2018 Quiz on Korea | 2018 퀴즈 온 코리아 [SUB : ENG / 2018.09.24]

Korean Wave fans from all over the world come together for this global Korean culture quiz show, 2018 Quiz on Korea! (The first episode started in 2012) The survival quiz show is back as the 7th contest. It’s more competitive than last year. (The most unpredictable version so far) National representatives from 21 nations in a fierce battle “2018 Quiz on Korea.” He’s so fast. – You guessed the answer, right? / – I did. Quiz on! 21 people made it through the nationality-based preliminary selection process. And they are here in Korea! Their nationalities, languages, and cultures may differ from each other but they share the love for Korea. Hello. (Niha, Australia) I’m excited and nervous. (Agata, Poland) I’m so excited and anxious. (Zhang Yu, China) I’m confident. (Samin, Iran) I’m going to win. (Zhang Yu, China) We’re the best. A fierce competition with the pride of their countries on the line. Who will be the ? A survival quiz show for fans of Korea from all over the world. 2018 Quiz on Korea. Let me introduce your two MCs. The super MC among idols. Leader of SUPER JUNIOR, Lee Teuk! The beautiful youth from Ghana. TV personality, Sam Okyere. Hello, I’m your MC for the 2018 Quiz on Korea, Lee Teuk. Hello, I’m Sam Okyere. – It’s good to see you, Sam. / – Same here, brother. You’re here as an MC today. But you could actually be one of the contestants. I bragged a lot before I arrived here. But being on this big stage, I am kind of nervous. I should say, I’m very nervous. – Do you feel really nervous? / – Yes, I do. He says he’s nervous but the 21 contestants here would feel much more nervous. Sam and I will work hard to help them relax as they answer the questions. – Let’s do it! / – Let’s go! Nice. Quiz on Korea is a joint project by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and KBS. It’s for Korean Wave fans from all over the world. It’s a Korean culture quiz festival. 21 contestants representing their countries are here at KBS Hall for the finals after fighting through the preliminaries in their countries. That’s right. It’s Chuseok today. All contestants from 21 different countries are beautifully dressed in hanbok for Chuseok. They all look so pretty. – They do. / – I’m jealous. I want to wear it too. Nope. Oh, no! You can wear it once you’re a contestant. Okay then. The 21 contestants will compete in this quiz. I heard that they’re all fluent in Korean, and they’re very knowledgeable on Korean culture. That’s right. And we have lots of foreigners in the audience. Everybody, scream! (The cheering squad fill up the seats) We’ll begin the 2018 Quiz on Korea. Round 1. Quiz on! Quiz on Korea, round 1. Group individual battle. The 21 contestants will be divided into groups of 7 and they’ll answer questions. They get 10 points for each correct answer. The person with the highest score in each group, will enter the Quiz King Zone. For Round 1, all 7 of you will get one question each. We’ll show you two words. You have to choose the right answer. That’s right. If A is correct, say A. If you think it’s B, say B. That’s right. Let’s begin with our contestant from Argentina, Gonzalo. Hello. Hello. Hello, good morning. (Gonzalo, 24, Argentina) I will do my best. Here is your question. Which is the correct spelling? (Doen jang jji ge / Doen jang jji gae) B. B? Correct! It was whether it ended in “e” or “ae.” Right. Even Koreans find these questions difficult if they’re asked suddenly and given a time limit. I’ve lived here for 10 years now and I get a lot of these wrong. It’s confusing. But Gonzalo got it right. Next up is Aishwarya from India. Hello. Hello. (Aishwarya, 26, India) I came to Korea to meet Lee Teuk. I’ll do my best. You came to meet me? (Here I come) If Korea has IU then India has Aishwarya. Hello. Nice to meet you. Give us the question. (Yuk gae jang / Yuk gye jang) Is it “ae” or “ye”? B. B? What a shame. Yuk gae jang is spelled “ae.” I actually thought it was B as well. Me too. Aishwarya, do you know what “yukgaejang” is? – Yes, I do. / – Have you ever tried it? No. – Not yet? / – Haven’t tried it yet. Make sure you try it while you’re in Korea. – It tastes amazing with rice. / – So nice and spicy. Following on. Rachel from Malaysia. Hello. (Rachel, Malaysia) Hello, I’ll have fun today. She says she’ll have fun. She has a lot of support in the crowd. Are you here with your family? – No, my friends. / – Your friends. Please give us the question. (Kkae kkeut hi / Kkae kkeut i) A. A? The answer was B. – It’s “kkaekkeuti.” / – Right. Meaning “clean.” Next it’s Diana from Romania. Hello. Hello. Let’s do our best. (Diana, Romania) Yes! Give us the question. (Jjok jip ge / Jok jip ge) B. B? Correct! I honestly didn’t know. You don’t know what a “jokjipge” is? – Please explain. / – The thing you use to pull out… Small hairs on your body. Diana got it right. Moving on to China. Hello, Zhang Yu. Hello. (Zhang Yu, 29, China) Please cheer for me. – Are you ready? / – Yes. Here comes the next question. (Jo yong hi / Jo yong i) A. A? Correct. – “Joyonghi” for quiet. / – “Joyonghi.” – That must’ve been easy. / – Yes. – It was? / – Yes. – She got it so easily. / – It was too easy for her. Moving on. Marcela from Czech Republic. Hello. Hello. (Marcela, 37, Czech Republic) Please wish me luck. “Please wish me luck.” I think you’ll have good luck today. Here comes the next question. (Nun kkop / Nun gop) – A. / – A? (Incorrect) The answer was B. Marcela, do you know what “nungop” is? – No, I don’t. / – Please explain what it is. Right, the sleep in your eyes after you wake up. We call it “nungop” in Korean. Unfortunately, you got it wrong. Finally, she’s from Vietnam. Hello, Lan Anh. I will win! – “I will win!” / – So much energy. That’s great. She is full of energy. Here comes the next question. (Chang pi ha da / Chaeng pi ha da) – A! / – A? That is correct. You answered it very quickly. – Was it easy? / – Yes. A little easy. Now that they’re all warmed up, we’ll start the actual quiz. You’ll get 5 questions in total. The person with the highest score, will rise to the Quiz King Zone in the middle. So please try your best. We’ll begin the round. Quiz on! This is a common saying in Korea. What goes in the blank square? Lying down and eating… We haven’t heard all of the question yet. The answer is? – The answer is rice cake. / – Rice cake? “Lying down and eating rice cake.” Do you know what it means? – Yes, I do. / – What does it mean? “Very easy.” – So the answer is “rice cake”? / – Yes. Correct! Lying down and eating rice cake. That was as easy as lying down and eating rice cake. Let’s move on to the second question. Quiz on! Jungbu. Yeongdong. Seohaean. Gyeongbu. Diana from Romania! Expressway. Expressway? Expressway? That is correct! That’s amazing. She answered it after just hearing, Jungbu. Yeongdong. Seohaean. Gyeongbu. Have you been on any of these roads? Gyeongbu… – Gyeongbu Expressway? / – Yes. It gets congested a lot. I didn’t think they’d get this one. There are expressways in Romania, right? Yes. Do you have speed limits? – I’m not sure. / – You’re not? I don’t drive. She knows more about Korean expressways. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. Hello, we are the Brillante Children’s Choir. We will sing a children’s song for you. Listen carefully and pick the correct lyrics. ♪ My face is like an apple ♪ ♪ How pretty it is ♪ ♪ Eyes sparkle, nose sparkles, lips sparkle sparkle ♪ ♪ My face is like… ♪ ♪ How funny it is ♪ ♪ Eyes round, ears round ♪ Zhang Yu from China. The question hasn’t been fully given yet. Do you know the answer? Apple? Apple? Incorrect! Zhang Yu can’t answer again until someone else gets it’s wrong. Let’s continue and listen to the question. ♪ My face is like… ♪ ♪ How funny it is ♪ ♪ Eyes round, ears round, lips round round ♪ Marcela? Carp? Carp! No! Carp… Lan Anh from Vietnam. Octopus. Octopus? Incorrect! What is going on here? This means that because we’ve had 3 incorrect answers, Sam will give us the right answer. What is the answer? The answer is “pumpkin.” Pumpkin. Marcela, you answered “carp.” When you see ugly people in in the Czech Republic, do you say “Man, you look like carp”? – No. / – No? Why did you say the answer was carp? I thought I heard it somewhere. You thought you’d heard it before? Can anyone tell us what the comparison is in their country? – Squid. / – Squid? You compare ugly people to squid? – I heard that in Korea. / – That’s true. “Don’t come next to me, you make me look like a squid in comparison.” We say that a lot. Rachel sure knows a lot. Great. If we take a look at the scores… Diana from Romania is in the lead with 20 points. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. These are the consonants of a word. Guess what the word is. Rachel from Malaysia. The answer is? Bulguksa. Bulguksa? That is correct! Amazing. – Rachel. / – Yes. It’s amazing that you thought of Bulguksa after seeing those letters. Seriously. – I’m good at this game. / – You are? Do you play this game often with your friends? Yes. Where did you play it? – Over drinks. / – When you drink. Wow. Rachel has scored 20 points and the lead is tied. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. What are the following sentences describing? The power to make a decision after viewing objects. Ice crystals that fall from clouds. Body part you use for sight. Rachel? Eyes. Eyes? That is correct. That’s amazing. So Rachel from Malaysia wins the first round. Please move to the Quiz King Zone. Congratulations. Please give her a big round of applause. (Group A) (Rachel from Malaysia) Let’s say hello to Group B now. Konghoan from Cambodia. Hello. Kimchi is the best. “Kimchi is the best.” Do you like kimchi? – Yes. / – That’s great. Here comes the next question. (O ttuk i / O ttu gi) – Say the answer. / – B. B? That’s incorrect. The answer is “ottuki.” Do you know what that is? Isn’t it the instant rice? Instant rice… You could very easily think that. I thought of that too. It’s a roly poly with a round bottom. It goes back and forth on the spot. It’s a roly poly. I’m sure most foreigners would say “rice.” Unfortunately, you got it wrong. Next is Sarah from Egypt. Hello. Hello. Hello. (Sara, Egypt) ♪ Sorry sorry sorry sorry, I am… ♪ Going to win! Nice. She’s already telling everyone that she’s sorry about winning. She started with an apology. Here comes the next question. (O raen man e / O raet man e) It’s A. A? That is correct. Long time no see. Long time no see, Lee Teuk. – Have you been well? / – I have. – Have you? / – Not really. – Why not? / – The $10,000 prize money. Make sure you enter next year. Okay. This time it’s Agata from Poland. Hello. Hello. (Agata, Poland) I love Korea. I love Korea. – Nice. / – We love Poland as well. Here comes the next question. (Waen il / Wen il) B. B? That is correct. Wen il. “What’s up” in English. “What is going on?” – Agata, it was easy, right? / – Yes, it was. I had a look, and after she saw the question, she was like, “Is this seriously my question?” Right. “B.” It’s been easy for her thus far. Right. Next, we have Kibirt from Ethiopia. Hello. (Kibirt, Ethiopia) 1st place is mine! My name is Kibirt. You have so many people cheering for you – in the audience. / – It’s virtually a fan club. It is indeed. Who are they? They’re my friends and family. They’re all here today. Please cheer for Kibirt! (So encouraging) So many people. There are so many. Here comes the next question. (Ttak da gu ri / Ttak tta gu ri) A. The answer was B. “Ttakttaguri.” – Kibirt. / – Yes. Do you know what that is? – No, I don’t. / – It’s a bird. It’s the one that pecks at the tree trunk. A woodpecker in English. Woodpecker. We call that a “ttakttaguri.” Ttakttaguri. It’s okay if you don’t know. Next is Laura from Cuba. I’m not very good at Korean but I’ll do my best. She just said she’s not very good but – she seems pretty good to me. / – She’s really good. Here comes the next question. (Am tak / Am dak) – B. / – B? It was A. “Amtak.” Next is Viktoryia from Belarus. Hello. Hello. Let’s all do well today. Let’s do well. Nice. Here comes the next question. (Cho seung dal / Cho saeng dal) – A. / – A? That is correct. Viktoryia, you guessed the answer, right? I did. That’s why I’m so happy right now. Guessing the answer right is also a skill. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in Korea or overseas. You have to guess the answers in an exam. When you don’t know the answer. She got it right. Finally, Samin from Iran. Hello. Hello. (Samin, Iran) I’ll do my best to win. She’s going to do her best. Everyone wants to win. Please do your best. Here comes the next question. (Bae ge / Be gae) This one’s hard. – A. / – A? The answer was B. That one is really confusing. Pillow. For the warmup round, Sarah from Egypt, Agata from Poland and Viktoryia from Belarus got their questions right. This time you just have to answer as quickly as you can. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. This is a common saying in Korea. What goes in the blank square? If you hook up two people right, you’ll be invited to their wedding. If you get it wrong, you’ll get… What is the… Konghoan from Cambodia. Slapped. Slapped? That is correct. Konghoan, how did you know this? I happened to come across it in my studies. Nice. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. Then I’ll eat it. It’s common to see people in movies, dramas and variety shows eating a lot of food. 10 years ago… The entire question hasn’t been given yet. Samin from Iran. Mukbang. Mukbang! That is correct. Mukbang is so popular these days. You see it whenever you turn on the TV. How do they make it look so tasty? – Samin. / – Yes. Do you know what “mukbang” means? They keep eating in some room. Eating in a room. You can hear the chewing sounds… The word “mukbang” doesn’t mean eating in a room. It stands for “meok neun bang song.” – Literally “eating show.” / – I see. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. These are the first consonants of a word. Guess what the word is. Pieup, mieum, digeut, jieun, gieok. Kibirt from Ethiopia? Tripitaka Koreana. Tripitaka Koreana! That is correct. That’s unbelievable. How did she get this? Wow… They’re wooden blocks engraved with Buddhist writings. They’re stored at Haeinsa, Hapcheon, Gyeongsangnam-do. And it’s a UNESCO Memory of the World. That was amazing. I thought this would be too hard. But she got it right away. Don’t be disappointed, we still have more questions. Quiz on. What are the following sentences describing? When you ask for a discount on something. When you cut your hair. Sarah from Egypt. “Kkak a ju se yo.” “Kkak a ju se yo.” That is correct! That’s right. “Kkak a ju se yo.” Right. When you ask for a discount on something. When you cut your hair. When you remove the rind from a fruit. They all refer to the expression “kkak da.” How did you know the answer? I learned how to use the verb “kkak da.” You’ve understood it perfectly. “Kkak a ju se yo.” We’ve completed the first round for Group B. Sarah got the last answer right and we’ll have her in the comfortable Quiz King Zone. Congratulations! Me? (Group B) (Sarah from Egypt) I’m looking forward to how well Group C will do. Let’s meet Group C now. Group C is made up of countries from 6 continents. Let’s see where each contestant is from. First, Kay from Cameroon. Hello. (Kay, Cameroon) ♪ I am the hero tonight ♪ She’s the hero tonight. She’s the hero. She will win the prize tonight. – Kay. / – Yes. Here comes the next question. (Tteok bok gi / Tteok bok i) B. That is correct. Tteokbokki. Have you had it before? I love it. She loves it. Foreigners seem to love spicy rice cakes. Right. It tastes great with seaweed rolls. Yes, spicy rice cakes taste great with fried foods. It tastes so good. Isn’t it too spicy? It’s okay. – I love it. / – You love it? It has a level of spiciness that makes you feel good. You keep reaching for more. She got that right. Next. Monica from Chile. Are you very nervous? Are you very nervous? Let’s go, Monica! Let’s go! Let’s do well. (Monica, Chile) Let’s do well. Let’s go. Let’s do well. Here comes the next question. (Kkeop de gi / Kkeop tte gi) – B. / – B? It’s “kkeopdegi.” It’s rind. Next is Noila from Uzbekistan. Hello. Please be good to me. “Please be good to me.” Even the way she speaks is cute. Noila, are you ready? Yes. Here comes the next question. (Gae gu jang i / Gae gu jaeng i) – B. / – B? That is correct. She studied all night long. She studied all night? Everyone studied all night. She studied the hardest. Niha, how do you know that Noila studied all night? I was just watching from the side. – Wait a minute. / – All together. – Just a minute. / – No, it’s not like that! Wait a minute, Niha. – Wait a minute. / – No, no. She studied all night long? It’s a misunderstanding. We were all in the same space. Even the other contestants were studying… Minne was there. – Yes. / – What’s going on here? What is going on? It’s a misunderstanding. – Misunderstanding? / – It’s a misunderstanding. – Is it a misunderstanding? / – You shocked me. That’s how hard she studied. Nice. Next is Gabby from the U.S. Hey, everyone. I see victory. (Gabby, U.S) She sees victory. There’s another fan club. Her fan club is really passionate. Here comes the next question. (Sud ga rak / Sut ga rak) – B. / – B? The answer was A. It’s with a digeut. We pronounce it as if it’s B. Right. My head is starting to hurt. Next is Silvia from Indonesia. ♪ 1st place is mine, mine ♪ ♪ Mine, mine ♪ Silvia. Here comes the next question. (Pal jjang / Pal jang) – A. / – A? That is correct. Wasn’t the question difficult? – Just a bit. / – A bit? It was confusing. It was? You know what “paljjang” means? Like this. She knows it precisely. You see it in dramas. Niha! Come on, Niha. You shouldn’t put your arm out like that? – It’s a misunderstanding. / – Is it? Lots of misunderstandings today. Next is Niha from Australia. Hello. Hello, everyone. Mom, I’m on television. G’day, mate. If you just listen to Niha, he sounds completely Korean. Please give me an easy one. An easy one. Here comes the next question. (Son top kkak gi / Son top kkak i) B. B? That is correct. “Sontopkkaki.” This one was really hard. Did you study all night as well? I didn’t study. I watched everyone else studying and realized I was ruined. I knew so little. During exam time in Korea, you have those types of friends. “Did you study last night?” – “Oh, I didn’t study.” / – And they get top marks. They get the top score. Okay then. Next is Minne from Germany. Please show me lots of love. (Minne, Germany) Please show her lots of love. – Are you ready? / – Yes. Here comes the next question. (Ja geu ma chi / Ja geu man chi) – A. / – A? That is correct. The contestants in Group C are all very good. Are the questions difficult or easy? – Difficult. / – They are? They all said it’s hard. They’re very studious. Right. They think it’s easy but say it’s hard. But inside they’re thinking, “Too easy.” Let’s continue the quiz for Group C. The person with the highest score from Group C will sit in the remaining seat up there. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. This is a common saying in Korea. What goes in the blank square? “Instead of a pheasant, a…” Noila was the fastest. “Instead of a pheasant, a chicken.” “Instead of a pheasant, a chicken.” That is correct. Looks like Niha was close. Did you know the answer? I learned it yesterday. He learned it yesterday. Here comes the next question. Quiz on! Brush. Trumpet. We haven’t seen all of the question yet. Brush and trumpet. Calligraphy. Incorrect. You need to see the question to the end… Let’s see the question again. Dish. Kite. Pumpkin. These are all names for this thing. What comes to mind when you see these words? They’re all names for one thing. Brush, trumpet, dish, kite, pumpkin. Why don’t you give them a hint, Sam? Boys over “this.” Boys over this thing. Niha. Flowers? Flowers. That is correct. It’s “boys over flowers.” They’re all names for flowers in Korean. Oh, that’s right. The answer was flowers. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. There are various names between family members. Dad, Gyeongsu is here. Oh, Gyeongsu. It’s good that you came Dad, let us bow for you. Okay. Let see my eldest son-in-law’s bow. Kay from Cameroon. We haven’t heard the question yet. That’s the husband of your daughter, isn’t it? So your answer is? You can’t ask me the question. – Daughter’s husband. / – Another husband. Future husband. So the answer is “future husband”? Incorrect! Listen to the question to the end… Someone’s pressed it right away. – Silvia? / – Daughter’s husband. Daughter’s husband? Incorrect! Please listen to the end. You only have one chance left now. Let’s hear the question. That’s enough of the drama. Here’s the question. What do you call your wife’s father in Korean? Niha from Australia. “Jangin eoreun.” That is correct. I knew this one. You did? We told you. He’s the type that says he didn’t study and then gets top marks. I know. The important thing here is that it’s good to answer quickly but you have to listen to the question then press the buzzer quickly. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. These are the first consonants of a word. What is the word? Silvia from Indonesia. “Hunmin jeongeum.” “Hunmin jeongeum.” That is correct. She got it right away. Right away. “Hunmin jeongeum.” Do you know what it is? Yes, the writing that Sejong the Great created. It was so close. With 30 points, Niha is in the lead after round 1. Congratulations. Congratulations. Please move to the Quiz King Zone. – Just wait, I’m coming for you. / – Have a seat there. (Group C) (Niha from Australia) (Rachel, Sara, Niha) (Round 1 Quiz King) (Changdeokgung, Seoul, Jongno) – Wow. So cool. / – Amazing. I love it here. This is fascinating. (So excited) Isn’t it so pretty? I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s called Ilweolobongdo. Ilweolobongdo. You have the moon, sun and 5 mountains. It was fascinating to hear about what the old Joseon kings did. (Changdeokgung) (During the 5th year in the reign of Taejong (1405)) (It was built as a secondary palace to Gyeongbokgung) (Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997) It’s so cool. I want to go back to the Joseon Dynasty. (Photos of their first trip to Korea) We don’t know each other very well though it’s fascinating that we all understand Korean and can speak with each other. (Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Hanbok store) (So elegant and beautiful) Yangban. (Niha reminds us of a young master in hanbok) You look like Lee Joonki. No way! You don’t have to look like someone to look good. (Wary) Phew. (They learn the bowing etiquette of Korea from) (Hanbok designer Park Sulnyeo) Raise one knee. (They bow respectfully like they were taught) That guy is cute. (They had so much fun learning) (About Korean etiquette and bowing) I’ve always wanted to wear hanbok. I was happy when I saw Park Sulnyeo’s name. (H Motor Studio, Goyang-si, Ilsan) (So cool) (She’s shy but doesn’t shy away from the spotlight) Please put on your seatbelt. You’re so good at driving. (Perfect depiction of a car in motion) (Silvia is mesmerized by the installation) It’s fascinating. – Is it? / – Yes. It’s very fascinating. (KBS VR Experience, Seoul, Yeouido) I’m dizzy. (Agata) It’s fun. (Rachel) Oh, my God. (Ranaing) (They’re excited by the VR experience) They don’t realize that the time is passing. (Argh!) (Ahhhhhh) It was so scary. Seriously, what is this. They were here and here. It was so much fun. I screamed. And the next destination is? Look at them dancing. They’re having fun. (They’re all pumped up) (Baekmi-ri Fishing Village, Gyeonggi-do, Hwaseong) (Named so because it’s rich in marine produce) (You can experience all sorts of) (Fishing village related activities) (Enjoying the Seohaean views on a kayak) They try out goby fishing. (They have so much fun goby fishing) (For the first time in their lives) They’re so small. I feel sad. How will we eat this? (Call me Jian Tai Gong) It’s so much fun. They take part in clam gathering this time. I caught one. They’re so small. I found a lot earlier. But now… I’m going to catch a lot. (Minne and Gabby are busy showing off their catch) (But then they’re surprised by the true clam master) (It’s Zhang Yu) Now that’s the scale of the continent! Taking part in clam and friendship. Looks like they’re having fun. Through these trips, they were able to get one step closer to Korea. They went to so many places. Watching the video, I could feel how happy they were. Niha in particular. You looked very happy. He keeps saying it’s a misunderstanding but he played in the mud… Were you happy, Niha? Yes, I was. It looks like Niha is popular. What would you say your charm is? I wonder… What could it be? How can someone be so shameless? I wonder… Let’s move on to Round 2 now. Quiz on Korea. Round 2. Start! Quiz on Korea. Round 2. Survival individual round. The contestants trying to stay in the Quiz King Zone and those trying to take their spots. All 21 contestants take part in two halves with 9 questions each to determine who will stay in the Quiz King Zone. If you get the wrong answer, you lose 10 points. So you need to think carefully before you answer. 2018 Quiz on Korea. Round 2 will be a survival individual round. We reveal the keywords for round 2. Handsome guy. K-Food. Object. Sports. Games. Market. King. K-Pop. Hanbok. There are a total of 9 keywords. The 3 contestants in the Quiz King Zone can choose first. We’ll start with Rachel who was in the Quiz King Zone the longest. Which keyword would you like? Sports. Sports! Listen to the following description and guess who it is. Runs 100m in 11 seconds. Very close with the ball. Earns $6.3 million a year… Lan Anh from Vietnam. Son Heungmin. That is correct. (She earns 10 points) Following on, Sarah from Egypt can choose the next keyword. – Objects. / – She chose objects. – I don’t see Sam… / – Oh, goodness. I have your delivery. – Sam. / – I have your delivery. You’re supposed to host the show. It’s no time to be ordering food. But I hear you like food… Oh, the next question must be hiding in here. The question is in here. There’s an object in here. They have to guess what it is, right? That’s right. Let’s open it. Can you take it out? What could this be? Niha from Australia? Gloves. Gloves? Incorrect. If you look here… Silvia from Indonesia? – Exfoliator? / – Exfoliator! That is correct. How did you know? The material. When you go to public baths… They’re in public baths. That’s right. It’s an exfoliator. Has anyone used this to exfoliate? Me. I use it often. I use it often in Ethiopia. You have these in Ethiopia? Yes, the ones shaped like a glove. – Like a glove? / – Yes. This time, Niha from Australia will choose a keyword. Since we’re all dressed in hanbok. I’ll choose hanbok. Hello, I’m hanbok designer, Park Sulnyeo. Hanbok symbolizes the traditional beauty of Korea. It’s made up of straight lines and curves. It’s a beautiful work of art. If you look at the upper garment or the overcoat, there’s a long white piece of material… Diana from Romania. “Dongjeong.” “Dongjeong”? That is correct. How… How did you know? – Park… / – Park Sulnyeo. She explained it to us. – She did? / – Yes. She was paying attention. – Dongjeong. Amazing. / – Not at all. – The others are more amazing. / – They are? The winner gets $10,000 today. And $4,000 to second place. Third place wins $1,000. Then what about 4th? – And 5th? / – Right? 6th? So that everyone will try their best, we’ve prepared the best gifts. You know the hanbok you’re all wearing? Yes. Park Sulnyeo has especially gifted them to you! Park Sulnyeo has especially gifted them to you! (Thank you, Park Sulnyeo) How do you feel? Is that okay? How do you feel? Sara? – I wanted to keep it. / – You did? – You must be happy since you wanted it. / – Yes. How about you, Marcela? Now that I’m dressed in hanbok, I think this is the prettiest I’ve ever looked. I personally like Laura’s look. With all the accessories. I’m so happy. I can’t believe it. Take care of the hanbok and you can wear it during the holidays or when you’ve returned home, you can put it on and show people. I’m very jealous. This time we’ll get Sam to pick out the keyword. Got it. I like food so I’ll go with K-Food. – K-Food? / – Yes. Look at the following ingredients and guess what dish they’re for. Carrots. Spinach. Noila from Uzbekistan. – Bibimbap. / – Bibimbap? Incorrect. Aishwarya from India. – Bulgogi. / – Bulgogi? Incorrect. Zhang Yu from China. Rice rolls. Rice rolls? That is correct. (Zhang Yu scores 10 points) (Noila and Aishwarya lose 10 points each) We haven’t heard all of the question. Let’s see what the full question was. Eggs. Rice. Also, burdock. Dried laver. Ham. The final ingredient is pickled radish. Carrots. Spinach. Eggs. Rice. Burdock. Dried laver. Ham. Pickled radish. What Korean food can be made with these ingredients? I’ll choose the keyword this time. Let’s go with… King. (Source: KBS drama “My Father is Strange”) I’m just so happy today. Hello, I played the father in the KBS drama “My Father is Strange.” My name is Kim Yeongcheol. I played King Taejong twice through the KBS dramas “The Great King Sejong” and “Jang Youngsil.” Zhang Yu from China. Sejong the Great. Incorrect. It’s important to listen to all of the question. Please continue with the question. In 1405, the third king of Joseon, Taejong, raised a new palace to the east of Gyeongbokgung. Diana from Romania. – Changdeokgung. / – Changdeokgung? That is correct. Goodness. She knows more about Korea than Koreans. Let’s watch the rest of the question. It’s the only palace in Korea that’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. What is this palace called? Please show us the keywords again. Sam, your turn again. – I’ll take K-Pop. / – K-Pop. Daesung of BIGBANG. Marcela from Czech Republic. “Blinded by Love.” Incorrect. Let’s continue on with the question. SUPER JUNIOR T. Konghoan from Cambodia. Trot. Trot? That is correct. Amazing. That was amazing. Trot. That’s right. The question was, what is the representative 4 by 4 beat genre of Korea? Who knows Korean trot songs? Who’s good at singing them? I’d say… – Silvia. / – “Battery of Love” by Hong Jinyoung. Please sing us a verse of trot. “Battery of Love.” ♪ My battery of love must be running out ♪ ♪ I can’t live without you ♪ ♪ You are my love battery ♪ Very nice. There are only 3 keywords left. Handsome guy, games, market. Which one should we pick? – Let’s go with handsome guy. / – Handsome guy. Sweet guy Park Seojun. Baby soldier Park Hyungsik. Minho of SHINee. Diana? – Drama “Hwarang?” / – “Hwarang?” That is correct. I don’t believe it. Diana. How did you know just by looking at the photos? – I knew the actors. / – You did? Did you like that drama? Yes. My favorite generation is the Silla Dynasty. That’s her favorite generation. Usually your favorite generation is Girls’ Generation. But hers is Silla. Diana is way ahead with 50 points right now. Please show us the keywords again. Let’s go with games. Get your ticket. Hello, we are MOMOLAND. In MOMOLAND’s “BAAM” music video, we visit Vietnam, Egypt, France, among other countries. It’s a concept of traveling to various countries. Here’s the question. – JooE… / – And Yeonwoo… Samin? “Neolttwigi?” “Neolttwigi?” That is correct. Let’s see the rest of the question. We enjoy a traditional Korean game. What is this game called? Samin, you must’ve seen MOMOLAND’s music video. – Yes, a few times. / – A few times. Who is your favorite K-Pop artist? I like SUPER JUNIOR! (He’s happy) You don’t have to say it’s us. – Who’s your real favorite? / – I really like you. I’ve been your fan for 6 years. Really? For 6 years. She’s a true fan. Do you have a favorite member? Since we were born on the same day… Is your birthday on July 1st? But it’s a 15-year difference. But… I like Siwon like my brother. – Siwon? / – Yes. Are you disappointed? Wait a minute. I’m upset. She could’ve just said Siwon. But it’s too much of an age gap with me… I’m just kidding. Who else likes K-Pop? Aishwarya. Who’s your favorite singer? SUPER JUNIOR. Wait… Samin said she likes Siwon. I like you, Lee Teuk. – For real? / – Yes. She has good taste. That has nothing to do with the score. It’s great to see. – Sam. / – Yes? Who’s your favorite? I like BLACKPINK. “DDU-DU DDU-DU” is driving me crazy. Show us the song and dance. Ready, go. (Full of expectation) The song’s ready. (So sexy) – You’re very good. / – Not at all. The final keyword is market. What you see on screen is commonly seen in any traditional Korean market. In this bottle, is something very savory. Rachel? – Sesame oil. / – Sesame oil? That is correct. This is amazing. She got it right before the question was over. Have you tried sesame oil before? Yes, many times. I heard that there isn’t anything that can replace sesame oil. Is that true? We have it in Malaysia. You have it in Malaysia? What kind of sauce is it? It’s called… I forgot. Rachel. You know Korean sesame oil. How could you not know your native one? It’s like that. We’ve gone through all 9 questions. We have three top scores. Silvia with 30 points. Rachel with 40 points. Diana with 50 points. Congratulations! (Round 2 first half) (Only Rachel remains and) (Two new contestants enter the Quiz King Zone) We have our top 3 scores. You all have a chance to sit up there. So do your best to the end. Let’s take a look at the keywords for the second half. First, Diana has 50 points, so she gets the first choice. President. (President) Hi, I’m Pororo. The internationally famous star, Pororo, was born in 2003. He’s so popular that he’s known as President Pororo. Pororo provides dreams and hopes to children all over the world. What is his dream? What could it be? Lan Anh? – President. / – President? Incorrect. Since the keyword was president, that can’t be the answer. Niha? Prime minister? Prime minister? Incorrect. I’ll give you a hint. If you take a close look at Pororo, you’ll be able to see it. Zhang Yu? – A pilot. / – A pilot? That is correct. That’s right. A pilot. If you look at his outfit, he looks like a pilot. That’s right. Rachel, please select the next keyword. Comedian. (Ding dong daeng) What? – Lan Anh? / – Song Hae. Song Hae? That is correct. Let’s hear the question first. “Korea Sings!” It’s the oldest TV show in Korea, “Korea Sings.” From 1980, it’s been running for 38 years. The longest running MC of Korea, he’s 92 years old this year. What is the name of this comedian? Lan Anh, did you know this show? Yes. – You’ve seen it before? / – Yes. On KBS World. If you were to star in “Korea Sings,” what song would you sing? – I’m tone deaf. / – Tone deaf. Yes. Can you sing a little bit? “Sorry Sorry.” 5, 6, 7, 8. (Sorry sorry) Thank you for trying. Lan Anh got it right and she’s on 20 points. Silvia, please choose the next keyword. Chuseok. (Chuseok) Hello, I’m from the passionate Mexico. I’m Christian Burgos. Diana from Romania? Aegeum? Incorrect. She loses 10 points. Gabby? Haegeum. Haegeum? Incorrect. We haven’t heard the question yet. Please listen to the end. Let’s hear the question. When you make a wish upon the full moon, they say it comes true. Aishwarya? “Ganggang sullae.” “Ganggang sullae.” Incorrect! I wish it was the answer. Let’s check out the rest of the question. Listen carefully and guess the lyrics. ♪ Moon, moon, what kind of moon ♪ ♪ Moon round like a… ♪ ♪ Where has it risen? ♪ ♪ It’s risen over Namsan ♪ The question was what goes in the blank space. The answer was “jaengban.” Round like a “jaengban.” A “jaengban” is a tray used to carry food. You carry it on the tray. You know, right? No one got this one right. Sam, please choose the next keyword. Let’s go with travel. There are many travel courses along hiking trails in Korea. Just like the Santiago Sulle Trail, there’s the Olle Trail in Jeju-do. Silvia pressed the buzzer and is regretting it. – Just take a guess. / – Hallasan? Hallasan? Incorrect. Gabby? You can wait for the question. Olle. Olle? Incorrect. Continuing on… Noila? Seongsan Ilchungbong? Incorrect. Since we got three incorrect answers, no one can answer it anymore. Let’s see what the question actually was. This trail that goes across Jirisan is a representative hiking trail. Going around a mountain or going around a city is called what? Does anyone know the answer to this? Diana? Jirisan Dulle? Dulle. The answer was Dulle Trail. You’re right. We have lots of questions left so listen carefully before you answer. That way you can come up here. You have plenty of time. I’ll select the next keyword. This time, I’ll go with dictionary. What is the following words expressing? Bland. Spicy. Insipid. Noila? Flavors. Flavors? That is correct. They were words that describe flavor. That’s right. Spicy. There are many words to describe flavor in Korean. There are. “Gusuhada.’ “Siwonhada.” It plays in your mouth. There are many expressions. – It’s difficult yet also fun. / – It is fun. Let’s look at the next keyword. Animals. (Gyeonggi-do, Hwaseong-si, Baekmi-ri) Hello, my name is Myeong Nojin. I live in Hwaseong, Baekmi-ri. This is a goby. There’s a Korean saying about jumping gobies. It refers to someone who doesn’t know their place and acts out of line. What is this small squid-like creature? Sara? A baby octopus? A baby octopus? That is correct. Baby octopus! Sara, do you know what it is? I’ve looked it up. Sara’s on 30 points now. – She has a good chance. / – She does. – It’s getting more interesting. / – This is great. We have medicine and math left for keywords. Sam, which one should we look at? I’ll choose math, the subject I didn’t like much in school. In May 2018, BTS ranked 1st on the Billboard Charts and was the first Korean artist to do so. In 2018, TWICE recorded over 200 million views on 6 of their videos. BTS and TWICE are loved all over the world. What is the total number of people when you add up both groups? Silvia? 16. That is correct. Amazing. Silvia is back up on 30 points. Sarah also has 30 points. We don’t know yet. Let’s take a look at the final keyword. It’s medicine. (Medicine) It’s the first medical text to be listed in the UNESCO… Zhang Yu. Jeong Yakyong. Jeong Yakyong? I feel like she rushed too much. That is incorrect. Listen to the end. Lan Anh? “Dongui bogam.” “Dongui bogam?” Incorrect. This is an important moment. Please listen to the end. Let’s listen to the rest of the question. “Dongui bogam” was written by Heo Jun. He was in charge of the king’s health. In the drama “Jewel in the Palace,” Jang Geum was also the king’s physician. What was the king’s physician called during the Joseon Dynasty? Rachel? We’ve heard all of the question. It’s the word for physician. “Eoui.” “Eoui?” That is correct. I can’t believe she knew this one. – I don’t believe it. / – It’s unbelievable. We answered 9 questions in each half. Diana is on 40 points. Rachel is on 50. They will make it to the finals. Silvia is on 30 as well as… Sara. They’re both on 30 points. We need a tiebreaker to decide who sits up here. Who will the last spot go to? Here comes the next question. If you’re over 17 years old in Korea, you have to get this certificate. Sara? ID card. ID card? Incorrect. We’re after a more detailed answer… Silvia? Resident registration card. Resident registration card? That is correct. That was so close. What a shame. It was so close. What a shame, Sara. – It’s okay. / – It’s okay? You did so well. The top three are in the Quiz King Zone. Congratulations. (Round 2 second half) We’re in the Quiz King Zone. Sam, the air feels different up here. It’s so good. How does it feel to sit up here? I’m enjoying it. – You are? / – Yes. I think you’ve been here the longest. – Yes. / – Right? I want to stay here. – How do you feel? / – I’m really happy. “So happy.” How do you feel? – I’m happy as well. / – So happy? Do you feel like you’re getting closer to the win? No, not at all. Rachel is so good. I’m right here and her eyes are glowing. It says “victory” in them. Round 3 is a consolation round. The contestants in the Quiz King Zone can just relax now. It’ll be a bloody battle down here. So you can just relax and watch. So they just have to sit and watch to see who wins the consolation round, right? That’s right. We have one last ticket to enter the Quiz King Zone. So do your best in this round to win it. Let’s start the consolation round. Quiz on Korea. Round 3. Consolation round. The 18 contestants that couldn’t make it to the Quiz King Zone will fight to the end over the final ticket. The 18 contestant can answer questions and the person with the top score will make it. Since it’s a consolation round, you won’t lose points for wrong answers. Okay. Everyone’s score has been reset to zero. Think of it as a new start. Let’s start the consolation round. Quiz on. (GFRIEND) 2, 3. Hello, we are GFRIEND. GFRIEND made headlines for the falling down video. (GFRIEND radio public broadcast fancam) (Yuju falls over) (She gets back up despite multiple slips) 3 years ago, SinB and I fell over many times on stage. We fell over around 7 times. The stage was really slippery from the rain. This idiom is used to mean that no matter how many times you fall, you get up again. It’s an idiom. Konghoan? (He pressed the buzzer but doesn’t know the answer) I pressed it by mistake. It was a mistake? That’s wrong. Sara? “Go gun bun tu?” “Go gun bun tu?” Incorrect. Falling over 7 times and getting up again. I’ll give you 5 more seconds to answer. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Let’s reveal the answer. “Chil jeon pal gi.” It’s a little difficult, right? No one has a correct answer yet. Think of this as the restart. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. Hangeul is a scientific alphabet, made up of 14 consonants and 10 vowels. A total of 24 sounds. What is the 11th consonant? The 11th consonant of Hangeul. What is it? Kibirt from Ethiopia. “Mieum.” “Mieum”? Incorrect. Lan Anh. “Kieuk.” That is correct. “Kieuk.” Lan Anh got it right and is on 10 points. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. The four seasons are very distinct in Korea. If you go to a mountain full of trees, you can clearly see the four different seasons. The spring and summer… Samin? We haven’t heard the question yet. Jirisan. Jirisan. Incorrect. Here’s the question. Winter and this in autumn… Zhang Yu? Seoraksan. Seoraksan. Incorrect. Lan Anh. Foliage. Foliage. That is correct. She’s on fire now. Lan Anh has taken the lead on 20 points. Everyone, you need to work harder. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. This is a question from Karen in Ghana, Africa through the KBS World social media page. On April 27, 2018, President Moon Jaein and Leader Kim Jongun met here. Samin? Punminjeom? Excuse me? Punminjeom? Punminjeom? Incorrect. Here’s the question. Kibirt? Panmunjeom. Panmunjeom. That is correct. This is getting more and more interesting. – Samin. / – I knew the answer. You did, right? What did you say? Punminjeom. Punminjeom… Punminjeom. The answer was Panmunjeom. You need to try harder, everyone. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. Hello, I’m the curator of the national museum, Yang Huijeong. The question I have for you today… It’s the proud national treasure of Korea you see behind me. Marcela from the Czech republic? Baekje? Incorrect. Sarah from Egypt? Gilt-bronze Maitreya in Meditation. Gilt-bronze Maitreya in Meditation? That is correct. Be confident, everyone. Sara. Did you study this? I drew it when I was in high school. – You did? / – Yes. Goodness. How did you end up drawing it? – In a history book. / – You studied it? I liked the picture I saw of it. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. This is the process of making something. Soak beans in water for a long time then steam them. Then you mash them in a pestle and mortar. Then you form them into regular shapes and cool them. Kibirt? Tofu? Incorrect. Listen to the end of the question. Once it’s cooled, you tie them together using straw and hang them in the room to ferment. What is this the process of making? Lan Anh. Meju. Meju? Correct. Lan Anh is pumped up. Respect for Vietnam. That was so quick. It was like a speed quiz. It flew by. Lan Anh wins the consolation round. You’ll battle it out with one person up here to take their place in the finals. It’s the finals. Is it Diana, Silvia or Rachel? Please select one contestant. (Who will Lan Anh choose?) I’m sorry. Silvia. Silvia! She’s sorry but she chose Silvia. Silvia looks upset. It was very hard getting up here. It was a battle between me and Sara. Do you think you can win? – Of course. / – Okay then. It’s Lan Anh vs. Silvia. You only get one question to decide who will reach the finals. Will it be Silvia or Lan Anh? Here comes the next question. Quiz on. It’s the reenactment of the fancy Joseon palace rite. The 2018 King Jeongjo Tomb Parade Reenactment will be held from October 6. Starting out in Seoul, Changdeokgung, past the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Suwon Hwaseong, to the Yungneung Shrine in Gyeonggi-do, Hwaseong. It’s a parade that stretches for 59.2km. 4,300 people will take part. This parade was made for Jeongjo, the king of Joseon, to visit his father. Please save me. Father. The owner of the shrine and son of Myeongjo. He was tragically killed in a rice box. Who was he? Lan Anh? Lan Anh? Sado. Sado? Sado. Sado? Sado? That is correct. Crown Prince Sado. We’ll accept that answer. You can see it if you go to Suwon. That’s right. How did you know the answer? Through the movie. – You’ve watched it? / – Yes. The one with Yoo Ah-in. What a shame but Silvia has to come down. And Lan Anh, please enter the Quiz King Zone. Vietnam is on fire. So the contestants for the final round. Diana of Romania. Rachel of Malaysia. Lan Anh of Vietnam who worked hard to get here. Congratulations on reaching the finals. (The 3 Quiz Kings, Rachel, Lan Anh, Diana) (Rachel from Indonesia) (Interior designer, fan of Girls’ Generation) (“Korea is my other half”) – Bulguksa. / – That is correct. – Rice cake. / – That is correct. (She was the first to get up there) (And not lose her spot) She was the first to sit in the Quiz King Zone. It’s Rachel from Malaysia. It was too easy… (It was easy for Rachel) (Diana from Romania) (North Korean studies PhD at Dongguk University) (A fan of Lee Yeongja, “Korea is my hometown”) Diana from Romania? “Hwarang”? “Dongjeong”? Changdeokgung. That is correct. (She got the difficult history questions right) She knows more about Korea than Koreans. (Lan Anh) (Student in Hanoi University) (Learned Korean through “Jewel in the Palace”) (“Korea is my meant-to-be.”) You’re from Vietnam. (She’s faster than anyone) She did it so fast. She’s on fire now. – I’m sorry. Silvia. / – Sorry but… I’m going to win. (She came from behind in the end) (Dark horse Lan Anh) 2018 Quiz on Korea. This is the final round to choose the winner. As you saw today, our Quiz Kings are fluent in Korean. And they know so much about history and culture. That’s right. I’m so curious about who will take home prize. You’re curious, right? Rachel, tell us your resolve. I slightly can’t believe I’m here. But I’ll just relax and do my best. The prize money is a large sum at $10,000. Where do you plan to spend it? First, after this, we’ll have an after party. After party. With what? Beef? Beef? – Do you like beef, everyone? / – Korean beef! Korean beef. That’d be quite expensive. – It’d be expensive. / – Oh, no. It’s bye bye for me. You’d win and say you lost. “I’ve got nothing.” Lan Anh. You made it up here through the consolation round. How do you feel? I’m so happy right now. So happy? Imagine you just won the $10,000. What will you spend it on? – Like Rachel said, I’d have a party. / – Party. And give my mom half once I return to Vietnam. You’ll give her half? Not all but half? Half for mom. You’ll spend money on the party and take the rest and give mom half. And keep half for yourself. And Diana from Romania. Where would you spend your money? I’ll buy meat for my friends. Can’t you be friends with me? It’s just one big party. 2018 Quiz on Korea. The finals. – The first is dictation. / – Dictation. It can be easy to read and speak. Writing is the most difficult. So this is the first question. Make sure you write clearly on the fan in front of you. Quiz on. Hello, my name is Jang Saguk. I’m a teacher at Incheon Haewon Elementary School. My question is dictation. Many of my 2nd graders struggle with this one. Listen carefully and try to get the spelling right. “Halta meok eo yo.” “Halta meok eo yo.” We’ll give you plenty of time. We’ll stand in between… So there’s no cheating. To make sure you don’t cheat. You could cheat on this. This happens in school. The teacher observes like this. “I hear eyes turning.” “Oh, maybe not.” – Are you done? / – Yes. You’re done. Are you done? Okay then. I think we’re ready. When I count to three, raise your answers. 1, 2, 3. “Halta meok eo yo.” One of you has got it right. The right answer is… Rachel! Congratulations. That was nice and neat. This isn’t easy to spell. Did you know the answer? I did. When you eat ice cream. Right. When you lick food. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. When you express your emotions in Korea, it’s often compared to a body part. It’s commonly used when you lose your temper referring to your lungs. When you say, “Chi ga tteol lin da,” what does the “chi” refer to? Rachel? Teeth. Teeth. Correct. (Another 100 points for Rachel) It means that your teeth are trembling. How did you know this? I’ve seen it somewhere. – You have? / – Yes. This means Rachel gets the first two questions right. And she’s on 200 points. Here comes the next question. Quiz on! This drawing is by the famous Joseon painter, Shin Yunbok. It’s a famous painting about a relationship between a man and woman. What is the man wearing on his head? Let’s see… Let’s see… Lan Anh? Gat. That is correct! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Lan Anh is good at coming back from behind. She’s coming back now. Diana, you’re not letting them win, are you? I knew the answer. – You were late? / – She was too fast. She was faster? Okay, please do your best. Listen to the next question and write the answer in front of you. Here comes the next question. Quiz on! “The Story of Sim Cheong” is a classic tale about a daughter who dives into the sea to restore her father’s sight. What it is called when you respect and take care of your parents like Sim Cheong? Write it down in one character. You have to write it in one character. We’ll give you 5 seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. When I count to three, raise your answers. 1, 2, 3. Rachel wrote “Hyo.” Lan Anh wrote “Hyo sim.” Diana wrote “Hyo ja.” Someone has the right answer. The correct answer is by Rachel. Congratulations. One character. – You had to use one character. / – Oh. One character. The answer was “hyo.” Rachel is on 300 points. She’s clearly in the lead. Lan Anh is on 100. And Diana hasn’t scored yet. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. There are over 200 types of kimchi. Cucumbers are cut up in cubes… Diana? Cucumber kimchi. Cucumber kimchi. That is correct. Diana is online now. 300 to 100 to 100. They’re starting to chase down the leader. It’s time for Rachel to run away. Here comes the next question. Quiz on. When you make rice, the rice that’s stuck at the bottom… Rachel pressed her buzzer before the question was given. The answer is? Scorched rice. Scorched rice. Incorrect. – Lan Anh? / – Scorched rice water. That is correct. Oh, my God. That’s right. If Rachel listened to the entire question, you would’ve known the answer. – Diana, did you know… / – I did. You did, right? Let’s see the rest of the question. When you make rice, the rice that’s stuck to the bottom of the pot is called scorched rice. It tastes savory and so is eaten as a snack or poured with water and boiled to make a drink. What is the drink called? When you pour water on scorched rice to make a drink. It’s scorched rice water. The game seems to be getting closer. Rachel’s on 300. Lan Anh’s on 200. And Diana is on 100. It’s so neck and neck right now. Here comes the next question. Quiz on! Hello, I’m the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kang Gyeonghwa. A joint project by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and KBS. A quiz for all the Korean Wave fans around the world. Thank you for taking part in Quiz on Korea. I’ve prepared a question for all the fans of Korea. Listen carefully and make sure you get the right answer. In the pond in Gyeongbokgung, there’s a 2-story hanok house made of wood. It was the center of Joseon foreign affairs. Foreign ambassadors were welcomed here. The king held feasts for… Rachel has pressed her buzzer. The answer is? Gyeonghoeru. Gyeonghoeru. That is correct. – Amazing. / – Rachel, you’re amazing. How do you say, “You’re amazing” in Malaysian? (Loading her mother tongue) Hebat. Hebat! Rachel, hebat! Amazing. Rachel is now on 400 points. If she gets one more question right, she will be the champion today. Don’t give up to the end and please do your best. Here comes the next question. Quiz on! Have you heard of a wedding hall? A space made for weddings. Most weddings are held here in Korea. Once the wedding is over, the bride… Lan Anh? Pyebaek. Pyebaek? Incorrect. Give us the question. The bride bows to the groom’s parents and relatives. This is called pyebaek. The bride wears a jokduri on her head and has red… Diana. Yeonji gonji. Yeonji gonji. Correct. This is really getting interesting. It’s getting interesting. You could call this a revival. Rachel is closest to winning. Let’s see if she can pull it off with the next question, or will the others chase her? Here comes the next question. Quiz on. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (Diana presses the buzzer as soon as) (The question comes out) Diana pressed the buzzer as soon as the question came out. What is the answer? Bosingak? That is correct. Diana has 300 points now. She’s in 2nd place. Lan Anh has 200 points. And Rachel is still in the lead with 400. Will we get a winner with the next question? Quiz on. This is a classic traditional martial art of Korea. With a unique rhythm… Lan Anh? Taekgyeon. Taekgyeon? That is correct. Lan Anh just can’t sit by. – She got it right. / – She wants to prove herself. It’s so neck and neck. Here comes the next question. Quiz on! Listen to the following description and name the person that comes to mind. 100 won coin… (Will she win? Or will they tie?) We haven’t heard the question yet. Lan Anh from Vietnam. Lee Sunsin. Lee Sunsin? That is correct. Oh, my God. In just one second… The only clue she got was “100 won coin.” This is so much more intense than last year. Diana, you knew the answer, right? Yes. They’re so fast. – She’s fast? / – So fast. – Did you practice at home? / – No. Amazing. Rachel was expected to win but she’s tied with Lan Anh now. We don’t know who will win. If Diana gets the next one right, we won’t know even more. It’s so close. We don’t know if this will be the last question… Here comes the next question. Quiz on. This plant is pink, red, orange, purple… Oh, my God. Diana from Romania! Women of old would paint their nails… Right. Is that your answer? I’ll give you 5 seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. What a shame. Here’s the question… Rachel? If you get this right, you win. (Will she become the winner of $10,000?) (Or will she end up losing it?) The answer is? Bongseonhwa. Bongseonhwa? (Is this the answer?) That is correct. This means that the winner of the 2018 Quiz on Korea is Rachel from Malaysia! Congratulations. Congratulations. It was so close right to the end. How do you feel right now? I’m shaking now that it’s over. You’re shaking? I can’t speak. I’ll give you the question again. Earlier it was before you won $10,000. Now you have it. You said you’d throw a party earlier. Your mind can change. Just saying you’ll give it to your parents is the best way not to lose it. Rachel, you have the prize money. What will you spend it on? About the after party… We have an early flight tomorrow. – Maybe next time. / – No after party? – I’m just kidding. / – A very realistic answer. I have to throw a party. – You will? / – Yes. That’s great. We’re going to an after party! Goodness. – She’s so kind. / – I know. I’d fly straight to Ghana as soon as I got it. I know. Let’s wrap this up by saying a few words to your family in Malaysia. Mom, I won. Right now… I miss you. I want to see you soon. Please give her a big round of applause. Thank you and congratulations. 2018 Quiz on Korea. It’s time to present the 3rd prize. 3rd place is awarded $1,000. Diana from Romania. You did great. Congratulations. (3rd place, Diana) Now it’s time to present the runner up award. The runner up wins $4,000. The award will be presented by Hong Seokin, the public culture diplomat. Thank you. Congratulations to Lan Anh. Congratulations. Congratulations. $4,000 in prize money. Please stand together for a photo. 1, 2, 3. Click. (Runner up Lan Anh) Now we just have the 1st prize winner to announce. That’s right. The winner gets a trophy and $10,000. The award will be presented by Im Byeonggeol, director of the KBS future business department. She knows more about Korea than Koreans. She stood out among the others. Congratulations to Rachel on winning 1st place. Congratulations. Please stand in the middle for a photo. 1, 2, 3. Click. (Winner Rachel) 2018 Quiz on Korea. This was already the 7th quiz. The 21 contestants that love Korean culture and studied it very hard came together for an exciting quiz. It’s time to say goodbye. I wanted to dress in hanbok and take part but it was such an honor to be the host. I hope one of our contestants will be able to host the show like I did one day. Next year, it can be you and one of the contestants. That’d be a great idea for the host. I can see that happening. – That’s an idea. / – Right. We’ll look forward to the 2019 quiz as we say goodbye here. Thank you to all the contestants and the audience. And finally the viewers from all over the world. Thank you very much. Great work, everyone. (They share their joy after the shoot) (They became friends over the week) It was fun and I got to learn new things. I had a great experience. I’m happy that I made great memories. I was nervous and excited. I made new friends and learned about Korea. It was a very meaningful trip. I want to congratulate my friends. The trophy is mine. I stole it. Give me my trophy. Do you want to switch with this? No. Quiz on Korea. 1, 2, 3. Quiz on Korea. (It was awkward at first) (But the 21 contestants became close friends) (Their friendship broke national barriers) (The memories they made) (While exploring Korea for a week) (We hope they last as unforgettable memories) (Let’s promise to meet again someday) (The hub that connects the world, Quiz on Korea) (See you again in 2019)

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