15 Amazing Coincidences You Won’t Believe Happened

[Music] facts verse presents 15 coincidences you won’t believe happened number one man saves falling babies twice in 1937 a mother was standing in the window of a fourth storey building in Detroit when she accidentally dropped her baby luckily there was a man below named Joseph fig lock working below he was a local street sweeper he was working beneath the window when the infant fell from the sky and hit him in the head in the shoulders the baby lived and fig locks sustained minor injuries a year later another mother was in a high-rise building when she allowed her two-year-old son David Thomas to fall from the window ironically fig lock was working on the ground beneath the window sweeping an alley when the child fell big lock was struck in the head both he and the child survived what are the odds of a man being in the right place at the right time two years in a row also what are the odds of two mothers being so irresponsible with their children that they allow them to fall out of a window two years in a row number two left-handed president coincidence only ten percent of Americans are left-handed when you look at the number of US presidents that were left-handed you would expect to see approximately the same but of the last 14 US presidents more than half of them were left-handed this includes five out of the last seven over the past 20 years almost every presidential candidate has been left-handed in 2008 John McCain and Barack Obama were left-handed in 1992 all three of the candidates who were running were left-handed this phenomenon is strange because in the 18th and 19th centuries left handedness was considered a punishable disability kids who were left handed back then were forced to be right-handed this all changed in the 1970s and children were allowed to be left-handed number three Hugh Williams perpetual shipwreck survivor there have been millions of shipwreck casualties throughout history if you’re planning an ocean voyage and your name is Hugh Williams you don’t need to worry about being one of those casualties in 1660 a ship sank in the Dover Straits there was only one survivor a man named Hugh Williams in 1767 another ship sank in the same area the only survivor was another man named Hugh Williams a ship capsized in 1820 on the Thames the only survivor on that ship was also named Hugh Williams in 1940 a ship was destroyed by a German mind of all the people on board only two survived a man named Hugh Williams and his nephew who was named after him Hugh Williams number four the Deus Ex Twin Towers omen in 2000 a PC game was created called Deus Ex when the skybox artist was creating the game he forgot to add the twin towers to the New York City skyline some people say that the memory constraints involved made it impossible for him to add the towers other people believe that he simply forgot whatever the reason he had to come up with an in-game explanation for the reason that they were not added they decided to say that a terrorist attack was responsible when they created this explanation there is no way that they knew that a year later that a real terrorist attack would take down the towers it is a spooky coincidence number five two brothers killed on a moped in 1975 a man was riding a moped in Bermuda when he was struck by a taxi and then killed this showed the world how dangerous riding a moped could be however people kept writing them a year later the man’s brother had paid to have the moped that his brother was killed on repaired the day he finished repaying the repair fees he took it out for a ride sadly he also was struck and killed the crazy part is that the man was struck and killed by the same taxi driven by the same driver who happened to be carrying the same passenger as his brother’s death as far as coincidences go this one is the biggest number six the JFK and Lincoln coincidence America has two presidents who were loved by all John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln the fact that these two presidents were loved by so many is not the only coincidence first Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846 and John F Kennedy was elected exactly a century later in 1946 Lincoln won his election in 1860 and his inauguration was in 1861 John F Kennedy won his election in 1960 and his inauguration was in 1961 exactly 100 years after Lincoln both presidents had a vice president and a successor named Johnson both men were shot in the head in front of their wives and both were shot on a Friday Lincoln was assassinated in Ford’s Theater Kennedy was assassinated in a Lincoln which was made by Ford finally both presidents have seven letters in their name very creepy coincidence number seven Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassination coincidence when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated he was in a car with a license plate that read a1 1 1 – 1 1 8 what it first happened people didn’t think too much of it it’s what happened later that is really strange after the assassination occurred a war broke out it ended with an armistice on November 11 1918 the license plate of the car that the Archduke was assassinated in was a spooky omen the plate was coated a for armistice 11:00 1118 is the date that it all went down creepy number eight message in a bottle competition a man named Mark Anderson was manning the fishing boat copious in 2006 on this day he found a message in a bottle that was 92 years old thanks to his discovery he earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for finding the oldest message in a bottle ever recovered he was very proud of his accomplishment and often bragged to his friends and fellow fishermen Andrew Lee / 6 years after Anderson found his message in a bottle Andrew Lee / was working as a skipper on the copias off the Scottish coast when a message in a bottle floated right by him the message was 98 years old he took his friends spot in the record books and it was a spooky coincidence are these messages in bottles drawn to the men or to the copious number nine James Dean’s bad luck car this is one of the most weird coincidences that actually happened jeans Dean had the nickname rebel without a cause and he was one of Hollywood’s most popular heartthrobs in 1955 he was killed in an awful car accident while driving in his Porsche he’s not the only person who was injured by this car after the accident the car was towed to a garage for repair there was a mechanic working on the car and the engine slipped out and shattered both of his legs years later a doctor bought the engine to put in his racing car he died shortly after while racing in the car another driver purchased the drive shaft from James Dean’s Porsche and he died in the same race as the doctor years later the garage where James Dean’s car was taken to be repaired was destroyed in a fire the car was still mostly intact though and it was sent to Sacramento to show off unfortunately it fell off its mount and broke a teenager’s hip later the trailer that the Porsche was mounted on was in Oregon and it slipped from its tow bar and smashed into a storefront finally in 1959 the car broke into 11 mysteriously while it was sitting on steel supports the cursed car no longer exists number 10 doppelganger coincidence king umberto the king of italy decided to visit a restaurant in Monza italy after looking around he found the perfect one he and his general aide went in to look over the menu when the owner of the restaurant went to take the Kings order the two men realized that they were practically twins not only in the face but in their build as well the restaurant owner sat down with the King and they realized that they were born on the same day in the same year in the same town they also learned that they both married women named margarita also the day that King Umberto was crowned the king of Italy the restaurant owner opened his place of business on July 29 1900 cang Umberto was informed that his doppelganger the restaurant owner was killed in a mysterious shooting accident while he was mourning the loss he was assassinated by an anarchist who is in the crowd the coincidences are uncanny many people who don’t believe in coincidences believed that the two men were doubles from parallel universes number 11 curse of the Dragon Bruce Lee Bruce Lee was considered one of the best when it comes to martial arts his final movie Enter the Dragon predicted the death of Bruce Lee’s son Brandon in the film Lee’s character is killed when a prop gun is substituted for a real one and his character is killed when his son was filming The Crow a prop gun misfired and he was killed two months before his son Brandon’s death a movie was made about Bruce Lee’s life called dragon the Bruce Lee story in this film Bruce battles a metaphorical demon who haunts his family during his final confrontation with a demon he loses interest in Bruce and begins targeting his son Brandon was still alive when the scene was shot two months later Brandon was killed Robert Cohen the film’s director believes that Brandon’s death was speeded to happen it is a very spooky coincidence number 12 a bullet kills its intended victim years later in 1883 a man named henry ziegland was shot at he left his girlfriend and she committed suicide in order to make him pay for what he had done his girlfriend’s brother shot him the bullet only grazed his face and lodged into a tree right after shooting ziegland the man committed suicide himself years later ziegland wanted to see the place where he was almost killed as he believed that he was the luckiest man alive for surviving he went to the tree and decided to cut it down because it still held the bullet the task was too difficult for him to do alone therefore he took more drastic measures he took a few sticks of dynamite and believed that blowing up the tree would be the best way to get the bullet out when the tree exploded the lodged bullet in the tree propelled from the tree and shot to ziegland in the head killing him instantly it’s very creepy that the very bullet that was meant to kill ziegland all those years before eventually did number 13 poker winnings go to the estranged son in 1858 a British man named Robert Fallon was cheating at poker when his rival discovered this they shot him leaving his six hundred dollars dishonest winnings on the table back then poker players had a superstition about taking money from a player who won by cheating the men in the game decided to give the pot to the first person that walked by the saloon the man was given balanced $600 pot and also a place at the table soon the man turned his $600 pot into $1,000 when the police came to investigate Fallon’s murder they determined that the original $600 be given to Fallon’s next to kin when searching for him they realized that his next of kin was actually the man they gave the $600 to that man walking by the saloon was Fallon’s estranged son who had not seen his father in over ten years number fourteen same name same hotel in the late 50s a man named George D Bryson checked into the brown hotel in Louisville Kentucky he signed the register and took the key to room 307 where he would be staying after being out at a business meeting mr. Bryson went to the receptionist to see if he had any mail waiting for him the receptionist gave him a letter that was addressed to mr. George D Bryson room 307 when he opened the letter he realized that it was not for him it was actually for the man who had just checked out of room 307 before mr. Bryson checked in the two men had the exact same name and the exact same room number spooky number 15 virtual twins died and born on the same day the founder of Ferrari died in 1988 the same year footballer messin özil was born what is strange is that these men are identical some wanderin Enzo Ferrari was reincarnated as Mesut özil subscribe for more you [Music]

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  • at 45 years of age and having grown up in a small town, i had teachers who tried to correct my south paw nature…i only draw,write, and eat with my left hand and play guitar,baseball, etc right handed. all because the majority are right handed and believed left handed people to be inclined to evil. in the past whenever a soothsayer/witch doctor's left leg twitched, it fortold disaster; plus the word, sinister, derives from the latin word, sinus, which means pocket…as togas only had one pocket on the left ( dexter/dexterity is latin for right). "left" comes from the anglo saxon word lyft, meaning weak. there are cultures where the left hand is also looked on unfavorably, especially as they wipe their arse with their left hand which is why you never offer the left hand to greet another in some Asian and mid-eastern countries. still, some cultures looked on the left hand as favourable such as the Inca who looked on southpaws as possessing magical and spiritual properties and tantric buddhists believed the left hand represents wisdom. and that's my useless trivia for the day.

  • Red face cave dogs aka White boys, are the biggest, most subtle, and cunning liars. Call them devils and they gladly accept it. The whole world is turned Astray and backwards, because these devil's lied about everything once they raped many Nations and caused hybrids to come about.

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  • Surprised you never mentioned the gentleman who was working in Hiroshima when the Americans dropped the atomic bomb on the city. He survived but after a couple of days he decided to go home. He lived in Nagasaki and arrived there just as the US dropped the second atomic bomb. He survived both blasts but died of cancer years later.


  • These coincidences prove there is a spiritual realm…in this realm there 2 kinds of beings..one being good one being evil..however this realm cannot hurt or help I unless u give them permission..either by what u speak or what u do…some of these story's r either a result of doing good( hence u reap good..)or of doing evil(therefore u or your descendants reap evil)Its called the law is reciprocity…a rule of the universe set there by God…in which we r judged good or evil…therefore judgement for good or evil comes on u…God be praised…

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  • Lincoln, and Kennedy's assassin's were know by all 3 names also. John Wilkes Booth, and Lee Harvey Oswald.

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  • Both Lincoln and Kennedy's assassins were known by their three names: John WIlkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald and both names add up to 15 letters each.

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  • The Bruce Lee reference is totally wrong, Bruce did not die from a prop gun and his last movie was The Game of Death, Bruce died of cerebral edema.

  • When I started school I was left-handed and my 1st-grade teacher tied my left arm behind me so I couldn't use it to write. I was forced to relearn how to write with my right hand. Every time I went to use my left hand I got whacked with a yardstick in my left hand. Eventually, I stopped trying to use my left hand and succumb to using my right. To this very day, I do most everything else left-handed except write.

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  • Yes that happened to me I am left handed and was punished severely at school with a thick long wood and had to put my hand on a table and was struck 10 times THILL my hand was purple or bleeding. For day's I had to deal with the pain. The last time my teacher struck my hand. 3 of my finger broke. I had to go to the hospital. With my teacher. She started to lie and said I fell down the stairs. But the doctor was a American. And started to scream at her. SO WHAT IF SHE IS LEFT HANDED. YOU STUPID, UGLY, RETARDED, MORON BITCH. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE. BEFORE I BREAK YOUR FACE AND HAND. HE WAS 6,2. AND MUSCULAR..I GO TO SCHOOL IN TURKEY. WAS ONLY 8 YEARS OLD. AND MY MOM CAME FROM GERMANY AND TOOK ME WITH HER TO GERMANY. I WAS SAVED. AND SOOOO HAPPY. I LOVE GERMANY AND GERMANS. THEY ARE JUST WONDERFULL PEOPLE.

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  • The twin tower one isn't so much a coincidence as much as predictive programming: The idea of presenting what seems impossible except in fiction to the masses to make it even less believable (and thus more shocking) when it does. Teaches us falsely nothing can happen if it's just a movie book or game, when that's not the case at all.

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