I’ve got one. Picture a baby goat.
Maybe you’ve seen this one. – I’ve seen a baby goat.
– Semi struggling in a pond, unable to swim, enter tiny hero piglet.
Whatch this. – (goat crying)
– There’s the goat. – Aw that’s sad.
– Here comes the pig. Swimming towards the goat.
And saving the goats life. And helping him get to shore by swimming
beside him. Did he really do anything?
What did he do? “Ha ha ha” and then you’ve got that guy
who is using a video camera and he was like – “Ha ha ha.”
– “Ha ha, that little pig saved that goats – life, ha ha ha!”
– Had you seen that one before? – I had hear of it but I never clicked on it.
– No, I’m not into little animals saving each other.
That’s not something that really gets me going.
I’m just kidding, I just happened – to not see it.
– This one has over 9 million views, it was released September 19th 2012.
Of course the pig didn’t save the goats life.
My thing was that the pig– – It was a hoax.
– Oh. It could have been a little bit more
impressive. The thing I noticed the first time I – watched it–
– Why didn’t it swing in on, like, a line – or something?
– Wouldn’t have been believable. – Like a zip-line, the pig zip-line.
– The pig swims up to the goat and then the goat and the pig just start – swimming together but it wasn’t like the
– Like swimming buddies. – pig grabbed him or did anything.
– Everybody’s been there. But I will say this is still pretty genius.
This was staged by the comedy central – series “Nathan for you” to promote
– Ah, okay, yes. Oak Glen petting zoo.
Hi’s show’s a little bit like our show “Commercial Kings” in that he went to a
place and then developed marketing schemes for different things,
so this was him creating a viral video. They brought in a stunt pig to swim in a
Plexiglass undulating path that was just under the surface of the water and then
they had men in diving suits, – like scuba suits like, like,
– Oh, they went all out for this. – ushering the pig and holding up the goat–
– They ushered she pig? They ushered the pig into the goat and
then they both jumped up on the shore. I was an usher at you wedding. – I remember that.
– I was also a groomsman. – There were no pigs though.
– Actually, you weren’t an usher. – You were just a groomsman.
– No, I sat your grandma down. You sat her down but we didn’t call you an
usher. – Speaking of ushering–
– You fell for that hoax. – “Hey, would you be my usher?” (fake laughs)
– This next one involves people defying – the laws of physics.
– Oh. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ Good music. – A little pretentious self interview here.
– A little bit. It’s a cool van in the background. – Running towards the pond.
– Not going that fa– Whoa, whoa, whoa, oh my goodness.
Look at that, that’s amazing. – Boy, he’s running so fast–
– Another guy? – He didn’t try–
– He didn’t go fast enough, Link. And his acting’s horrible. The running on water’s great,
acting horrible. – Okay–
– There’s a few things that give it away. Like when it cuts to the guy who didn’t
make it – and he’s like–
– When the guy’s walking on water? No, when the guy’s like and he didn’t make
and it’s like “okay, this is a hoax.” The number one thing that gives it away is
the fact that it’s impossible to do this. – (Stevie and Link laugh)
– That’s the thing that gives it away – for me, I mean I think this one is a
– Alright, that’s true. – classic IQ test.
– (laughs) – You don’t have to take an IQ test,
– Hold on, so you just– – you show somebody this video.
– You just trapped me, that’s not fair. No, no, no, I mean–
you didn’t think that was real, man. – It wasn’t just because of that, it’s–
– No but that’s the thing that was wrong– – that was a bad choice in production.
– It was one of the things. But this thing got 14.2 million views – it turns out–
– Have you ever skipped a rock? – Yeah, it was a rock it wasn’t a me.
– (laughs) High tech sports was the company,
they were promoting a new hydrophobic shoe, – you know, super waterproof shoe.
– Okay. So they did this, you can see the shoes
there’s like special closeups on the shoe and stuff, they denied involvement for
weeks and then eventually they said “yeah that was us.”
There was a platform in the water, – that’s how they did it by the way.
– Oh. It wasn’t magic, Link. – It wasn’t magic.
– Okay, thanks for clarifying. A handheld camera captures an eagle
soaring over a park in Montreal and then suddenly it swoops in.
Lets watch what happens. – Here he is, swooping down.
– I remember this one. – Tries to pick up a kid.
– Whoa. And then here we have more running
and grass. Somebody’s speaking a different language. – And there’s the baby.
– Look at that. and then they replay it in slow-motion and
that’s when you can really see that the eagle picks up the child and then it’s
taking him in the air and then nope, drops him back on the–
back on the ground – I remember this one going viral,
– and then some grass shots. I’m gonna make a confession.
This one got me. – This one got you?
– This one got me. This was the only one that I actually saw – but I remember–
– Because the eagle didn’t carry him away forever, he dropped him and that made it
believable . – Right.
– Also it was kind of frustrating that you didn’t get a lingering shot–
there was a lot of shot of him running and his feet in the grass but then the – replay sold it.
– It was so well done. – Here’s the cool thing about it–
– For a guy who doesn’t know what an eagle picking up a baby would actually be like. – Me.
– Released December 19th 2012. It was made by students at the
National Animation and Design Center in Montreal, Canada as an assignment for a – video effects class.
– what? The assignment was if you get 100,000
views on this video– If you can make a hoax that gets 100,000
views you get an A. Did everybody in the class make eagles get
babies? No, this was–
I’m sure this had to have been the best one and they certainly got an A because they
got 44 million views. – You over did it a little bit there.
– The interesting thing was, I mean, everybody who was watching this thing
later the same day that they published it they came forward and said
“hey, we produced this thing for our class.” – “Back off man, the babies fine.”
– They didn’t even– You could have let it linger for a few
days and just revel in, – you know–
– You can be letting it linger right now – I’d still believe it.
– Of course they used 3D models as the baby and the eagle paired with the video
footage, so a lot of computer magic – on that one.
– Okay,did you fall for any of those When you saw them? – It’s like Blues Clues.
– Well I– okay, – yes I fell–
– I’m waiting for the audience to respond. I fell for the dang on water thing for
a second. We wanna thank our sponsor
Lynda.com/rhettandlink (Link) If you wanna know how to make
hoaxes on the internet Lynda.com can give you the bonafide
classes to figure out how to do that with video effects, I mean,
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– Learn at your own pace with thousands of classes and remember that you can get
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– Yeah but check this out, look at what this hog can do,
look at this baby goat. – Sit him in this little pond .
– Can’t swim! – Oh!
– Look at him! – This baby goat’s gonna die and everybody’s
– I wish we had a hog that we could bring out and save him!
Boom. – (makes paddling sounds)
– 25 dollars to you sir. The only one in line. [Captioned by Whitney and Hayleigh:
GMM Captioning Team]

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