2015 National History Challenge Awards

♪ (Background Music Playing) ♪ The National History Challenge is an opportunity for young Australians to learn and enquire about our past as a nation. My project was titled ‘The Leadership and Legacy of Sir Robert Menzies’ and it was about the period where Menzies was Prime Minister and his achievements for the country. My project was about the leadership, or the failed leadership of King John and the legacy that Magna Carta has left behind over the past 800 years. I chose a person named Dr Herbert Vere Evatt. It’s called ‘The Pallette of Nora Heysen’. It’s a contrast of Mahatma Gandhi and Saddam Hussein. My grandfather, William Zeeman. It’s extremely important to learn about history because once you know your history then you’re already one step closer to achieving your future. Just to learn from mistakes and the progress of the past to shape today’s society. For me, I did it for my family and I love learning about my family and it’s just very important. It’s the learning beforehand. It’s the mistakes we’ve made in the past or the achievements that we’ve had and that kind of unites the cultural life of a city or of a nation. My favourite part of being a National History Challenge winner is meeting new people. I’ve met so many amazing friends. Of course getting the award was my favourite part of the National History Challenge. I’ve absolutely loved meeting all the people, having fun, making lots of new friends across the nation. Interviewing a 98 year old Kokoda veteran. This great trip to Canberra – we got to do many fun, new experiences. That I get to share Nora’s history, I think. I found that learning about her and learning about her legacy and her leadership has inspired me to pursue a life as an artist or as an empowered woman in whatever field I choose to take. I would encourage everyone out there to participate in this challenge. It’s really a great experience. It teaches you a lot. Just write something and see how you go. If anything you’ll just get an amazing learning opportunity out of it. (Audience applause) Don’t worry if you’re shy because I was shy as well and you can always just have a go and see how you do. The greatest thing is to receive the prizes and medals and have the honour of meeting with famous people and having a handshake with them. Go and create something in a form that you love and about something that you love. The Ntional Hstory Callenge I feel has given me and countles young historians the opportunity to celebrate our history and the people in it and their leadership and continuing legacy today. National History Challenge rocks. ♪ (Music Playing) ♪

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