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*high five sound* please subscribe craftblood and thank you so much for 650 million subscribers! *laughs* No but seriously, thank you, really for 12 million subscribers. Fucking hell, how? This year is an absolute craze-fest. I’m gonna invent that word and use it for this scenario. Like, holy shit! *laughs* A minute into the vlog and I’ve already cursed twice. Good ol’ Jackaboy! *laughs* The growth that the channel has been getting over the last like, not only the last year, but the last two years, the last like, start of the channel has been… bananas. I can’t wrap my head around it. It’s gotten to a point where it’s so way beyond my comprehension that I have no idea how to think about it anymore. Like, when you think about it it’s like 12 million – everyone says like, yes, that’s a lot of people. But like, seriously, just sit and think about it! 12 million individual people – have clicked subscribe on a YouTube channel. What the h– God, there’s a fly going around… What the hell?! That – that’s insane! Like, 12 million people – I – I don’t know what 12 million people looks like. Have 12 million people ever been in the same place together? I don’t think they have. I don’t even think 5 million people has been in the same place together, let alone double that. It’s – it’s soo crazy! Where’d that fly go? I heard him whizzing past my ear. I still can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be able to do this, like, every day for 3 years. I – I had no idea… Like when I started, I, obviously, had no idea that this was gonna happen. I don’t think many Youtubers who are in the position they’re in, or get successful at it know that it’s gonna happen, but it just – it blows my mind to think that 3 years ago I was like nothing. I was like literally nothing. I was… nonexistent. I was, like, sitting in the cabin playing games and everything, and now this. Like what – WHAT – how?! When?! Where, why? ALL of the words! Uhmm. Uh, just – thanks! *laugh* Thanks for being here, and sticking with the channel day after day I know there’s some people who are on the channel at the start who are gone now or some people from like the start of THIS year who are probably gone now but just – any of you who have stuck here for awhile just – thank you so much for — like, believing in the channel that much to stick around with it If you’ve just arrived as of this morning, thank you as well for being here. Thank you anyone who has just checked out the channel. If you’ve come along the channel and you thought “Oh, gawd this is shit” at least you came by and looked at it. So thank you for that. It’s just — I’m so incredibly grateful for what I have. And I need to remind myself of that, like constantly. Um – I don’t wanna become one of these people who doesn’t seem like they’re grateful for what they have because I am immensely grateful for what I have and what I’m able to do on YouTube every day. For being able to do some of the things I get to do PAX is actually going on right now. Is it? Yes! *chuckle* Gawd! But – like PAX is going on, um, around this time as well, and like, I get to go meet more YouTube friends who do all this type of stuff themselves every day too. And th – that just blows my mind as well it’s because of you, that you gave me these opportunities to be able to do these types of things. And I can never, ever, ever repay the amount of support that people have showed this channel since it started. Like 12 million people are here now, and I guess all I can say is thank you, and hope that I can show my gratitude through these types of videos and through the content that I make, and just keep making content every single day for people to watch, to try and make people happy. As I keep saying, if I can make one person smile in this entire planet from the types of videos that I can make then I will consider it a success. I will consider it a job well done. If I can make someone feel less lonely, if I can bring someone’s attention away from some of the hardships that are going on in their lives or if I can just boost someone’s mood even greater than it already is, then absolutely fantastic, because I know that’s what YouTube has done for me when I sit down and make videos, that there’ve been times when I just sat there and I’m like “I don’t wanna make videos today.” “I just – I just don’t wanna do it.” I – I wasn’t in the mood, something was wrong, something in personal life went wrong or something like that, but as soon as I sit down, and I think about it and I start recording the videos I – I just – it makes me so much more exuberant. It makes me so happy. And to be able to do it every day, like it’s the reason I get out of bed to do anything. To be able to do something that you love, all the time for millions of people is one of the greatest things that a person could ask for and be able to do with their time, so thank you so much I’m gonna try my best to constantly give back as much as the world and you have given me and show how grateful I am for this type of stuff. I don’t know if the channel is actually worthy of that, or if the type of content that I try to make is worthy of 12 million, and all the support that’s been given. A lot of people would say, ah, that it is and a lot of people would agree with me that it’s not, but that’s irrelevant, whether it’s worth it or not, I guess you could say it is if the channel has that but that’s irrelevant, what does matter is that I am absolutely grateful for what you have given me for what the world has given me whether it’s worthy of it or not, whether I’m worthy of it or not is asbolutely irrelevant. The fact that I – I love what I do, and I am incredibly thankful to all of you THAT’S what matters, but – NOW I’m gonna go off and do the thing that I set out to do the way-back thing – um, I’ll probably explain it there but, uh, it’s gonna be fun! We’re gonna take a trip through the past into the channel. Flashback! Flash – eh I’m not puttin’ in that effect, it’s stupid. *laughs* There’s this site called the Wayback Machine, actually it’s just web.archive.org so you can search a URL and I’ve put in Jacksepticeye, so you can see the channel has been searched 851 times or there’s 851 snapshots of it within this, so this is 2016. We’re up as far as August, so these are all the bubbles I can click into to go back and see what the channel was like, back at a certain date, so a lot of people seem to think that the channel was — eh, I started uploading videos in 2007. The channel was created in 2007. I – I went back and I, like, made the channel Jacksepticeye back in 2007 coz that’s when I got Internet. I was 17 when I got Internet for the first time, properly. Like, at home. So all of you who have it since your birth, consider yourselves lucky because it wasn’t always like that. I had to use the Internet in school, and then when I came home, there was nothing. I just played Playstation, I did my homework, there was no distractions or anything I would be HORRIBLE in school if I had the Internet now. Um *chuckle*, but – ah I only started uploading videos in 2012, the very end of 2012. I can’t go back to 2012 and see it because there is none. I can’t even go back to 2013, and then there’s only three at the very end of 2013 but – 2013 was the year that I went back and I was like I can’t remember what date it was, but it was – it was somewhere around March that I sat there and I was like “Okay, I’m gonna upload two videos every day. I don’t care if people watch them, I don’t care, like, if they do well” “anything like that” I was just like, “I’m just gonna upload two videos a day because I wanna see if I can do it.” I’d seen people like Mark, I’d seen people like Felix do it and some people had uploaded one a day, and I was like “You know what, two a day I think is doable.” And, I was in college at the time and I was just like, “You know what, I – I – ” it was the summer, actually, of 2013 I had gotten off for college, I think or was about to go into college – I can’t remember um, but September down here was when I was in college again and I remember sitting down, I was like “I’m gonna try – I’m gonna try and see if I can do what these guys do, because it’s so awesome-looking!” Playing video games and recording them, and just uploading them for the world to see, and sharing that FUN that you can have with the world and sharing, like – trying to entertain people like – uh – people can say whatever the fuck they want about the Jacksepticeye channel like, “He screams reviews,” “He’s in it for the money,” whatever. It has never ever been like that and I fight anybody to the death who says that not really, but you know what I mean. I – I’ve always had decent morals when it’s come to YouTube. and there are times here and there when stuff has gotten a little clickbaitey or, I’ve uploaded something that I knew was popular, or something like that but it’s never been for the views, it’s always been, like “okay this thing is popular, I wonder if people will enjoy this because they’ve enjoyed it everywhere else” so I uploaded, coz that seems to be what people enjoy it’s always been about, like, what I enjoy versus what you guys enjoy and hitting that middle ground. It’s like something came out and I was like, “Oh, that – that’s popular, I wanna check it out for myself” “If it’s good, maybe YOU guys will enjoy it” sort of thing. Uhm So, back in September 2013 oh, this is around, like, the Felix shout-out the Pewdiepie shout-out. Ok, this is post-Pewdiepie-shoutout, so there’s another thing people have to throw in my face all the time, is that “Oh! You got a shout-out from Pewdiepie, that’s why your channel’s famous.” “That’s why your channel’s popular. That’s why you’re a top YouTuber” kind of thing. I’ve gotten so many different things – OHHHH Outlast!! Aww ha ha! I’d just uploaded a lot of GTA – yeah, 3 days ago. So, three days after the Pewdiepie shoutout competition, that’s when this is. Um, people love to throw that in my face now, it’s like “You have 12 million subscribers because Felix gave you a shout-out.” And, while Felix did give the channel a shout-out, he also gave a bunch of people shout-outs, like 10 or 12 people in that shout-out. Some have also become very successful at YouTube and are doing really really well for themselves but, like, 75 percent of those channels went absolutely nowhere. They had a decent amount of subscribers already, and they never went really any further because they didn’t capitalize on it. They didn’t – they weren’t into it as much. They – like, at this time I’d already been uploading 2 videos a day. I was super into YouTube. The Felix shout-out was – it was like a peer pressure thing. A lot of people on the channel were like “Jack! Felix is holding a shoutout, enter it!” I was just like, “Ok, why not?” Uhm And then, of course, it was picked out. A f***ing Vine video, “Subscribers Over 9000!” Jesus! Um, that was when you were celebrating, like, every thousand or something. Uhm – and then, like I always come back to the analogy for the shoutout competition, that say the channel is a car Felix’s shoutout was him reaching into the car and turning the ignition. It started the car, it got it going, it was – it was ready to launch and then I was the one who hit the accelerator and just kept that consistent speed on that accelerator, so to speak. That – that’s like the best analogy that I can come up for, with it. Because I’d already been uploading two videos a day. I – I doubt – the shoutout wasn’t gonna stop that or start it, or anything like that, it wasn’t gonna change anything but I – I’d still been uploading, like, two videos a day after that. It was a lot of GTA5, and after the shoutout I was like “Okay, I need to change this, because people are gonna lose interest very very fast in the channel” but, after Felix’s shoutout the channel had 2,000 subscribers. After that, it went up to like 15k in a couple of days. Actually – let’s see. Let’s go to November, then. Two months after the shout-out, almost two months after the shout-out. The shout-out was at 16k. So it’s not like a shout-out from Felix, who had 26 million subscribers at the time suddenly got the channel to a million subscribers, that’s not how it worked. It – it – I – f***ing – I was still working my ass off that’s not – yeah, you can see the channel had all changed, and I was doing a Battlefield 4 playthrough people didn’t really enjoy that at the time, I was still doing some GTA5 this was back when Google+ integrated with YouTube. So that’s 2013, November. Almost 3 years ago. Uhm, my popular upload was still the Far Cry 3 video at 129,000 views. Aww man, good fucking times. I was so into you – don’t get me wrong, I’m still way into YouTube. The Survival Hunter! Holy fuck,
when was this uploaded? Aw I can’t view it. Doesn’t have it archived. Aw man! Ah! *laughs* Good fucking times. Aww, man. Let’s go into like uhm So I’m gonna be going through it like looking at the subscribers and like the series and everything because it’s the only way that I can kinda contrast the sheer like f*cking – the sheer support that everyone pumped into the channel over the last three years And I – like, don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing this as like a self congratulatory way like “look how fast my channel grew. I am better than you.” Because again, I’ve always had decent morals when it came to youtube. I’ve never been that guy who liked to show off everything. If I ever talked about numbers it was always to try and like bolster the community or like show how proud I was of everyone’s support or how thankful I was of everyone’s support. So I still do like the milestone videos because it’s not to try and like show everyone, “look the channel’s at 12 million now.” it’s to be – it’s to be a celebration for the community so to speak. And again, other youtubers will look at that and go “no, I’m a youtuber too, I’m cynical, I know how you’re thinking.” Because it f*cking sucks in the current climate of youtube because it used to be a thing where there- there’s still like a lot of youtubers who care about views, who care about subscribers and all that. But it used to be a thing where they only cared about it to boost their own self-esteem sort of thing. Now it seems to be a thing where youtubers all over the place are comparing themselves to each other. They turn to each other and they’re like, “oh this person did this. But I’m gonna do it because I have more subscribers” “and I’m insecure about my channel so I have to prove to the world how f*cking great I am as well.” And, I’m not trying to bring this down or anything like that, and I’m not naming names or anything either but there’s so many channels out there who are trying to fire shots at each other all the time. Somebody does something and then everyone’s like, “well my channel has more subscribers than them” “and I did that better, so I have to prove to the world that I do it better than they do.” Or it’s like if you really proud or if you’re – not if you’re really proud – if you’re really a decent person, you shouldn’t have to show off to the world all the time how f*cking great you are. Like some people saying like, “oh I made a million dollars on youtube doing this, this, and this. I’m so f*cking great!” Like ugh. It just pisses me off so much. Where did the fun go? Where did the fun in youtube go? And now it’s like the people who did do it for fun, are slowly turning into that person where it’s like, “I have to prove myself to all these other youtube people.” And that’s something that’s kind of been getting me down a lot lately as well as that…like when I still make stuff for fun, I still do it – my priority will always be for you, for the people who watch the channel. For me as well. Like I’m not gonna play something that I don’t want to play. I’m not going to like pander just for views. If that was the case I would like a million episodes of minecraft. I’d start playing roblox coz so many f*cking people want me to play it. But I play stuff because I want to play it. And also because I think you’d enjoy it and because I enjoy playing it. If I’m having fun playing a game you’ll go along with it. If I’m not having fun playing a game, then you’ll notice immediately. And it – the series just won’t go anywhere. So it’s always been a case of doing what I love, and doing what I think is fun. And I always take like lots of chances on series you’ll notice that I do so many different series. But for a while it’d been – oh! The only people judging me for what I said, for what I did was the people who watched the videos. Some people outside the channel would filter in and they’d watch it as well and they’d be like, “who the f*ck is this loud guy?” and that was fine. Like it- they’d just find the channel randomly, it’d be in a recommended section somewhere Or it would trend then like they’d come in and they wouldn’t know what the channel is, they wouldn’t be – they wouldn’t be used to like the shouting, the searing, the accent, anything like that So it’s very very jarring and obnoxious sounding when you first get in, But it’s when you get in and you watch the channel for a while that you see there’s more to it. Or at least I HOPE so. So I’m getting way off topic I’ll come back to this but back then it was like the only people I had to worry about were the people who watched the content. These days *sigh* like the channel has gone way beyond what I could ever imagine What I could ever – I don’t want to say control because it’s never been a controlling thing – way beyond my imagination and my scope and my understanding. Because now there’s a bunch of people who know the channel like completely far removed from the community, from the youtube community itself. And they judge the channel so harshly. And there’s other youtubers who started like see what the channel was because a lot of them started to get like worried that the channel was like outdoing their subscribers which is a really insecure thing to do. And I don’t – then people start sh*t-talking the channel coz it’s like there’s so many other channels around now that think that success is shouting at games and playing the games that kids want to watch. And because they do that, and they pander doing that, then we ALL get labeled as trash. We all get labeled as like – Somebody who watches – if somebody does Happy Wheels say on their channel for views, And they scream at it, and they know that it’s going to get them a lot of views, and then they search around they find the Jacksepticeye playlist, And then they see a guy shouting at Happy Wheels, then they get the complete wrong idea, they’re like, “oh this is a trend.” Which, ugh I don’t know how to talk about this either. Because you just sound so arrogant whenever you mention it, you sound so pretentious it makes you sound like you think you’re above these people, which is not the case either and it’s so frustrating! It’s so frustrating because I can’t be honest without somebody out there thinking I’m being an arrogant douchebag. And that’s like the fear of youtube these days. And there’s so many youtubers as well the think they can’t be honest because they think bigger channels are going to come down and sh*t all over them. And there’s some channels out there who have made a name for themselves for speaking the truth, and like, fair-play to them. But at the – at the end of the day it’s – this is what it is. It’s the dark night dilemma where you live yourself – you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. That I have tried my absolute best to just do youtube for fun, to never make it about views, money, anything like that, for subscribers, and anyone who’s watched the channel for any length of time knows that about me. But it doesn’t matter because the channel has been around so long now and the channel has gotten so far beyond anyone’s sort of grasp That people start sh*t-talking it anyway no matter like what I do. I could still be the nicest person I could ever try to be on youtube but there’s still gonna be some people out there now who think I’m still a loud screamy douchebag who does youtube for views and money And they think that I started screaming because it equals success. And that really get’s me down. And I f*cking hate that. Because it starts making you question everything you do yourself about youtube. And it starts making you question your own confidence like, “oh, I can’t say this now because somebody’s gonna take it the wrong way.” and so many people who like – aren’t even like – they don’t even like the channel but they’re around the channel anyway, and they just want to sh*t-talk. And they just want to disrupt the community, they just want to bring me down, they want to bring the channel down so they f*cking nitpick every single tiny little thing that I say. And like 2016 on youtube is a weird place because you can’t say anything Without somebody taking it out of context, without somebody using it themselves to start reporting the news or start making drama about you Just for their own personal gain. It had nothing got to with with about like – they take stuff out of context for their own personal gain rather than seeing it for what is was, which was just like not thinking in the moment. Like I get so distracted by games, and I get so immersed in games, and I get so enthusiastic about what I’m doing that I don’t think about what I’m doing. I’ve said some really stupid sh*t. Not like racist things or anything like that, or sexist things but like playing ‘No Man’s Sky’ and saying “oh I’ve never been in a solar system with a sun before.” Like that kind of sh*t like I’m not thinking when I say those things but every now and then I’ll say something that sounds bad when I don’t mean it that way. So and I’m sorry for trying to like bring this down and like exaggerating the video out but it’s something that’s been on my chest for a really long time and this year it’s just been – it’s been so f*cking weird! And, don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of people are gonna turn around and go, “Jack, don’t listen to them, don’t listen to those haters.” And yeah, that’s, that’s good advice every now and then, but until you’re like in that situation, you don’t really know what that’s like. To say just, ’cause I interact with stuff so much, and I interact with comments, and I just, because I like to be self-aware about the channel as well. If stuff starts to go too far one direction, I start like reeling myself in. Because I don’t want it to go down a dark path. I don’t want it to go in a really weird way. Because if I stopped interacting with stuff, comments, or just like the internet in general, in regards to the channel, then I’d start getting an ego. I’d start thinking what I did was the sh*t, and that it didn’t matter what anybody thought about me. When really, it does, I do care what people think, because I wanna do well. I don’t want people to think I’m some like money-whore-douchebag, who screams at stuff because he thinks that’s what kids wanna watch, and kids watch youtube videos a lot, and it gets me millions of views. Um, so I like to interact with stuff a lot, so just saying, “Ignore it,” is not that easy. Because how can I ignore that stuff and still somehow get to the good stuff? Or get to the real stuff? And I’m – it – The opposite end is just as bad. When people just praise you endlessly for no reason. Like, there’s some people– I could go out and kill a dog, and there’s some people on the channel who would still be like, “Well maybe he had his reasons to do it.” It’s like – No, if I killed a dog, f**k me! Don’t support someone who does something really, really super shitty like that. Uhm, Of course, it’s never gonna get that f**kin’ bad. But there’s some youtubers out there that do something really, really bad, and people support them endlessly anyway. Because you like the channel. Like, think for yourselves. So that – Like, I never wanna go too far either side, because if you listen to the negativity too much you become miserable. If you listen to the positivity too much, you become an ego-driven asshole. So, I like to just I like to keep things real, keep things genuine. Keep things honest and nice. Like where the f**k did that go on youtube?! Anyway, good god, that was a rant and a half. Um, so god – lord knows how that’s gonna be taken. Anyway! Let’s – let’s get back into this. Um, this is like… what – what year did I pick? Uhhh 2014! So… what – what was the – what was the channel like at the start of 2014? 46k subscribers! Wow! The channel wasn’t even at 50k then. Aw! It’s Skate 3! Skate 3 started in 2013? What the f**k? That’s nuts. Yeah, and then this became my most popular video for a very long time. The Mirror’s Edge Oculus Rift video. And that was when the Rift had come out, and I – I was doing a lot of Rift content, because VR just baffled me, and I thought it was so super cool. And I wanted to share like that experience with everybody, to show everyone what VR was like, because not everyone could get a VR headset back then. And I just really wanted to like show off what VR was, the type of experience that it was. Skate 3 started back then as well. Happy Wheels was on episode 12, f**kin’ hell. The Nipple Ship. Kerbal Space Program episode 2. Evie. Oh, Evie, Skate 3, Happy Wheels, Kerbal Space Program, f**kin’ hell. So what was the end of 2014 like? Oh, 2014 was when the channel hit a million! Yeah– WOAH. What??? 46k to 2.3 million at the end… That’s f**kin’ bonkers. Yeah, I think it was around like the 21st of August that the channel hit a million subscribers. Yeah, wow! Draw My Life! I uploaded that as soon as the channel hit a million. Aw, man. Good lord, Five Nights at Freddy’s part 3– the Ice Bucket Challenge was the day before the channel hit a million subscribers. Ah, man, that’s– it’s so bizarre to go back and watch that. When did Happy Wheels start? Oh, Happy Wheels started November 2013, ’cause I remember thinking that it’s almost 3 years since Happy Wheels started. Ah, nuts! A million subscribers! It was such a huge deal back then. It still is a f**kin’ huge deal. A million subscribers is a LOT of people. And then it went from a million to 2.3 by December. Woah. Now, 2015, holy shit. 2015 is not only the best year that the channel will likely ever have on youtube, but 2015 is likely the best year I’ll probably ever have in my life. 2015 was f**kin’ awesome. Because, it was just… It comes back to that – it was – the channel was growing, and it was – it was phenomenal. And I think it’s like the biggest growth that the channel had ever. But this was the year that so many people found out what Jacksepticeye was. Had come onto the channel and just found it, and started pouring in in just masses, and masses, and masses. And there was so many awesome people filtering into the community, and there was just so many people… Like, to interact with, and to talk to, and everything. It completely blew my mind. And I was just so focused, I was like, “Okay, there’s so many people on the channel now, I need to just keep making videos to keep people happy.” And I never broke upload schedule. I still haven’t, I’ve been doing youtube for what, close – three years, yeah I’ve been doing it for over three years and like since I started two a day, I’ve never missed an upload. Like, I think it’s been 2 videos every single day. Uhm, The only time it might’ve messed up is when the internet went down at my house. Back at the cabins. Because the actual line got cut down from a storm, and I couldn’t upload. It was down for a week. And I had to upload in college. And some of them like f**ked up. It was back when I was uploading Crisis 3. But…Wow, so at the start of 2015, the channel was at 2.3. And at the end of 2015… 7.9! Whaaaat??? And then like again, this isn’t me trying to show off, this is me showing you the absolute sheer and utter insane support that you all poured into the channel like in- in a year. Aw, f**kin hell. Yeah, and like this is the year Undertale was going on. When did I start uploading Undertale? I- I actually can’t remember when I started uploading Undertale. You’d think that I remember all these things because they stick out in your head a lot but- no Youtube is a huge blur because I can’t believe so much time has actually passed. Umm..is it in here, is it in Videos or somewhere? Undertale? HEY, I think I started… did I start it after Bully? No, I started…Jazzpunk was around at that time… yeah I did Bully When did I start Undertale?? I need answers! There we go. October 2015! Wow! And as popular as Happy Wheels has gotten, Undertale is just a f*ckin’ juggernaut of a series. And, oh, that was like– that’s gonna be a hard series to ever top. For me, personally. I don’t mean like views, or comments or anything like that-wise. That was one of those series that I got so into. And I f*ckin’ loved it so much. Uh, let’s go into 2016. The start of 2016. So we’re, we’re on, we’re like September now. Um… 7.9 million. At the start. 7.9 to 12 million before the end of the year. What is going on?! *laughs* How?! I have no idea how, or why, or anything. Jesus Christ. Don’t get me wrong, 2016 is a f*ckin’ awesome year as well, um, lot of great games that I’ve played this year so far. I, I dunno, youtube is just so f*ckin’ fun! *laughs* I’ve never done anything in my life that’s as fun as youtube. Ah, Dying Light the Following, Ori and the Blind Forest, yeah. Hitman started then, Paint the Town Red… Oh, man. But again, 2015 is like THE year. Because, I was just, I, that was the happiest year of my life. It was so f*ckin’ cool. So many things happened. Not just, like, *voice cracks* YoUtUbE wise, *clears throat* repeats in a manlier voice* Youtube wise, But so many personal life stuff happened as well. And, like, 2015 was the first time I started going to conventions. 2015 was the first time I ever got to meet some people from the channel in real life. And that, that was like the craziest experience ever. Ahhhh!! So good! I’m gonna leave this here, because I’ve been talking a lot, and there’s not really a whole lot you can do to go through this. But, it’s so weird to go back and watch. Because some of those episodes, I’ve gone back, I wasn’t even like, back in 2013, like at the Pewdiepie shoutout, that’s when I just started doing the, “Top of the mornin'” thing to ya. I was still in the cabin back then. And it wasn’t until 2014 that I moved. Like, into this room where I am now. Man, it’s been a f*ckin’ crazy three years. Already. And I have absolutely no intentions of slowing down. No intentions of stopping anytime soon. I am gonna kick myself in the ass and just get so f*ckin’ focused for Youtube again. Not that I haven’t been focused, but… I dunno, all that stuff that I mentioned in the middle, I just, I need to stop letting stuff get to me so easily. Cause, like, at the end of the day, I’m still a person. Just ’cause I do youtube, just ’cause the channel is successful or anything like that, doesn’t mean I’m immune to sh*t. Doesn’t mean you should come up to someone and start throwing nonsense at them. Or anything like that. And again, I’ve tried my absolute best over the last three years to be nice, to be humble and modest about all of this. And to just like, keep things genuine, keep things grounded, interact with people. I still interact with people on a daily basis all over the place. That has never, ever changed about me. The way I record videos and my commentary and everything have probably slightly changed, ’cause 2015 is the year that I will always be compared to. No matter when the channel gets up, that’s when people are– mid 2014 to the end of 2015 is what people consider “Old Jack.” And that’s what people will always go back to because there was Skate 3, Happy Wheels, Escapists, like all these huge popular series. Were all in those years. So, people are always going to compare back to “Old Jack”, but that’s the year when everyone found the channel. Well, a lot of people anyway, it’s when the most popular series were going on. Um, but like, I’m still the same person. Well, I think I’m a better person, back in 2014 and 2013 I was making some really, really sh*tty jokes. Like, making fun of different types of people. And now, I’m completely not proud of that. I have grown a lot in those three years, I’ve become a much better person, thanks to you. Like, all of you watching have made me a better person and helped me understand the world a whole lot more. And I’m a lot more mature that I was back then. But, I-I think I’ve gotten better at this. I think I’m a better person than I was back then. So, again, I think people judge the channel unfairly sometimes. Um, but, still havin’ a blast. There’s still a sh*t ton of really nice people here, and I’m thankful for that. So, thank you for being here. It really means the world to me. I have no idea what I would do with my life if I wasn’t doing youtube. Or if you weren’t here to watch my videos all the time. Like, it- it’s crazy. It- it’s very easy to take for granted, doing youtube. Every single day, playing video games as your job. Being able to talk to a camera and do this and work from home. So I need to remind myself every now and then what all of this is and what all of this means, and just how absolutely lucky and privileged I am to be able to do it. So, thank you and I CANNOT wait, this is actually, uh, PAX time. So, I’m probably at PAX now. So a lot of you have probably met me in person, by now! Yay!!! I demand high fives and hugs all around! *claps* Make it happen, people. *laughs* Anyway, THANK you guys so much for watching this, and thank you absolutely so much from the bottom of my heart for 12 million subscribers on this channel. You, you blow my mind all the time, and, *kisses hand* Mwah! I’m absolutely indebted to you and I love you guys so much, but for now: THANK you guys so much for watchin’ this video, if you LIKED it, PUNCH that Like button IN the face, LIKE A BOSS!!! And, high fives all around. *Wa-psh, wa-psh* Thank you guys and I will SEE all you dudes, IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!! (Congratulations Jack on 12 million subscribers. We are all so proud of you. You’ve worked so hard and you deserve this. Love, the Jacksepticeye community) That was an emotional journey. It had its ups, downs, rants, blessings, a WHOLE bunch of shit.

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