1988 Bernie DEBUNKS Modern-Day Lie About Him

>>CNN is reporting with the use of anonymous
sources that Bernie Sanders allegedly told Elizabeth Warren that women cannot win the
presidency. So.>>Then he spit on her. Did you hear that? Did you hear that he spit on her too? That’s what I heard, it was from an anonymous
source.>>My sources told me, I spoke to four anonymous
sources, and they told me that Elizabeth Warren made this up. See what I did there, right? Now, obviously I don’t have four sources that
talked to me and told me that. But this story is just gross, it rely, look,
I get that there are stories that rely on anonymous sources. But the way that this was reported and the
receipts that we’re about to show you. Which, of course, show you who Bernie Sanders
is as a person, and what he actually thinks about women. Make it clear that this story is nothing more
than a hit piece. And so let me get through the details, and
we’ll discuss.>>Sure.>>So first let me give you the response from
Bernie Sanders, who was outraged by this ridiculous article by CNN. He says, it is ludicrous to believe that at
the same meeting where Elizabeth Warren told me she was going to run for president, I would
tell her that a woman couldn’t win. It’s sad that, three weeks before the Iowa
caucus and a year after that private conversation, staff who weren’t in the room are lying about
what happened. What I did say that night was that Donald
Trump is a sexist, a racist and a liar who would weaponize whatever he could. Do I believe a woman can win in 2020? Of course! After all, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump
by 3 million votes in 2016. And in fact, Bernie Sanders campaigned rather
aggressively on behalf of Hillary Clinton after she was the Democratic nominee in 2016. So why would he waste his time campaigning
aggressively for someone who he believed had no chance in winning. So there’s that, right?>>I love that we can’t get people to accept
that.>>I know but those people don’t matter because
they’re not honest actors. So let’s not waste our time trying to debate
with dishonest people, who rely on a woman who’s real name is Michelle Curry. Who smears people on the left all over Twitter? Right? Those are the kinds of people who will take
out of context videos just to put out all sorts of claims and nonsense about people. And yes, I used your name, just like how you
use it on social media all the time. So you’ve doxxed yourself home girl. Let’s move on to the rest of the news. So look, if you think that Bernie Sanders
doesn’t believe that a woman can be elected president. Because there’s so much sexism in the country. I just wanna remind you that another person
who believes that is Hillary Clinton and her surrogates who kept saying incessantly, that
the reason why she lost is because of sexism in the country, but Bernie Sanders actually
doesn’t believe that. Okay, Bernie Sanders has a long history of
believing that women can be in positions of power in this country, and we have two specific
examples for you. First video is from 1988, take a look.>>The real issue is not whether you’re black
or white, whether you’re a woman or a man. In my view, a woman could be elected president
of the United States. The real issue is, whose side are you on? Are you on the side of workers and poor people? Or are you on the side of big money and the
corporations?>>So I want to watch that one more time. Sorry, I want to replay that video. Cuz it’s important to play close attention
to what he said there.>>The real issue is not whether you’re black
or white, whether you’re a woman or a man. In my view, a woman could be elected President
of the United States. The real issue is, whose side are you on? Are you on the side of workers and poor people,
or are you on the side of big money and the corporations?>>A woman can be elected president of the
United States. That is a statement he made in 1988. I also wanna note that Bernie Sanders was
urging Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016. But-
>>Which seems like a waste of time, cuz he doesn’t think that they can win.>>Yeah, it’s super strange.>>So why do that?>>But maybe that’s not enough evidence for
you guys. So why don’t we go to a video from 1987 where
he talks about women running for president.>>Burlington a woman mayor?>>Not in Burlington. There have been and there are women mayors
all over the country. There’s a woman governor, who can tell me
the name of our governor?>>I think it’s Madeleine Kunin.>>Madeleine Kunin, and Governor Kunin is
a woman. And there are other, now hold on, I think
there was one other woman governor. The mayor of San Francisco is a woman, and
there are many women mayors but not enough. And one of the very important things that
I hope that all the girls in this class understand, is that you, just as much as the boys, have
a right to become president. There’s not been a woman president, or there
was a woman who was giving thought to running for president at this time. From Colorado, a woman named-
>>Schdrodum.>>Representative Schrodum at some point. I hope that the girls will think that they
have the right to be involved in politics quite as much as the boys do. It’s beginning to change, but it’s not changing
fast enough.>>Again, Bernie Sanders in 1987, speaking
to a third grade class, encouraging little girls to get involved in politics and essentially
telling them I believe that a woman can be a President in this country.>>Exactly.>>So what did Elizabeth Warren say in response
to CNN’s reporting right? Because as CNN mentioned, the description
of that meeting is based on accounts of four people. Two people Warren spoke directly with soon
after the encounter and two people familiar with the meeting so they’re people who know
Warren right? So Warren should know whether or not this
type of reporting is accurate. If this is embellished in any way, no comment
from the Warren campaign.>>Yeah.>>None, zero, okay, so there’s that.>>Which means that we could have a conversation
about who was the impetus for this. Who planted this story. And I think it’s likely one of the aides. Or you’ll potentially there’s other people
who stand to benefit like Biden certainly benefits from this in this fighting between
Bernie and Warren. But that only makes a difference if you come
out and correct the record.>>Exactly.>>If you don’t, then I don’t care. I don’t care who started it. You’re now benefiting. You could correct the record, you could say
something. But you’re choosing not to.>>And this conversation happened in December
of 2018. The whole point of the private conversation
that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren had was that they kind of had this pact that they
would not run negative campaigns against one another. Now look what’s a negative campaign? Negative campaign is when you do personal
attacks, and like hit jobs, things like that. But I don’t believe it’s a negative campaign
when you’re highlighting the differences in policy, the differences in what you see for
the country, that’s the whole point of a primary. Otherwise, what’s the point in running?>>Yeah, attacking the personality or the
motivations, demonizing as opposed to differentiating.>>Exactly.>>And the thing is like, I’m glad that you
had the historical footage. But for me, this is simply a common sense
sort of situation. I think that this is knowingly, the sort of
story that when they printed it, when CNN chose to go with it, they knew, the only people
that are gonna buy this are the people who already want to believe that it’s true of
Bernie Sanders. Because which is more reasonable, that Bernie
Sanders sat down with a woman who was going to be running against him in a long, hard-fought
primary, and said something crazy to her knowing that eventually it would come out, or that
he said, yeah, Trump is gonna attack, he’s gonna attack pretty much anybody on anything,
which we all agree. Like if he had said in that meeting, Trump
will attack a woman for being a woman, nobody disagrees with that. Literally nobody in the country doesn’t think
that that’s true. Trump did it today against Warren in particular
and then so she tells someone and that aide who obviously is biased towards Warren, embellishes
it a little bit and turns it from an acknowledgement of how racist and sexist Donald Trump is to
like a personal belief of Bernie Sanders, who actually believes that a politician as
savvy as Bernie Sanders would do that? Would provide that sort of ammunition to one
of his rivals, right before the election begins?>>It’s just not who he is, but it doesn’t
matter, right? They will characterize him as a sexist, as
a racist, as anti-Semitic, I mean, we’ve seen it all. And it’s not about protecting disenfranchised
groups of people. It has nothing to do that, these groups of
people are nothing more than pawns for the Democratic establishment. What they wanna do more than anything is destroy
his campaign because he threatens their way of life, right? He threatens their profit motive. He threatens the private industries that fund
various campaigns. He threatens all of it, he threatens the entire
system. And so I’m embarrassed because I think back
at my very long, 13 year career here at TYT, and I think of all the different times I naively
fell for stories that were reported about various people allegedly being sexiest or
offensive or whatever. And I just have a lot of guilt because who
knows what kind of misinformation I repeated? And I apologize profusely for that okay because
I have realized now more than ever and that’s another embarrassing admission on my part
that the media is not what journalism is supposed to be. It wasn’t what I bought into it, it wasn’t
what inspired me to go to journalism school, they are simply extensions of corrupt political
campaigns, that’s why independent media is so incredibly important.>>And, and in particular that, that CNN on
the eve of a debate that they’re involved in would run with this story when they haven’t
talked to Elizabeth Warren and think about the wording they used for their sources, four
sources two of which talked to her a year ago, which is already like a little bit suspect
but fine, and then two people familiar with the meeting. What does that even mean?>>Right?>>Does it mean anything other than and then
those two people talk to two other people?>>Yes. That’s what it means.>>They were not not only were they not in
the meeting because even the original two people were in the meeting. Those other two didn’t even talk to Elizabeth
Warren.>>Right.>>So what is the point of including those
two people, and it reminds me of in the aftermath of the story coming out. So CNN had their four people. And then someone I believe from BuzzFeed’s
like, I can confirm the story too, independent confirmation. Who did you talk to? The same aides. That’s not independent confirmation. Those are the same sources. What are you talking about?>>Exactly, yep, that’s exactly right.>>And yet it’s considered confirmation because
the bar for whether you run a story and whether you consider it confirmed is much lower if
it’s about Bernie Sanders, they don’t care if they get it wrong.>>Yep.>>And if it affects the debate, and if it
affects the caucus, they don’t care. But on top I do want to give credit to Shaun
King so he’s been talking to people and he tweeted recently, just spoke to a source who
told me that Elizabeth Warren admittedly embellished the words of Bernie Sanders to her friends
after a meeting with him in 2018 saying that Bernie said a woman couldn’t win, but they
never actually said those words. Also, I reconfirmed with every outlet, saying
they confirmed their story about Bernie Sanders, and not a single one of them spoke to Warren. So if you speak to people who had a conversation
with Warren, more than a year ago and you reach out to these two campaigns. And the Bernie campaign says it didn’t happen
and the Warren campaign won’t respond. How could you possibly go with that story?>>Cuz it’s not about the truth. It’s about, again, being an extension of a
political campaign. That’s what this so called reporting is and
it’s so deceitful. It’s so disgusting. And it’s just transparent.>>Yeah.>>And I want people to be aware of how transparent
it is, so you don’t fall victim to this type of nonsense because sexism is real. There’s no question about that, but I’m really
tired of women being used as pawns, right? Because when push comes to shove, these people
who are using or exploiting sexism for their political gain, are they actually gonna do
anything to improve the lives of women? Are they proposing anything to really, are
they gonna fight to improve the lives of women? That’s what I wanna know. And look, I know Elizabeth Warren as a candidate
has, but when it comes to the people who are aggressively smearing Bernie Sanders, who
are using accusations of sexism to smear him. Do you think they actually care about women
and improving their lives? It’s pathetic, and I leave you with this. Amanda Terkel wrote a piece in Huffington
Post and she brought it back up for everyone’s attention. To everyone’s attention on Twitter, I wanna
just show you a quick screen grab of the headline. Joe Biden said Hillary Clinton faced sexism,
but that’s not going to happen with him. His campaign has clarified that he wasn’t
implying that women are less electable than men. Okay, so he had to make that clarification
because he was essentially saying, no, no, I’m more electable than a woman because I
don’t have to worry about those accusations of sexism. Okay? So it’s just amazing how imagine if Bernie
Sanders said something like that.>>Mm-hm.>>Okay, that would
>>Imagine it four people you didn’t know said that he said it. Imagine that.>>Front page. It’s just incredible and look they can call
Bernie’s supporters whatever they want. Bernie bros, they’re divisive, they’re this,
they’re that but they have to fight back. Because if they don’t, these types of lies
just stand->>Yeah.>>And it’s unfair to a candidate who’s anything
but sexist.>>And as of, I mean it’s easy for us to say
the CNN reporters obviously had too low of standards for going with this story. The editors didn’t stop them. It’s being put out at an opportune time. The aides are obviously biased. All of that is true. But as we’re saying this right now, the story
has been out there for hours and Elizabeth Warren hasn’t said anything.>>Hasn’t said a word.>>And that makes her a part of this.

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    Not endorsing Bernie early on and later endorsing Hillary hurt, but I still stood up for Warren.

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  • there are a ton of videos on line about Bernie defending Warren and
    Women rights! plus I understand that He asked her to run in 2015! would
    He had stepped aside for Hillary Clinton on the last election if He
    really thought that a Woman couldn't be President?? I am so disappointed
    with Warren! at least now Bernie Sanders and the rest of Americans know
    EXACTLY who to Vote for! Bernie2020!!!

  • there are a ton of videos on line about Bernie defending Warren and
    Women rights! plus I understand that He asked her to run in 2015! would
    He had stepped aside for Hillary Clinton on the last election if He
    really thought that a Woman couldn't be President?? I am so disappointed
    with Warren! at least now Bernie Sanders and the rest of Americans know
    EXACTLY who to Vote for! Bernie2020!!!

  • there are a ton of videos on line about Bernie defending Warren and
    Women rights! plus I understand that He asked her to run in 2015! would
    He had stepped aside for Hillary Clinton on the last election if He
    really thought that a Woman couldn't be President?? I am so disappointed
    with Warren! at least now Bernie Sanders and the rest of Americans know
    EXACTLY who to Vote for! Bernie2020!!!

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    Buh Bye Bernie!
    Buh Bye Bernie!

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    When someone shows you their true colors and more and tell you with their own mouth, who they are..believe them
    Bernie 2020-2028
    Alexandria 2028-2036

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  • People in comments or about to post a comment: please know that citing Project Veritas will not give you more credibility.

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  • This poke will haunt us,Liz as 3x is a charm,or,…3 strikes,..you're out. You lied,or
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