20 Years Spider-Man Costume Retrospective by SpiderDan

Hello there! My name is SpiderDan Geromo and this is my 20 Years Spider-Man Costume Retrospective. Let’s go! Okay, so 20 years. I’ve been doing my Spider-Man thing for 20 years. Two decades! Think about it: when I started, there was a baby who is now a fully grown adult and has probably a job now. And he or she was still a baby when I first donned my Spider-Man costume. So that’s two decades. I started this December 1999 We’ll get to that story later. But I am here to list down each milestone of my Spider-Man
costume career from 1999 to today. Also to celebrate my 20
years of cosplaying Spider-Man… actually my 20 years of cosplaying in general.
Let’s begin! But! But… before we actually begin, let’s start with the year 1986. This little boy is me at my fourth? Yes, fourth birthday. It is typical for parents to dress up their little boy into a superhero character for his birthday. This is positively 1986 and this is my first ever Spider-Man costume, but we are not counting this for this is not when I really got into wearing the Spidey cosplay. So we move on to… 1999 The year when I first wore a Spider-Man costume. For what? For a school requirement. I told this story a lot of times and I’m gonna tell it again. I was a UP Fine Arts student back in 1999 and we are known for participating impressive in the yearly Lantern Parade So, we freshmen were require by our professor to join said event. Other classrooms made giant parade floats, but for our class our professor made us do something else. He wanted us to dress up as icons of different genres or cultures, or different interests. So, some of my classmates chose to go as cartoon characters which is Ghostbusters. This
guy chose to be horror character, so Predator. This guy chose to represent video games,
so Sub-Zero. Of course, I went for the comics! The superhero comics. I obviously chose Spider-Man. But why Spider-Man? Why not Batman or Superman? It was because of this magazine. wizard magazine issue number 93 so angry
sir die some feature magazine a teeny featuring Tony Botti bommana second a
comics during that time some a Marvel Comics women a DC Comics me my Image
Comics and if I pop amana news to balsa comics at saw wonderful performance
there is one particular interview in this issue so Branagh mesmerizer so the wizard Q&A in our interview
spider-man sabadie Tommy the mystery man in the Spidey suit that Marvel doesn’t
want you to know about the real spider-man
so in interview nidito young guy Nanako costume them spider-man since the 1970s
the official Marvel’s spider-man guy so fuck my event see Marvin or for my
appearance alam mo fajita and spider-man or a guy in a spider-man costume
obviously an actor in a stuntman shut up in a battle Anila and now what it’s a
interview later in DNA revealed you tuned in Yamaha
a team to Ninian piranha protocol min layered palna malama and Casino sure so
never any reveal so neligan Alamelu real name Peter Parker kimi mo dito Peter
Parker human adventures since the 1970s up to the present time no panelio Humala
vinegar guatemala bullet and more appearances near my experience this new
media hopeful tenacious our White House at Avenue name is La Vista global
society for Maha marshals we’re impartial commercial and robust a
talk you and cetera et cetera so they inspire a whole I know I’m sorry go up
one point in my life stomach is prevention therefore the
current enough of the fatal number portray men some first you call it for
characters in spider-man event unit simple because of this interview because
they inspire a whole they official spider-man de varville and official
class require mixture so okay Lana gasps – sorry PO okay lambda W Mikasa Margo
never go an imposter I see school requirements dementia it’s
supposed to be great bitch okay love so I didn’t hola Manny phenomena Mamiko
room in the community potato mala leotard
woolen gloves with a morning full of media stuff was inaudible opinions a
neighborhood substrate terminal and for millennia a barrow Salafist Hannibal oh
yeah I hear a poem for students by their managed to develop a homonym option B
you know para yeah possibly come in a textile people
the details part of its rod for your weft toppers that hill – it also if you
unlock a paladin weapon spider-man so they’re genuine doula pass tired I am of
wood sealer on a silver metallic cell upto material for the lens say a
caponata mana muhammad al-mustafa memory like a pony so indica totally cooler and
so Tomatina nyunga be a mass or inertia finally are you more problem of annoying
realized to keep a llama for killing a new classic material for the eye so i
had to make a tiny hole para para para para para para para llamar p are doing
the bottom of a picture enjoyment so this is the first night December 1999
I can’t remember exactly the lantern parade the you belong to in
querido that year was the moment the Pipers officially the
spider that for Nexus 2001 so we kill bajo hindi – Leah – Leah would explain
their man to say in a beautiful new lantern parade para para former boss
jubilant tapas not open on Banach nominal January after the specifications
in a be non profit Amina I 11 pal agree that John Bonavia in promised and agreed
anybody see a fine Avila the beat in the nominal for so every time Aaron mini
events or in San Juan Island talaga bamako costumes a campus home of
spider-man and all two major parent values of a finger heroin somehow
encourage the cephalic laminate nagamma explore among trip Deacon Amanda Haku
Louisiana mana is horrible like Xpress column nominal young artistry whatever
so far only rated the money position on go at the venture in a sunny
non-monotonic every time make some things cool we need to be a small event
or a freshman night and we’ll see spider-man
big lanolin man is it spider-man they’re wrong is up on fact or pocket Polly
Polly UNIX spider-man no mob with me on Gaza next two years Silas or 2001 at IO
if this okay back story freshman night money
second gear coming the pop of cinnamon young freshman year Hammond and may pass
off Mahna Mahna baboon freshmen Naboo hominem banda has excited coming from
perform a freshman night Paquita la mina Akiyama cool dystocia commune banda the
Naboo homonym banda and that band eventually became the FIFA machine band
very palpable enough in her purple chambray
Ilana municipal a bottom bandicoot to tire pero ha
Mariana home ruling every time a event college and the freshman night the fresh
meat is an event so they’re holed up at a spider Minako insulinoma no economist
on even ask me spider-man oksana subtle took managed to speak
so I took to coming spider-man Ajo ID type when I went to him talk to mommy to
Milan and muginami no I don’t think so Verona catch nominee attention among
about the world I saw him up in a guru and I mean and at the same time where Oh
spider-man today’s show hey Pharaoh the next few gigs that we performed in every
single minute of apologies in psycho mode mock spider-man Cinco five cinnamon
in a planning the original sadness or mala who somehow made flops
come up since I mean in the field I mean perón became six you first
every evening was well received tomato the spoil kami campaka
to in hand a fan of nominal attorney and the major things the novel official
spider-man so the moment have been Alico of the spider-man going boom a legal hit
you attention a mineral even doable Allah Muhammad Ali and Fatima Tommy who
come in an audience and we got the audience attention felt a spider-man and
equity so knocking synonymous impacts of spider-man who survived an echo machine
at indigo National AIDS therefore and this will go on after 2001
hangang oh my goodness 1002 802 spider-man palatable so that 2001 was a
photo and lantern parade knowing obviously burning in traditional in
Safina tapa spider monopoly lantern parade and
then this 2002 no man is another Lantern Perry who happens in more human
materials nests in vodka from the 1999 lantern parade some parts of it still
survived vermin money bonamana no no homo Posner
so I had to replace it like you mask nigga nigga nigga medium giant ice from
the 1999 aloma circus in upon opinion eventually
tapas in a mikonam mm when you mask in the emulator in channel 2002 perot young
but in a man a como Pastner insecure noon to tell afternoon 2001 sold by the
time them must be 2002 when Talia Parra same style
Nana Papa God okay a disaster II had a block hominem on a random leotards or
among aerobics where the padding going spider-man costume so you cannot go out
on top of see even Rockefeller textile pain
Emily emu manga webs happy nahama no this is my 2002 plus you can come up
with NASA 2005 okay rocket accompanying wings bad things
2005 was the year when we decided so he Co machine among serious Oh Nutella
gossip aqua Bandar I guess graduated NACA minato unum dominum in a pot de
trabajo and the current kameena extra time datalogger
to take the band seriously and this was the year that we finally released our
first album sottotitoli Apogee big in spider-man spider than some people
machine so that other photo uvula but we do need to raha no pulp SummerSlam 2005
I think bad within your costume man I don’t envy : sure from top to bottom
Babu pero como Posner in Yamaha 2002 and
earlier versions so and Peugeot and Renault panel completely new yet except
for the mass data pero da healing up a little in a
boutique the current come in and para revaluation
alarming bandana come in again into a bikini team and Dixon amoeba Kennedy
Montana so personally internally the clock Baja was a high school days cause
and he kini Cohanim case and Bandhan kiss an idol idol go on base stealer
rescission Simmons a few philosophy a Bandhan case and many other bands is
Hindi column Mohini musicians allow also Papa England
Mozilla pero they’re also performers so there has to be some sort of stage
presence and a visual thing that goes on in their persona on the stage paraffin
or engine and power in the numbers of behind I so therefore you Maha bandha
Hana current incident no costume Red Jumpsuit Nami monopoly boot in a Monde
patches para neguin visual handle nominal but still spider-man paranoia
paired inactive great on bat wings in honor of gene Simmons singer but when
shiburin explained on alumni Indian be known under arm waving famously be the
drawing give death throes of animal spider-man call me a little bit of both
and chambray excited to move took Nana paraffin fits on a man 2006 the band is
still going strong to little Yuma geeks name in Marana Homam and I put the
handle more provinces at appearances opposed eventually mocks a saw her any
varnish spider-man Pauline so you tend to experiment Milan in England quality
maloom on whole mixes me manga in monastery ten times the Dino drawings if
did go at night Papa more artistic or young blue suppose to me spider-man into
black seguro for dramatic effect or marring artistic license
para in interpret queuing as another possible costume design part of my
bannermen so Donna red and black man so now now and cozy Tom Hollands apart from
Houma is a red and black na ho non-pom on 2006 so this is a photo of me
performing and biscuit I cook what water and in my red and black tops Marin /
Indiana underarm waving me more and in a novel I young negligence even suppose to
steal 2006 eventually not all things will last forever the current common
Amana disagreements and then finally like this
band an echo machine it was year 2008 I was kinda
brokenhearted devastated and this was the time when the disco very cool
no cosplay for actually it’s less about discover more of a rediscovery Cassie
Steinem 2003 the hot and nominal first own comic convention it was the film our
25th anniversary and somehow nagilah upon an automatic Asif Asif little
petition we need official scenario super economics or novice players Somalis a
cosplay competition like event 2003 and then at some point in 2006 actually
we’re on a home video of that it’s not attend on Philippines Taiwan but I never
considered myself a first player back be a singer I’m constantly Parsa faman I’m
an anime and manga manga japanese characters 20 lemme Nikita inanimate
nanotubes or Alice Whelan upon the pita and also sort
number for each book a doctor is my fellow ABC doctor
hello Scala apparently lingo big un mundo a significant ago for human retina
2008 and this band an echo machine in the hand a panoply of venue for
non-controversial as now Allah and Allah from coho Simcoe Sam a gig so been
elegant going to ask you in this is spider-man uniforms in order for spring
see Joe Perry talaga this was 2008 – popularity in and the Dark Knight so see
Joe Kornegay Pledger version Norma Holland a economy foxy Terios
Ibaka cosplay Oh Marty Natalegawa nama cosplay
conventions with the intention of joining the competition where this
particular costume see zombie spider-man from the series Marvel Zombies if some
sort of purging for me Cassie come Papa say no a toy Iranian
kike machine blue and red costume comida homo pistache tapas Ferran come back
apparent incur inanimate ramen agree release tapas named Kiko machine so CC
Ryan Guzman encanta la pescado income zombie version apparent the Boy Who
Lived Milazzo fuck comet Halley to spider than an echo machine at F Omega Y
knowledgeable on bonanza for some shit like that
and somehow deny Lucia then I Lucian on best villain say son cosplay competition
and during that day and I am according to meet the monotonic a vegan so cosplay
see the hunk of my UNK vegan cooperate so that was my 2008 Marvel zombie
costume so lonely person 2008-2009 never useful on the new EU spider-man costume forego an embargo imagine a pop Antonin
among a towel and let’s talk less of a abortion for a singer in a gamut which
is an eco machine saga be and Hallows every other night me motherfucker me
totally unless puncture the same time the minimun have Wilden you’re happy
ready so I’m gonna polygon will let you but the pain so Louie pisani left on a lagoon until
Alito Laconia possibly but a meter minor in you Monica
bargain car after seven or eight Rico Parra during December of 2011 rocky
tahuna oh my god in spider-man costume yeah during that time ah so prank super
absorber can see in the youth so Tina equation research at the lemon go I wish
I see clinical so you know solution available permission and costume nah
gorillaz all use autumn costume it’s almost accurate to the upcoming amazing
spider-man movie may Papa labas Tom 2012 so December 2011 paula mera naam the
coho spleen an amazing spider-man me Andrew Guardian evil developers at take
note this was during the time now well upon Kumar go animal suit patterns
welcome at the download from a big billy only enough on a pastor in say Papa
print Telugu maanu maanu Edo Shogunate Alan Aquino for ethnic I am Dan
girlfriend and wife then assimilate Silas now costume fitting an alumna la
maison de la Habana gallery so old-school method of making costumes
Telugu pagará la mala keeping men belong Telugu Haruna in don’t wanna say oh my
god wahoo honey sob not Croatia in also push iron for my extra
so passive on 2012 saft or statins October 9 and disbanded of eco machine
of 2008 Karanka me none proper reunion and 2012
so Marin a home bagging phosphonates was old and this was my first skin of our of
costume this is the amazing spider-man costume but not a toxic comeuppance in
me stand suit me Andrew Garfield Avenue shooting and Cynthia spider-man but
we’re chillin with the decisional again no shadow or dark spot young crotch area
and cinnamon I mean you although looking back on wrong decides if I remove a
hooligan a save me a basa and a part it’s a crotch area
okay so you know amazing spider-man this guy no man is my second zombie
spider-man this was the union again active of of
the outbreak Manila young zombie run or some believe sign society couture how
Bulacan Amazon be stopped finish the whole time in half will callamezzo mix
your Somali do semi strong partner honors Somalia Xhosa
partner Allahabad which is the zombies the original costume Gooden is a trailer
Michael Jackson Perry young so mu not never shown you know which happened in
excited Kingdom who more often and second version young
zombie spider-man well by this time kuhmo Pastner in yo papa girl yes pune
spider-man from 2010 so Samir a fun adventure and dynamic Krishna into my
new zombie spider-man so right so that’s my spider-man of
2012-2013 my cartoon absolute nah debunk version a man that they contained
announcer it’s a question for the entire year in big Perrigo a tiny drop on one
question so I say say nothing this guy on top is superior spider-man takeoff
alabaster when you call me superior spider-man so like ugh Wow Mikey no yeah
hey moto bug on caution spider-man design Sapienza spider-man and this guy
Naaman obviously it’s the Miles Morales spider-man
Aguila on sinners of the end a monotonic Maidan common farmer embargo spider-man
home Miles Morales diversion so he cosplay motion it took me a few years
and here we are Hanyu based equation because playing and
while a master and it’s also being a cop the power of potential weapon of the
important inugami come here unmask the center keeper in and then that other guy
is the person who of my amazing spider-man in ohio parent pakusa
phenomena – mwah Panama’s improved by the brush or even an XT similar a
macaron is a manga but the bomb techniques up ago on a spider-man
costume like using puffy pain and following pattern so Marin of having
must operate cigarette a photo of your hand
template of a first name V naught by 10 a year ago in a shop in l a– bus no
muss aware the hammock on you must prefer nature and I mean spider-man so
young in alabaster imagine a green paper occur in a dog
costume NATO for a while and I mean events
you know since then and lastly this guy another circular saw is obviously still
my son be spider-man costume is an eternal is nebagamon break Manila better
during this time outbreak mission such an initial pastor Maranatha my challenge
is being an ass a song beside for in a home near a useful it is Wamba
spider-man pero make cutting improvements of over Malaga do I smell
happening legs group make up in fucking that thing I can make up a previous
operations in Samba spider-man and latex mask in comas Mogan day on his own to
make up together meeting total facial expressions for you my visa this is my
version 3 of zombie spider-man so that’s my 2013 Piderman costumes oh hi Tahoe
Tahoe Mane’s of 2014 and this beauty is my only costume during that year it was
the year of amazing spider-man 2 my own alone nominated a major element so bran
and flop arrow critically upon impact Amanat ow the movie NATO Peru back then
so brung excited laugh man tau atlatl spider-man fan amazing spider-man 2
so again pioneer in animal tsukino Shannon oh man unum Roboto costume and
chambray oh you wanna peel animal PAGASA Hanyu no sorry Lagoona man amazing
spider-man costume I mean since Biderman to Nicastro and this is the product this
is also the first time than Apicella for sale aluminium mask is also one of my
favorite and longest-running costumes i say since 2014 up to this year in a
gamma gamma Kappa ninja just summon on benhamadi by banana costume is a
samokhina enjoy a sword so needless to say favorite book
autonomy spider-man 2 not sure so this is like 2014 spider-man question
autonomy know having 2015 costumes actually is a long gentle ave embargo
this guy see spider paw yo nah exceed silicon
and your element the guy UN perineum 2014 gonna spider-man the amazing
spider-man 2 pero like the plan for now what if you portray oh you’re drawing me
Todd McFarlane another tuxedo sure so that’s that guy and then it’s on
Halloween the man and sheep I’m gonna I’ll go as Andrew Garfield so first I’m
going like Peter Parker in public Oh c’est la leaves what for you I mean in
spider-man 2 the Marilyn glasses and then I got a weakness in Pina ha malapa
the mighty Tahoe Tahoe yeah – careful Peter – so you knew so – no better this
one this spider found again by Johan Ruhe
it’s based on the fan art of Miguel Delgado indicia accurate dose of omics
pero on companion talaga is your fan art el mercado concerned in a one young man
apartment pattern young webs asean drawing the webster hall mix the
sample and getting a spider pound ordinary web slam like spider-man alumna
ordinary own and Iligan of spikes a volume barrow he went further with his
design Miguel went further release his line to make it known as Papa so go in a
team as Papa penis or channel leather jacket as opposed to the mound jacket
nosotras whole mix well asleep no fanny off and on long sleeve the opposite own
tartan pattern then hang corporates a fine young web design so prominent Danny
from design April enough informational aquino now go one more opinion this was
also the Union macaron convenings opponent eco machinery Union and Jeffrey
soon experience gonna to move took talaga it’s an actual pancetta and so of
course is finder found a perfect so that’s my 2015-2016 demand is along the
embargo home question pero big building at all Casas 2016 finally DOMA thickness
a Marvel Cinematic Universe spider-man and this is his costume so no unum llama
vacío civil war trailer concern a gap you see spider-man as Nina Hagen shield
then America should have in here hey everyone duh but no poetry it was a
cosplay and guess who you Nana the macaws playing at all she embraced in
Haru and on a nominal idiom is a salmon old and a hapless afonya never pagará
than Civil War spider-man MCU costume to Tom Holland NATO so do you own a home
version pero Sam Hanukkah problem maha miss
Adella and supplanting a Kumu passion immobilizer so the following year I had
to commissioned version 2 so this is my 2016 spider-man and appetizer 2017 the
no.27 in the mind it’s the first solo movie of
this new version of spider-man the spider-man of the MCU Tom Hollands
spider-man homecoming so boom once again animus improve but was Madiba a version
the mocha Kimiko 27 and the u.s. leader so setting it as a manga longest-running
on costumes I am coming inugami cupa-hr guy named and Sally code
it’s just a Superman version of spider-man homecoming because it come
into spider-verse the not come in and Justice League on that year the nominees
on spider-man cosplayers Tommy then cosplay namaha Justice League adopted
under a purpose vision that this guy is also one of my favorite costumes rocky
you know one of the most memorable versions of spider-man the Japanese
spider-man sissified among finally let decide termina terrazzo an Italian
operational spider-man simply impatient with batarangs pero UD
puede mala new spider bracelet and Yamaha karate moves in spider-man so
this is my 27th me spider-man costume so Alana meter Dyson around on 2018 added
off your Mulligan spider-man costume school this was a big year for
spider-man fandom this was the year of infinity war this was the year of the
spider-man PlayStation game this was the year of the venom movie and most
especially the greatest animated movie of all time
probably spider-man into the spiders grabbed a TomTom NATO spider-man Panda
siddhappa grab it in your costume go so these are my questions of 2018 Matakana
Lincoln across space is Stan Lee so Mariner home span Leena spider-man
version now a few months later neguin cannons of a mixed animal versus fighter
jet on the background and una semana alternate reality spiders from a nice
time so Donna supreme comics diversion Panama Monica kidnap it along characters
from that amazing movie called spider-man is that the spider-verse
palawan Miles Morales for the costume since 2013 so as when I own 20
inversions go demise where is the movie version number with matching jacket and
shorts and good and you might even shoes so most of the costume was still from
inner power and then this one AMA is ambience : Genoa is young Peter P part a
version for the first time ready chamille abassin zadran amalaki novella
in stock in dial 1000 meter and Peter be Parker into
some open air and me colicky engine turns over exacto near the purpose cool
article 2013 superior spider-man I’ll do minor
injures or – I’m gonna pop it in Puna news video love snow part suppose we’re
at the one when I’m doing a jacket green jogging pants a new mikonam Peter Parker
in the 2014 2015 and wanting makeup yes Peter D Parker and that guy on top
see amazing Batman Johanna Manito sir Angelo Centeno
C Mon Jetta attempt and honest in a celebrate Nathaniel been on the movie
the Rosado TOA inika Machado paper is a very naughty
pero my version is spider-man Kusa and do my love a simple video games samurai
but among other inversions now deeply connected venom Lord which is a tongue
amazing bagman whose and completely teen and Galileo sin by your costume tapas
Ionia Murray builds fantastic for yo Tonya and Kayla and yellow versa public
so na hoshi the fantastic when a pair of no important non uniform in yo a pair of
put up at Aqaba let go of my lashes paper pants and a spare fantastic for
costume and that became the amazing bag man
so these are my costumes last year in a little and I also 2019
oh my job delayed the whole on a few months because a 20-19 Paulo manager on
now insomnia ps4 spider-man costume diversion so I don’t see ps4 spider-man
Co alekhina mind me Enzo’s erotic aka gadget boy this is actually a secondhand
costume in an apparent Sardinia pero la Fillion phenomena John what about
virtual you know online that you need to go dr.
portent an omen you bestow upon us don’t even a holiday spoke salad but I have
here my other latest 2019 question I got a girl’s gonna be planners when people
and I probably do a new video Alondra it is available here are
snippets no bonobo belong nominate Oh again with keno and Winnett Perot this
is the spider-man of Earth 67 or the spider-man on the 1960s animated series
that Spiderman massacre among Internet we know in 2010 Anita Machado II mean
the boy’s name or your village the human seekers can beat spider-man but still a
girl gonna plan on doing it on a pony simply version either a fighter man the
hollows in New Orleans away and finally million plane giving me and my friend
here and Britain ago a Vanessa and that’s it I’m gonna for my 20th
anniversary retrospective of all of my spider-man costume since 1999 and I
think we can’t be on I hope you liked this video hit the like button if you do
and if you want to learn more about my videos please hit the subscribe button
and click the bell so you want to select okagawa Kohanim arriving videos pero
mejor de la may also mention a to milan of a proposed they are all definitely
Gago honest editing video for the six in spider-man costume a valid opinion with
a hit celebs have gone somebody

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