10 Casual Wardrobe ESSENTIALS (For COLD Weather) | How To Dress Casually For Winter

Gentlemen, I get your e-mails, I read the
comments here on YouTube. I know you guys want more about casual clothing. So that’s
what this video is all about. Ten essential items that every man needs in his casual wardrobe.
Now, three quick points before I get into the ten essential items that should be in
your casual wardrobe. Number one, everything I’m talking about in this video is for cooler
weather. Hey, it’s that time of the year and you’re going to find for fall, for winter,
for spring, everything I’m going to show you is great.
Point number two, I mentioned the word interchangeable wardrobe. That simply means that all the items
I’m going to bring up should be able to mix and match all the other items. And the
reason this is important is I want you to get a lot of wear and tear out of these items.
I want you to feel okay maybe spending a little bit more for something that is going to work
with every item in your wardrobe. Point number three, Territory Ahead is the
sponsor of this video, guys, and I couldn’t be happier to have them come in, give me all
these clothing which I can bring and show to you. And, there is a great discount code
down the description, 25% off. This isn’t going to be good forever and you can use it
on as much as you want to buy. What I love about them are their fabrics.
So, as I’m putting together this information, I had to go off and do research about fabrics
and then, I realized within their website, they’ve already got broken out what all
the fabrics are, why they combine what they do. They were, you know, as I was looking
for it, okay, what’s a dobby fabric, what’s a chambray, what is velvet. They have the
definitions. What I love is they really focus in on performance of the fabrics.
So, guys great company, I highly recommend them. Use that discount before it disappears.
And now, let’s get into those ten essentials. So, item number one on my essential casual
wardrobe list is the shirt jacket. So, it is technically a shirt, but it almost feels
like a jacket and that’s because it’s made from a very heavy weave. So, what they’ve
taken is a very thick yarn and they’ve woven it very tight and what we get is something
that almost feels like it has the consistency of a lightweight denim or a lightweight jean
here. And, what I love about this, it’s wind-resistant.
It’s a little bit water-resistant. You can layer very well with this. It’s going to
protect you in the cooler weather and, it’s something I think that has a very rugged and
great look to it. Now, when you’re looking at shirts like
this, you want to go for I like a 100% cotton. Occasionally they can bring in other
types of weaves or fabrics and I think that’s going to be fine, but this one a 100% cotton.
But this is a great for work, this is great for, again, throwing over a t-shirt, throwing
over a long sleeve t-shirt or a henley. It’s something that is great for layering. And
why? I think a lot of guys just don’t have this in their wardrobe, so that’s why I’ve
got it at number one. Number two on my casual wardrobe essentials,
gentlemen, I’ve got the long sleeve henley. So, I’m going to go ahead and pull up a
picture really quick, but when you’re looking at a long sleeve henley, again, go for solid
dark colors or light colors as well. This is something that you wouldn’t always wear
it by itself, but it’s great for layering. As I talked about with the cotton shirt jacket,
this is something that you could throw that right over this. It looks great, it’s much
nicer than a t-shirt. Now, if the henley is not for you as an alternative, look at the
long sleeve polo. A lot of us have had short sleeve polos. Long sleeve polos are a little
bit harder to find, but I think they’re great for a man’s wardrobe especially, again,
when you want to layer. Next stop on our list, gentlemen is the casual
button-down. And this is something that you�ve probably heard, you probably already got a
few in your wardrobe, but are you really maximizing this, are you going and exploring and bringing
a lot of fun ones into your wardrobe? Now, there are three things I like to look
for. Number one, color. Number two, let’s look at the style. And number three, let’s
look at the fabric choice. So, number one, the color. Did you notice
the orange button-down I’m wearing right here? You open this up, let me show you guys.
This is a pretty bright color and something maybe by itself I wouldn’t wear, but when
I layer it, when I bring in other bits of clothing, I’m able to in a sense draw attention
to my neck area pointing to the face. It’s almost like a necktie. And, if you’re not
into that thing, go with something that may be has kind of a more of a rugged feel.
Olive green, one of my favorite colors, but you can bring in dark blues, variations of
blue. You can also bring in mixed weaves where you’ve got this one is actually a wide with
a very dark blue which gives off this lighter blue look. Whatever it is, gentlemen, experiment
with color and have fun with your button-downs. Now, point number two here talking about the
style, so many things that you can find here. Look at this one again, notice the breast
pocket right here breast pocket here. I really like double breast pockets on casual button-downs,
the reason being is it builds up the chest area.
Now, I don’t have an example here but you could look for shirts with epaulettes and
that’s basically an extra bit of material here has a military heritage. Other things
you can look for maybe pockets over on the arms. You can look at, you know, the buttoning.
So this one right here has a buttoning in the back so not only do we have on the collar
the buttoning right here, the collar button, but in the back. Look at the buttons, you
can actually go for a contrasting button. Now, let’s get into fabrics and this is
where a lot of guys fall down and what I love Territory Ahead. I’m going to link you over
to a number of their shirts and bring up a number of pictures here, but look at some
of these fabrics, we’re talking velvet. I mean, guys, you can bring velvet into your
wardrobe. Look at chambrays. Some of you, guys, have heard of this, so something many
of you are familiar with, but have you ever seen dobby? Do you even know what dobby is?
Dobby is actually a type of fabric made on a dobby weave and what we’re going to see
is intricate weaves. Also things you may want to consider, corduroy. Yes, corduroy is not
just for your trousers. You can also bring it in the shirts. There’s other ones like
shammy and, you know, flannel, a classic and is great for this time of the year.
Next stop on our casual wardrobe essentials, the t-shirt. And not just any t-shirt, we’re
talking t-shirts made from a heavier weight fabric which are going to have a very nice
drape, are going to actually be great layering piece. So, you could throw in an undershirt,
throw a t-shirt over that, then throw over maybe a henley and then, have something else
because some of us live in very cool places and what you want to focus in on keeping that
core nice and warm. Or, you can simply just take a nice t-shirt throw on even a jacket
or another, you know, that shirt jacket I was talking about and that’s going to be
a great look as well. Now, the t-shirt style what you’re looking
for is either a crew or a V. I really like V’s and I don’t think it’s something
that enough men bring to their wardrobe. The reason I like the V is it kind of draws attention
to the neck focuses on building up that V which is always a great look for a man.
Next stop on the list, a rugged sports jacket made from a cotton material made from a twill.
Let me pull up this picture of a jacket from Pendleton over at Territory Ahead. Isn’t
this jacket beautiful? Look at that. The key with a rugged jacket and if you think about
sports jacket, look at the word, sports. So, this is something that is made to actually
be worked and sports jackets initially were hunting jackets. These are made to take a
beating and that’s what I love about this is you can look good and you can still go
out there and rough. Now, what I love about cotton is I could actually
throw this in the washing machine. I want to be pretty careful, wash it in cold maybe
wash it with delicate and let it hang dry. But, what I love about these rougher jackets
is they were made to be to actually live life in them and having four kids, I can tell
you these are things I gravitate towards. Now, this one right here is interesting, it’s
a shell and it’s made to be winter-resistant, a little bit water resistant and but it’s
still got a lot of the classic sports looks to it. And this could be something I can wear
in drizzling weather. Whatever it may be, guys, I do think bringing in something that’s
a little bit rougher a little bit tougher is a great way to add onto your casual wardrobe.
Next stop, gentlemen, we got textured sweaters. Textured sweaters, sweaters with patterns
with intricate designs in them, they are made to be worn by themselves or they can be layered.
What I like about these is they get give up at a depth. They can really build up your
chest area. I’ve got one that’s got an air and not going across here, so that builds
up my arms, builds up my chest. But, what I like is I can wear them in lieu of a sports
jacket or and this really depends on how a lightweight the weave is, you can actually
layer them. If it becomes a heavier weave, maybe made
from a coarse cotton or a coarse wool, it�s going to be something that’s going that’s
going to be harder to layer depending on the size of your jacket. But, if it’s lightweight
made from maybe cashmere or a very finely woven wool, you will be able to wear it under
a sports jacket. Again, we’re talking about layering here, but when looking at these sweaters
what you want to focus in on is the fit. Sweaters are very hard to actually get adjusted, but
it is something when you get the right one it is such a great piece.
Now, look at the different styles out there. You’re going to find something that have
a mock neck crew which comes down right over here, just uses a few buttons maybe a zipper.
Those are great for throwing on, but what I really like are cardigans. What I love about
it is the overall design of the cardigan, how it almost looks like a jacket.
Now, gentlemen, I could talk about sweaters all day and I’ve got videos that go into
a lot more detail about sweaters, but I want you to go check out the support article. In
the support article actually I’m going to lay out a number of pictures that some of
my favorite sweaters and the looks and that will help you find the one that suits you.
Next stop, gentlemen, let’s talk trousers. So, I’m not going to bring up jeans in this
video and I could have easily put them in this list, but I assume that you’ve already
got some great fitted jeans in your wardrobe. What I want to talk about are trousers made
from unique fabrics which I think work really well in the cooler weather.
Number one, corduroy. So, corduroy is not just for kids, guys. Corduroy has two great
things going for it. Number one are the wales and that’s where it’s got that unique
weave that looks like texture because those wales in cooler weather actually can trap
air and they are very warm, again, perfect for winter wear.
Now, also, texture. And so, texture I’ve talked about it before, women love texture.
Other men like texture. People want to touch texture. Now, what you see here is cavalry
twill. This is a durable tough fabric. Literally this stuff is going to be tougher than jeans.
So, when you have this in your trousers, it’s going to stand out it’s going to look unique
and most of all guys it’s durable. This is something that’s going to stand up your
washes, it’s going to stand up the wear and tear and you’re going to get a lot of
miles out of it. Next stop on the list, the lace up casual
boots. So, let me give you a couple of options here. You’ve got the chukka. I’ve talked
the entire videos about this, but I think a casual chukka especially in a dark brown
is a great addition to any interchangeable casual wardrobe.
But, let’s look at the higher lace-up more with a combat type of history type of boot.
This boot is going to be great. What you’re looking for here is a very durable gripping
sole. We’re on a time of the year there’s going to be snow there’s going to be sleet
there’s you could slip on the ground in the rain, so you want to make sure you
have a good grip with any type of boot you go with.
Next stop on the list for casual wardrobe essentials, guys, have a great jacket and
I’m going to give you three options right here. Number one let’s look at the jean
jacket classic. Something that’s going to go great with everything except a pair of
jeans that match it exactly, so you can wear them with, yes, darker color or lighter color
jeans, but a lot of guys can mix and match this with a wide range of I’ve talked
about other trousers. So cords, the cavalry twill, some of the other options out there,
with chinos it’s going to look great. Now, let’s go to the peacoat. I did, you
know, and I’ve talked about the peacoat before. I think it’s a great jacket especially
in cooler climates. One thing I love about the peacoat is it doesn’t go too far down.
It does cover your buttocks and that kind of right in the hip area, but at the same
time it doesn’t go down to the legs. So, this is a great jacket if you’re going to
be getting in and out of a vehicle. Let’s say you want something more in a peacoat
though. You’re over in Finland, you’re over in Canada, you’re up in Alaska, and
you’re like, Antonio, it gets cold here, I need something that’s going to give me
more coverage especially up in and around the head, then look at the parka. The parka
was specifically designed for explorers. These are wide range options out there, but
what I’m always looking for is wind-resistance, water-resistance. It needs to be something
that literally first off it protects you from the elements. Go with something that’s going
to be dark-colored. I really don’t like the really too light-colored parka and the
reason being is they can stain easily, but a dark-colored parka is classic is going to
be just an item that you’re going to get a lot of wear and tear out of in your wardrobe.
So, this next item may surprise a few of you guys, but I think a clean cut well-fitted
dark-colored hoodie is essential to a casual wardrobe and let me explain. A lot of the
hoodies out there being sold, they’ve got huge brand names on them or they’ve got
just some crazy type of design on the back that makes them really loud or they’re going
in a color which is really impractical for tough wear.
I think that the hoodie when you look at how basically functional it can be, it’s great
for layering. So, let’s say you grab that peacoat, but you need something to give you
a little bit of extra warmth up here or you�re going to be wearing that jean jacket, you
could throw the hoodie right underneath it. I think it’s a great layering piece and
when you get something that actually fits you and is functional as well, it’s a great
essential piece of a man’s wardrobe. All right, gentlemen. So now, it’s your
turn. What did I miss? What would you have added to this video? Let me know down in the
comments. I’m going to go down there, check them out and we’ll probably do a video similar
to this in the spring in the summer. Go check out Territory Ahead. I’m going
to I have that great discount code down there in the description. This is not going
to last forever. They are a solid company. I love their gear. It works for me and my
lifestyle. Here in the Midwest, I simply thought I’m going to be going to a birthday party
today, I will wear what you see right here because it simply is practical and it works.
Guys, that’s it. I will see you in the next video. Take care.

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