10 Most Ridiculous Weapons In History

There have been some inventions that have
changed warfare dramatically, but at the same time, some incredibly ridiculous weapons were
developed throughout history. Some were just outrageous and completely useless
and some were strangely effective. So without further ado, let’s talk about the
top 10 most ridiculous weapons in history. Number 10 Mayan hornet bomb
For a long time, the Mayan civilization was quite developed. They wielded knives, spears, clubs, bows and
arrows, javelins and all of the regular weaponry. However, they had a very interesting weapon
that they had also utilized, the hornet bomb. Yes, they actually took hornets nests, fitted
them as bombs and then chucked them at the enemy. They even perfected the art of throwing hornet
bombs and unsurprisingly they were successful as it would create confusion and panic. The bomb wasn’t meant to do a lot of damage
but to break the enemy lines for the incoming attack. Number 9 Novgorod
Considered one of the worst warships ever built. Novgorod was constructed in the 1870s as a
very revolutionary design at the time. It was supposed to be a coastal defence ship
with a circular hull in order to reduce draught. This, in turn, allowed it to carry much more
armour and very heavy weaponry for its size. However, it ended up being really bad. As it carried massive guns and was circular
as soon as it fired it would start spinning out of control and it was very hard to get
it back in order. It couldn’t cope with the rough weather of
the Black sea and it was prone to rapid rolling in anything more than a flat calm. It was offered for sale to Bulgaria in 1908
but the offer was not taken and ultimately the ship was sold for scrap in 1911. While some say it is the worst ship ever designed
some assessments show that it was relatively effective as a coastal defence ship. Number 8 Bat bomb
An experimental weapon that was surprisingly successful. It was developed in the United States during
World War 2 and was conceived by a dental surgeon
and what it was, was a bomb-shaped casing with thousands of compartments, each of them
containing a mexican bat with a small incendiary bomb attached to them. The idea was that they would drop the bomb
at dawn and then it would open and release the bats. In turn these bats would fly into the attics
and hard to reach places and the bombs would be set on a timer. This was especially attractive to the US army
as the Japanese utilized a lot of wood and paper constructions. The creator even said that the bats were created
to await this hour in order to play a part in the scheme of free human existence. It was tested and was surprisingly very successful
as it burned the whole mock town down. However it way too unreliable and the bats
just scattered everywhere and even burned the commander’s jeep. Still the US considered using this and it
was only when the atomic bomb was developed that they had scrapped this project that cost
approximately 18 million in today’s dollars. Number 7 The Davy Crockett nuclear device
Developed in the late 1950s for use against the Soviet and North Korean Armor in case
of war. It was one of the smallest nuclear weapon
system ever built with a yield between 10 and 20 tons. Essentially it was a portable nuke usually
operated by a three-man crew mounted on a jeep. The weapon was never used in combat even though
it was actually a part of the United States army. One of the biggest issues was that it would
pose a threat to the actual crew as it’s range was only a few miles exposing the crew to
the radiation. It also made nuclear war more likely if it
was widespread within the army branches. Number 6 Rocket swords
Known as the Mysorean rockets this as an Indian weapon used in the late 18th century. As weird as they were they were actually successful
and it would be used to advance European rocketry. The Indians fitted missiles with swords and
used them against the British East India Company. The swords flew some distance before coming
down upon the enemy with the edge of the sword. Definitely a strange invention and surprising
enough for the 18th century, but at the same time, it also played a role in the development
of further weapons technology. Number 5 Bomb Dogs
One of the most inhumane weapons on this list. It was mostly used by the Soviet army but
it would later be attempted by other armies as well. Initially, they were trained to leave the
bomb under a tank and then return but as that was ineffective the dogs would be tied with
the bombs. The use was widespread in 1941 and 1942 but
it wasn’t very efficient. It is said that 300 German tanks were damaged
but some sources are saying the actual damaged tanks were less than a hundred. What made them mainly inefficient was that
the soviets trained them with their own tanks that used diesel engines while the germans
had used gasoline ones. As the dogs relied on their sense of smell
they sought out the soviet tanks. Aside from that they would be scared by the
tank gunfire, the noise and would often return to their owner with the bomb. The Japanese would also utilize dogs and even
the US trained dogs to be used against fortifications but ultimately that program failed. Luckily as far as we know no dogs are used
today for delivering bombs. Number 4 Schwerer Gustav
Schwerer Gustav was a railway gun and the largest calibre rifled weapon ever used in
combat. It was developed in the late 1930s in the
preparation for the war against France, specifically designed to demolish the Maginot line. The gun weighed 1350 tons and fired shells
weighing 7 tons at a range of 47km. However, when the war started it was not finished
and as the Maginot lined was bypassed anyway it ended up being completely useless. Finally, it would see it’s first use in the
Battle of Sevastopol and would cause some damage, most notably destroying a munitions
depot 30 meters below ground level. Why it was so ridiculous was that it took
4 thousand men and 5 weeks just to get the weapon in firing position and it took 500
men to actually fire it. It would then be moved near Leningrad, would
never be used again and ultimately it was destroyed by the Germans after the war. Probably one of the biggest overkills of World
War 2, just think about how many other weapons could have been built with all these resources. Number 3 Burning pigs
Throughout history animals had seen extensive use in warfare, however, war pigs were on
a whole different level. There are records two thousand years ago of
humans using wild beasts, pigs amongst others and releasing them toward the enemy, usually
with catastrophic results as the beasts could not be controlled. However, in 272 BC it was recorded that the
Romans had used wild boars to fight elephants. Alexander the Great would also take on this
practice against elephants in India. It was said that elephants were scared by
the squeals of the pigs and therefore would be used on many further accounts. However more importantly, burning pigs were
used with much more success. They would douse them in oil and would set
them alight driving them towards the enemy’s war elephants. The elephants were so scared of the flames
and the squealing that they would start trampling their own armies and would cause serious disarray. Other than that in the 13th century during
the First Baron’s War pig fat was used to burn a fire beneath a castle which caused
a corner of the keep to collapse. King John would later raise a monument as
a memorial to the pigs. Number 2 The Tsar Tank
Probably one of the most ridiculous looking tanks ever. Known as the Tsar tank it was designed in
1914 but was ultimately scrapped. What made it unique is that it did not utilize
caterpillar tracks like other tanks but instead it had a tricycle design with 2 front wheels
and a rear one. The wheels were absolutely immense nearly
9 meters in diameter with the rear wheel being only 1.5 meters. The reason for this design was in order to
cross significant obstacles which was a massive problem in trench warfare. However, with the weight being distributed
awkwardly the rear wheel was prone to getting stuck in soft ground and ditches and not even
the two massive wheels could pull it out. It was also vulnerable to artillery fire. The Tsar tank never took off and the entire
project was scrapped. And lastly, number 1 Landkreuzer P. 1000
Known in English as the Land Cruiser P 1000 Rat it was a project that got close to completion
but was ultimately cancelled. It was supposed to be the biggest tank ever
built far larger than the Maus which was the largest tank at the time at 188 tonnes. The Rat was supposed to be 1000 tonnes. It was planned to be 35 meters long, 11 meters
high and 14 meters wide which is massive. To protect this immense economic investment
it would be outfitted with a 25cm thick armour, several anti-aircraft guns and even naval
guns were planned. The main issue was that first of all it would
use an insane amount of fuel, and due to its weight, it would literally destroy any road
it would pass and would collapse most bridges. It is said that just its height alone would
allow it to pass rivers even without bridges but the biggest problem was that because it
was a massive weapon it was also a massive target and was very vulnerable to aerial attacks
and artillery fire. Due to just wasting resources the project
was cancelled in 1943 with Heinz Guderian saying Hitler’s fantasies sometimes shift
into the gigantic. Thank you for watching, check out the video
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