$399 Suit Vs. $7,900 Suit

– What’s up Evan? – Sup. – You like fashion right? – I do. – Then why do you always look so bad? (chuckles) I’m just kidding.
– Bad meaning bad, or bad meaning good? – It’s the one that you want it to be. – Bad. – Will you join me on my
suit shopping extravaganza? – Suit. – We’re going New York. That’s not how you get there. We gotta get on a plane. It’s not that, it’s actually that way. – Nope I’m going. – Time to shop til we drop. – Hi. – Oh. (laughs) New York, fashion capital
of the United States. – Yes sir. – Today on worth the
lifestyle, we’re gonna try three different suit experiences
that through drastically different price points
and find out which one is the most worth it at it’s price. Worth it. – Suits never go out of style. Every man needs a suit. – And some women too. The first place we’re going to
is a place called Suit Supply you’re gonna help me buy a suit. – Okay, what about me? – I mean you can have one too. – Suit up. (cool music) – My name is Nish De Gruiter,
I’m the Vice President of Suit Supply USA, we
have jackets, casual pants, shirts, all the furnishings. – So what makes a good suit a good suit? – It should be fit well, it’s all about the
interior, if you see people the name boxy suit, it
still look very square because the interior
is glued on the inside. If you see a proper
made suit, breast pocket has a round shape to it,
shoulder is a little slim it’s softer, our fabric are
from high end Italian mills, Zenya, Barberis, Lo Pia, different colors, show the different price
points, so the blue line is opening price point at 399, Suit Supply is a vertically integrative company. A wholesaler or retailer, we
cut all those middle men out that’s why we can have a much
more attainable price point. There’s always something
that we can fit you in for example Havana fit works I think for your broad shoulders well. – Is that, that’s for me right? – Yeah, (laughs) – [Nish] We have a tailor who does alterations while you wait. – We have a tailor in the store? – [Nish] Yes, like an open kitchen. – I like that you can walk
in and walk out with a suit the same day. – To determine your size, chest size 40, shirt size 15 and 3/4s. – You have a suit here ready based on those three measurements. – From size 30 to regular
all the way through 52 long we have in stock, ready to go. (groovy music) – [Steven] Alright come out
here Evan, let’s see, oh. – This particular suit, is Havana suit, works well for your broad
shoulders, smaller waist. This is really business
something more formal, soft shoulder, the sleeve
length is perfect here you show just the right amount of cuff, we have a high arm hole,
that’s really Italian style. Italians like to hug. – I like to hug. I like to hug Steven. – [Steven] You want to do a hug test? (laughs) – [Evan] Hug test. – [Steven] Let’s do a hug test. – Hug approved. I feel dangerous, – [Steven] Dangerous? – Yeah, I feel like I might go somewhere and spend all my money. (laughs) – [Steven] You look pretty
fire but it’s my turn. – I think you should go
a little more casual, I would go for charcoal gray. – Charcoal gray? – Charcoal gray will be a great color for your skin complexion,
will work well with your hair. – [Steven] Yes. – I will take a 36 suit, I will
go for a 14 and 3/4s shirt. – So I’m 36 and you’re 40. – 40 chest and 30 in the waist. – We need to advertise how much
more buff Evan is than I am. (laughs) (smooth music) Oh ho, – [Nish] This is a great
outfit, it should be louder than your personality. – Oh wow, this is very breathable. Even though this is more
casual, it’s more different its more unique. – [Evan] Right. – [Steven] And I love that about it. – [Nish] You’re still wearing a suit and it’s very casual, you don’t
go out of your comfort zone. – This is amazing, it’s hard to express how I feel right now. I feel like, you need to
start treating me serious now. No more of your dumb hugs. This is all business. Pizza time. I think the crazy thing about that suit was how comfortable it was. – The suit jacket Nish gave me, I don’t think I have to alter it. – You’ve never had that
kind of suit off the rack fit you so well. – Yeah. – Suit fact, the term
bespoke, comes from the 1600s people would go into tailor
shops, they’d have the ask for the fabric that
was been spoken for that’s where bespoke came from. That’s what fashion is though, pretty much copying people that look good. – Mm-hmm, it’s like a little
bit of word play there. – Word play is more
like when you say like, yo my name is Steven and I like to go to. – I’m Evan I come down from heaven. (laughs) – What? Suit number two, are you ready for this? – I’m actually most excited about this. We’ve been prepping
ourselves to get fully suited – From an e-commerce site. We used a company called
Articles of Style. Apparently this place is legit. – I’m Evan, I come from heaven. – Let’s go to 7Eleven, where
you actually came from. (smooth music) – I’m Dan Trepanier, I’m the
CEO and creative director. – Hi I’m Will Howe, I’m the
COO of Articles of Style. – Articles of style is online
luxury men’s wear brands a lot of guys out there
are getting very mediocre frustrating experiences
with custom e-commerce. Meanwhile in bespoke
world, guys are thrilled so can’t we offer a service
instead of just an algorithm where you measure yourself. – How are you making these suits? – Everything is made from
scratch, based on that one client. We found Southwyck, the oldest
tailoring factory in America. At the factory what you’ll see for example in addition to a lot of other things is a digital pattern making. Printing your pattern. It’s laser cutting the
fabric, then basting the garments together for assembly, so setting sleeves, they’re
removing the base stitching when the garments done, they measure it to make sure it’s exactly what we ordered. And if it’s more than an
eighth of an inch off, we have to redo it. So you fill out your physical
profile on our website, we then figure out your
estimated measurements, cut a custom try on just
for you and send you that, take pictures in the try ons,
upload them to your account, you have an opportunity to write feedback so you guys write a novel and in there. – That’s gonna be this guy right here. – [Evan] I’m gonna write a novel in there. – Right, I mean you gave
us specific measurements. – [Evan] Super detailed feedback. – That’s great, you know
what you want, you know. You want for example,
a very small leg hole which isn’t uncommon. – Gotta be specific right? – Yeah. (laughs) – I don’t even know what a leg hole is. – It’s the circumference at
the very bottom of the pants. – It’s called the opening. – Gotcha. Okay. – If you’re telling us
nothing, you’re trusting us for the expertise and if
you’re telling us a ton that makes our job easier
because we know how to cut the garment to
your preference already. – This is the moment of truth. – Should we try ’em on? – If you guys get this right,
I’m coming back to the store, (laughs) (smooth music) alright here we go. Oh shoot. I really don’t recognize myself right now. This thing is just,
throwing me off right here. This has never seen the sun. – This is a luxury fabric, it’s linen and silk,
primarily silk actually, you’re a really slim guy
right, so you probably often have really big shoulders on your jackets and we cut a really high arm hole, so if you have a slim biceps,
that makes a big difference. – I have toned biceps. (laughs) – That’s slim. What’s really driving
the comfort of the jacket is the no shoulder pads at all, so it’s really a shirt shoulder. And it’s really lightweight construction to your chest, so it’s
really just like something you can throw on, and
the trouser you picked was a cotton cashmere blend,
so it’s really, really soft fabric as well. – Is there a name I can,
an alter ego I can have when I wear this? Steven, Steve! – Steve.
– Steve. – Yo Steve is out. – Hug test. (laughs) hug approved. – It’s your turn. – Let’s go. – You’re not gonna look as good as me. – Let’s go. (groovy music) Oh wow. First of all, got the
12 inches, right length, shoulder width, everything fits perfectly. – You’re a harder fit than Steven is, mainly because you’re
really big in the shoulders, strong chest, but really narrow waist, you’re wearing like a 31, 32
pant and like a 41, 42 jacket. Which is a 10 inch
drop, that’s impressive. – I work hard for it. (laughs) – So you really benefit
from the unpadded shoulder because you already got
all this meat up here, you can’t really buy a suit off the rack so a guy like you is extra blown away. – What do you think Steven? What do you think Steve? (laughs) – I mean, you look fine. (laughs) (fun music) – Yeah, hug approved. (smooth music) – Cut, cut, next place. (laughs) what is it with you and
the 12 inch leg whole man? – You gotta know what you
want when it comes to suits. – It’s true, from never having
met me, to getting a suit that fit that perfectly,
I was pretty amazed. – That’s probably the most impressive part about Articles of Style. – Yeah.
– Hands down. Suit fact. – Oh my god. Did you know men have
buttons on the right side and women have buttons on the left side. So the theory goes that men
had to go to battle and wars so they had to be able
to suit up very quickly and most people are right handed. For women the thought is
that women were wealthier so people would help them
put it on, so you’d actually have it backwards ’cause you know the person helping you would, – I see. – Be right handed and
could do the other side. – But if you’re a right handed woman and you’re a left handed man (laughs) you’re in trouble. – In battle, you’re screwed. We’re going to gentlemen by
the name of Leonard Logsdail. We started from a retail
store, and then we went down to a smaller e-commerce
site and now we’re down to one man. – So we’re trimming down the
number of people we have. – Interesting yeah. – It is interesting. – The more you spend the
less people who work on it. Hmm.
– Hmm. (soft music) – My name’s Leonard Logsdail. I’m a tailor here in New York
City with my son Leonard, he’s been working with
me for about four years and he’s learning the trade from me and today we’re going
to talk about production of a handmade suit and
measure you for one as well. – Amazing. It’s me by the way. – It’s all you man. – If you like we can do a
comparison between a good body and a bad body. (laughs) – You hear that. – From a tailoring point of
view, people will look at him and say well he’s got a great
body but from my point of view it’s actually quit difficult,
the shoulders a 40, it’s about 3/4 of an inch
lower on the right hand side, its understanding the nuances of the body and then being able to interpret
that from a plain piece of brown paper when I
construct the paper pattern. – What is bespoke, what
is a bespoke tailor do. – When you get buy something off the rack it’s made for everybody
and no one in particular. We do it completely the other way around. I’ve got 45 years of
experience of understanding men’s bodies, many clients say to me that I understand their bodies
more than their wives do. Because when you come
in three months later I can tell if you’ve put
on a couple of pounds or taken a couple of pounds off. – We make the suites ourselves on site, garments cut here, our jacket
maker makes about two a week. It takes about 60 or 70 hours
of hand work put into it. – [Leonard] Very labor intensive. – And how did you guys
get to where you are now? – Well I think it’s the
heart that goes into it. I built up a business in London. I moved out here in 1991. There were probably about
50 or 60 old Italian fabulous tailors in the United
States have all died off. – So this suit you made right here. – I did yeah, I made all
those clothes for all the guys from Wolf of Wall Street. – No way. – One of the reasons
that I get the movie work from the tailors here is
because if you want something 1970s with a flared pair of trousers and big pockets I can do that for you. – How much is a suit that you make and then what defines the cost of that? – The skill of moving and
stretching and shrinking and feeling the fabric in your fingers takes a long time and when
you’re charging a lot for a suit I’m not gonna do it until
you’re ready for it, a two piece suit starts at 7900 dollars. Probably the lowest quality
we make is a super 120s with cashmere and then
we move on up from there to a Vicuna suit which probably
cost about 30,000 dollars ’cause the cloth is very rare. – [Evan] They found a way to
shear it and they stay alive. – I want a suit, maybe for my wedding? – We can do that for you. – Okay so I have not proposed to her yet, but I’m thinking about it. – Well she might hear it now so. – She will hear it. – So are you gonna get
married on the west coast, the east coast? What time of year? Are you more of a
conservative type of person or do you want something
that’s got a little bit of oomph to it? (laughs) – I hadn’t even thought about that. – We need to know this because
if you’re gonna get married in Alaska in the winter, I can’t show you some of these fabrics. – Gotcha, I like a
little bit of flair yeah. – So this is a Super
130s and it’s beautiful. – [Steven] That’s great. – And it’s beautiful, feel the fabric so that means it’s going
to be comfortable to wear, now we have to decide what
style of suit you want. Do you like more of the modern
style, like a shorter jacket and a tight pair of pants? – I would love to go with
what you’re advising. – So we’ll go two buttons on the front. The pink lapel means
you thought about pants, we’re gonna make them with no pleats. You use your back pockets? – I do, and I heard it’s bad
for your back to put a wallet in your back pocket. – If you’ve got a lot of money in it yeah. (laughs) and then we’ll start the measurements and the body figurations. 38 and a half. – 38 and a half yeah that’s
what I’m talking about Evan, got some gains. – And we’ll cut the suit out after that. – How long will it take, you
said at least three fittings? – Depends, sometimes if
I do my job correctly, the first time we could
do it in one, sometimes I need two, sometimes I
need three but I will not let the suit go out the door
until I’m happy with it. My plan is for Ying to look
at you on her wedding day and really decide that you’re the one. (elegant music) – Alright man. That. Wow, dude that looks so good. I’m not used to this. This navy color looks
really really good on you. You should start wearing
this everyday actually so I can take you seriously. (laughs) – Dude it looks so clean, okay. And my favorite part of
this suit, the back of it is like perfectly shaped for my back. I look like a body builder. – [Evan] Oh wow, yeah. I see you. – I see you. I’m used to feeling fabric
pull at me in certain places. I don’t feel that here. Oh yeah, see that. The insides transcription,
see this phrase, it’s from my mom. I don’t know how to
describe this any more man it’s so, it’s so perfect. – [Leo] A perfect suit is
when I’m working with a client and I look in the mirror and
I see the look on his face is when you’re happy when
you walk out the door. (playful music) – Hug approved. Thank you for taking me shopping, why did just grab your bicep? (laughs) Evan Ghang, which suit
is the most worth it at it’s price for you. – Suit Supply is probably my go to place when I want to buy suits. – If you need a suit
tomorrow, that will fit you very nicely, Suit Supply,
and it’ll look great. – But I have to say it’s
the Articles of Style. They found that middle
ground where everything just meets perfectly and
the fact that I’ve never met them before and they got
the suits down perfectly that’s already a winner for me honestly. – I thought I was gonna
go with Articles of Style, I guess I’m a fancy boy ’cause I’m going with Leonard Logsdail. – [Evan] What? – He doesn’t cut corners,
well he does on suits. Ha ha ha ha. It’s not about the money,
it’s not about the time, it’s not about anything,
it’s about getting the product correct and I
look up to people like that. – You looked really,
really good in that suit. – Alex, who was your Worth It winner? I must have looked
really good in that suit. – This guy. – That wraps it up for our
season two of Worth it Lifestyle. Thank you guys for
watching, it’s like because of you guys watching now
we can make these videos so we out. – Peace. – [Steven] Can I do one more thing? So in the first location
that we did for this video at Suit Supply, we were told
that of this thing called a hug test, I’m just gonna give you a hug. – [Leo] Come on in. – Hug approved

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