10 Most Amazing Cool Websites You Didn’t Know Existed!

Hey, there guys, it’s me Amal Rafi on Geeks tutorial, and today we gonna be checking out some cool websites! There are millions of websites on the internet, but here we collect the 10 most amazing websites for geek users. Number, 1. HackerTyper. Type like a Hacker in your Computer from this website. Open this website in your browser and press keyboard keys randomly. And this will convert, those key-strokes, into some hacking codes spoof, for the each time, when you pressing a random key, and I can compare this viewing experience similar to a traditional sci-fi movie hacking scene! And you can Press the ‘alt’ button to see the ultimate hacking Massage, “Access granted” Number, 2. 1OMinutemail. this website is a, Disposable email service for beating spam. or rather we can say it’s a temporary email service, which lasts only for 10 minutes, from the moment you entered the site. If you don’t want to give your real email id to someone for some reason, this site will help you. Go to the site and use this randomly generated email for whatever purpose! And you can wait, to receive the mail from whoever, until this countdown stops. And the inbox messages will appear down here on this blank part. As we said it will help you to take a step forward to avoid spam. And If you want to use this service again, just reload the webpage. Number, 3. Map.norsecorp.com This site will let you; See the Live Hacking attacks map on your computer screen. Sound crazy, right! But yes! It’s a kind of true. I don’t know whether or not, it shows you, some CIA-level stuff. But I think it has it’s position on the list because it’s simple amazingly cool! Number, 4. TheNewBoston.com Get thousands of free tutorials and video courses from the New Boston. Here you get free video on different topics from professionals. If you don’t try it yet, it definitely worth checking out! Number, 5. Evoji Downloader. This site will let you, Download official android apps into your PC directly. Just copy the package name or Google play app URL, into the box for downloading the app. Once you pasted the URL, click on the ‘Generate download link’ button, and then you have to click on this newly generated green button. And you will see the app file, will downloading to your Computer. Number, 6. Youtube.com/TV You probably know about this already, but I haveto mention this on the list, anyway. because, i found it cool! Get Clean Interface of YouTube on your PC without any type of distraction. You can control this website only using your keyboard if you insist. Because it’s a TV-optimized version of YouTube. And if you are seeing this for the first time, I suggest you to Definitely have a try. And you may like it. Number, 7. GTMetrix, Check any Website speed and Performance from GTmetrix. From this analyzing website you can check why your website is slow and how you can supercharge your website. To know what you can expect from this analyzing report. Please check this report, that we just tested with our own website. If you are more like a web developer, or even just an enthusiast This site will definitely useful to you. Number, 8. Archive.org With the help of Way back machine you can see the history of any website from Archive.org But Archive.org may not available in some countries or its blocked by your ISP. But somehow we manage to get here for you, and here is an example for our on YouTube’s history. So get here, and check the history of any site you want, and If you wondering, how I managed to access the site, even when it’s blocked in my country. Please check this video! And you will get to know the secret to accessing any blocked website for free, in a matter of seconds. Number, 9. Kickassapp.com Destroy any Website, with this website. it’s just a Prank but it’s fun! Open this website in your PC and drag this red button to your bookmarks bar. Now Open any website and click on the bookmarked button and you can easily destroy any website using keyboard arrows and space button. It’s a space ship, and you can use the space key to shoot the site’s elements. And the left and right arrow keys will let you control its directional movement, while the up and down arrow key will play as the accelerator and brake! And what to say it’s pretty fun to destroy some filthy famous websites like this. love you YouTube, just kidding! 😉 If you have some free time, definitely go ahead and try this. I hope you would like this! Number, 10. LiveATC. LiveATC.Net provides live air traffic control, sort for ATC. Broadcasts from air traffic control towers and radar facilities around the world. So if you are interested to know something about this kind of things! It’s definitely another cool site. And that’s our picks for the 10 most amazing coolest websites ever, on the Internet. for Geek users! Let us know your favorite one below, and if you liked the video, feel free to give it a thumbs up, 👍 as well as subscribe to our channel to watch more videos like this. This is your host Amal Rafi from geeks tutorial, and have a nice day!😋

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