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– Last night. (laughs) (upbeat music) (laughs) – I’m trying to debate
if I wanna be honest. – Hm. – Eight days, something like that. – A few days ago I guess. – My wand. – Last week. – I’m married, he does a pretty good job. – I have sex like multiple
times a day so I’m good. – ‘Cause I didn’t wanna get
too excited when I had sex. – I guess there’s a lot of reasons you could masturbate, right. – De-stress. – Release some tension. – Couldn’t help myself. – Because I don’t have a partner. – Because I wanted to. – Why not? – I was bored.
– Feels good. – I’m human. – ‘Cause my boyfriend was still sleeping and I had been nursing a boner, so I was like, looks like it’s time to take care of this myself. – Oh shit. – It’s been a long time. – Gotta build up anticipation. – I have a baby. – Dude, I’m busy. – Once you’re a parent, you have to put it on your planner. – In my bed. – In my living room. – At work. (laughs) – Three days ago. (laughs) – Jesus, it’s probably been two days. – It’ll probably be yesterday. – This morning. – 10.45 a.m. – In the chair that’s in my bedroom. Yeah, it’s pretty gross. – Yeah. – Just watching porn. – It was a girl on girl video. – XVideos is the shit. (laughs) – Three weeks ago. I’ve been having some medical issues. (laughs) – I’m starting menopause. Honestly I do. – Yesterday. In my apartment. – In my bed. – Under my nice soft, fluffy blanket. – I turn the lights off
and I have a bed light, so that’s perfect. – Not telling. Yeah, I can almost guarantee
ever woman does it. – Last night. – Last night. – ‘Cause it feels good. – Three times a week. – I did like three times yesterday. – I’m horny all the time. – It’s a daily occurrence. – I masturbate as often as I can. – Because it’s the best
was to start the day. Honey I’m pushing 50, at my age if you don’t use it you lose it. Because I just don’t have
anyone in my life right now. – It was a few weeks ago. – I share a lot of space with my daughter. – It was the holidays, the
kids were home from school. When the hell am I gonna
freaking masturbate? – Three years ago, four, five, probably about eight though, really to tell you the truth. I don’t know, I didn’t
find pleasure in it. – No I don’t. – Before I had my son
I had more of an urge. – I’m trying not to. – I think I was masturbating too much. – It was like 15 years ago. I don’t know. – Guilt I guess. – I don’t have privacy. – I prefer to have real sex. – If I really needed
to get off that badly. – Someone else can do stuff for me. – So it usually happens
just before my period, but this time it happened afterwards. – I actually don’t. I just don’t feel comfortable I guess, and I think a lot of
women would say the same. – I’m not disgusted by it. I think it’s great. I think other people should do it. Like I just can’t get off. – I’d rather watch Netflix. (laughs) – A week and a half. – It’s been months. – Five.
– Four. – Three.
– Two days ago. – Yesterday. – 12. – I guess it was today on a technicality. – What time is it? (laughs) – No, I have with a partner but– – Porn doesn’t excite me. – I had a podcast on and
I wasn’t paying attention to what it was, and it was a podcast
about the Donner Party. I’m sorry. (laughs) Don’t put that in. (laughs) You can put it in.

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