13 Most MYSTERIOUS Books In History!

13 Most Mysterious Books In History! 13. Beale Ciphers- Also known as the Beale Papers,
it is a set of three ciphertexts, one of which supposedly reveals the location of buried
gold, silver, and jewels estimated to be worth over $63 million as of 2011. The first ciphertext states the location,
the second one contains the content of treasure, and the third one lists the treasure’s owners
and their family history. The book originates from an 1885 pamphlet
of a man named Thomas J. Beale who buried treasure back in 1820 in a secret area in
Virginia. As of 2011, the second ciphertext is the only
one that remains solved. Many people have tried to decipher the remaining
two pamphlets, but all efforts remain unsolved. 12. Prophecies of Nostradamus- Possibly one of
the most sought out books in history due to its unbelievable nature of foretelling predictions,
it was written by Michel de Nostredame in 1555. He was considered a prominent astrologer in
France during the 16th century, and many people highly respected his practice. The work of Nostradamus has predicted some
events such as the rise of Adolf Hitler, The London Fire of 1666, the Iranian Revolution
in 1979 and the September 11 terrorist attacks. While the book is based off on judicial astrology,
it was heavily criticized by many scholars and astrologers, and the book remains prominent
throughout history. His prophecies are available online for those
who are curious. What do you think of his predictions? 11. Ripley Scroll Book- It was written by Augustinian
alchemist and monk George Ripley in the 15th century. The book details his travels in Europe as
he searched the land of secrets behind immortality and transmutation. The folklore states Ripley was able to transform
lead into gold using an incantation in the pages by creating the philosopher’s stone. At the time alchemy was regarded as a mysterious
subject due to its practical craft and private study to utilize physical substances to establish
longevity and spiritual perfection. Despite the legend stating Ripley had reached
eternal life, he passed away in 1490 at 75 years old. 10. Great Omar Book- Officially known as The Sangorski
Edition of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the book is stated to carry a curse that deemed
it doomed from the beginning. First established by Francis Sangorski and
George Sutcliffe, the book is considered to be valuable due to its precious jewel and
gold binding. The book sank along with the Titanic, and
it was unretrievable in the Atlantic ocean. A second copy that incorporated Sangorski’s
original illusions were unfortunately destroyed during World War II. It took more than twenty years to complete
the third copy which was donated to the British Library, after Stanley Bray, its maker passed
away. 9. Popol Vuh- According to a story told by a
Dominican priest, Francisco Ximenez, the Popol Vuh manuscript was gifted to him after he
visited a small Guatemalan town. Popol Vuh meaning the Book of the People depicts
an intricate creation tale that consists of cosmology teachings, planet origins, and four
deities. Although the priest cites a parishioner in
the town as a source, no manuscript has ever been found. This incident has lead many scholars to believe
that it was stolen and that he should have never given access to it as the manuscript
was thought to be an ancient secret. He wrote the oldest surviving written account
in 1701, and the paper scrolls include a preamble and four parts. 8. Codex Seraphinus- Originally published in
1981, this illustrated encyclopedia was created by Italian artist and architect Luigi Serafini. Approximately 360 pages long it is written
in an imaginary language called cipher alphabet. He was inspired to write it because he wanted
to have a memento of a feeling Serafini remembered when he was a young child before he learned
how to read. He stated that the alphabet and pictures looked
like weird symbols and he knew they meant something. The book contains eleven chapters that cover
a variety of topics that includes many animals, plants, machines, and taboo subjects like
death, birth, and sexuality. 7. The Smithfield Decretals- Written in the fourteenth
century as a collection of statutory law under the order of Pope Gregory IX , it was fairly
common to write such manuscripts. However, its outlandish and unusual illustrations
in the manuscripts gave it mystery and uniqueness. Drawings included unicorns and bears engaged
in battle, as well as an old Yoda, and a knight fending off a giant snail brings many speculations
to one’s imagination. Written by jurist Raymond of Penafort, the
book’s developmental work was completed through two distinct stages. Currently, the manuscripts are part of the
Royal Library’s book collection, and it is preserved in Britain. 6. Liber Linteus – Also known as Linen Book of
Zagreb, it is the only extant linen book and the longest Etruscan text known to be written. It only contains 230 lines of 1,200 words. The ancient text dates back 3rd Century BCE,
and it remains a mystery due to the lack of knowledge of the Etruscan language. What is known about it, is that it refers
to the Etruscan’s people way of life before the Roman Empire was established. Surprisingly the book was somehow preserved
even after the Etruscans were defeated by Roman conquerors. The script was written on wrappings that covered
a mummified Egyptian wife, and it was only discovered in the 1880’s after the mummy
was donated to a museum. 5. Voynich Manuscript- Written in the early 15th
century, it is the first known textbook that covers unknown botanical plants in an unknown
language. Pictures in the book dictate plants in astronomical
charts and drawings with interconnected tubes displayed with a female anatomy. The Voynich Manuscript is believed to have
been written during the Italian Renaissance and has been studied by many cryptographers. The origin of the book has excited many people,
and many hypotheses of its interpretation have been made. However, 240 pages of the book remain missing. The manuscript is named after antique bookseller
Wilfrid M. Voynich in 1912 after he purchased it. The book is currently on display and preserved
in a glass case, but a printed version is also available on Amazon. 4. Book of Soyga- It was first discovered by
John Dee, a mathematician, and an occultist and it was believed to be lost for years until
it was found in 1994 by a scholar in the British Library archives. Composed of almost two hundred pages, it details
instructions and enchantments on how to perform magic, astrological concepts, summoning demons
and much more. While most the book is written in Latin, there
are also over 35,000 letters lined in 36 tables that appear to be a cryptogram. Taking into account the occult nature of the
book, deciphering the book is said to bring revelation which is rumored to be a curse. Rumors say, anyone who solves the code, dies
within three years. 3. Rohonc Codex- Not much is known about the
Rohonc Codex. It was written by an unknown author in a strange
language. The text was first discovered in the 19th
century in Hungary, and many scholars who have tried to decipher the books can not come
up with a point of origin, in which many Hungarian researchers speculate the manuscript is an
18th-century hoax. The book has 448 pages that consist of uncertain
text and illustrations depicting religious and military scenes. Some crude drawings showcase a cross, the
sun, cross and a swastika present. The symbols in the book are believed to be
a syllabary or logographs instead of an alphabet. It remains undeciphered to this day, and it
is available online for anyone who wishes to check it out. 2. Codex Gigas- Also known as the Devil’s Bible,
it is the largest extant medieval manuscript in the world. It was believed to be created in the 12th
century, and it contains large depictions of the devil. The book stands 36 inches tall and contains
320 pages, some of which remain missing. The missing pages are believed to be an encrypted
text titled, “The Devil’s Prayer.” Codex Gigas has a rumored legend surrounding
its creation. In one version, a monk in the middle ages
broke his vows and was sentenced to be punished. In an attempt to spare himself, he promised
to write a book that would please the monastery, but by the end of midnight,
he knew he wouldn’t be able to complete it. So he decided to ask the Devil for help in
exchange for his soul. The devil completed the book, and the book’s
work is said to contain calligraphy that would have taken five years of continuous work. 1. Dead Sea Scrolls- Considered to be one of
the greats manuscripts treasures of all time, the scrolls have been found in eleven caves
across the Dead Sea Shore. First discovered by two goat herders in 1947,
the last scroll was found in 1956. It contained many mysterious prophecies amongst
other things written by Daniel, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. Many of these predictions had not been found
in the Bible, and the scrolls are believed to over 2,000 years old. It is believed one of the scrolls contains
an ancient treasure map that leads to 64 locations that have buried treasures.

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