360° KYUSHUxTOKYO – History / Saga

A realistic recreation of the Tokyo of three centuries ago, when it was a town named Edo bustling with merchants and craftsmen. The Edo-Tokyo Museum displays treasured historic buildings and scenes of everyday Edo life. The museum also features, on certain days, traditional Japanese artistic performances such as “koto”, the stringed instrument, “daikagura”, a juggling and balancing act and “kamikiri”, or papercutting, in its theatre. The Yoshinogari site is the scene of a village that existed here during the Yayoi period over 2,000 years ago. The beautiful park recreates some 98 structures that existed at the time. There are plenty of Yayoi period activities to try here, including fire- and magatama (teardrop-shaped beads)-making. The view across the charming village and ancient forest from the watchtower is breathtaking.

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