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  • Buy and hold companies that thrive even when economic growth is slowing

  • so they get a cowboy to interview Victor. That was original.

  • certainly not a bear market in US Treasuries, US equities, commodities, real estate or even fiction for that matter..

  • How old is this one? I didn't watch because I didn't want to waste my time with stale content.
    Is it 6+ months old?

  • How is this guy an Austrian when he thinks the fed raising rates is the biggest mistake they’ve made since the Great Depression?

  • Real Vision Classics are the best videos from our premium subscription service released free, often a few months after the original air date. The original air date is in the top left corner as the video starts. Film date is located in the description.

  • The BTC chart based on the metrics described looks good

  • Love Victor looks like he could have been on the Sapranos.

  • dam… another trumper !!

  • "Trump hires people because he thinks they're smart…" LOL! Are you kidding me? Trump hires people because they look good on TV, and are loyal to him. Looks and loyalty.

  • Surprised he doesn't talk about fiat vs. the gold standard when comparing decades. Interest rates have to be low with our government's debt burden, otherwise the interest of that debt would be astronomical. They'll never let interest rates rise significantly anymore. It's a downward spiral, eventually we'll have to face that debt.

  • https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MM76T6Y

  • https://modernmoneybasics.com/

  • Listen without the Video and you'll find Christopher Walken in being interviewed.

  • I love how keeps refereeing to the European Union as a nation.

  • Old, recycled content.

  • Thanks for an good program 🙂 Best regards from Norway

  • These to are smoking crack
    Asset price inflation debt deflation
    We have had 40years of right right an righter monetary an political policy
    QE is a liquidity scam for 1 to 0.1 of the population depending whom you ask
    Those helicopters full of money never flew over the projects nor the Midwest
    You have no saving capitol you have no bonds who bleeping cares
    Entirely out of touch with reality
    Time to kill the fire sector
    Hang the creditors
    Deport an seize any one whom would dare try capitol flight
    Rico all there accountants lawyers
    Cut off the tax dogers fingers
    There is no market
    No efficient allocation
    Damn sure not an information processor
    Austrian neo-classicists Neolibral like Friedman all bunk
    Learn #MmT
    Economics for the 99%
    Government sanctioned tyranny for the rent seekers
    Via via la debt forgiveness

  • He's right about the rich socialism that has permeated US policy. Transfer of money from the poor to the rich. Which is why it's so funny to hear many here discuss "socialism" in a bad way, when what they mean is socialism for the poor. They are very happy with socialism for the rich…

  • Price controls are the first step
    Complete currency control is more like it
    Your uncollected tax liabilities don't belong anywhere but your home country

  • Austrian ecos don't believe in the cartel of the banksters called the FED which is not Federal and has no reserves

  • Marvelous, just marvelous. Many thank you's.

  • Thanks guys as always & always learning

  • All goes to credit card debt
    Completely agree austrians are always amazing people I haven't met a single bad one yet
    Even come to the same conclusions is the sane people in the room
    Why can't they just dropped the gold-bug hard money fetish!?
    Would be so much more effective
    You understand true capital appreciation only comes from time an quality an mastery of craft
    I don't think they like the idea of unearned income any more than me to yet have this liberal tolerance for it like it's some sort of fools gold or growin pain people age out of
    *Here is a hint they don't
    They even pass it on to there lazy children
    It's destructive It's social consequence is equal to heroin or sugar or meth amphetamine
    Distortion of reality an forces others to be punished with undeserved obligations never rising in status
    A perverse nicer form of slavery
    Unearned income is payed in private debt accumulation can someone make a model of that for me?

  • An hour of this great man? This is too good to be true. One of the best!

  • Old . Material

  • I don’t get this guy. In one moment he says the fed should not have raised rates last year and the very previous he said low rates will be causing problems in the long term. Schizophrenic. The fed saw low unemployment and low inflation, so I think the rate hike at least had a logic behind it.

  • That's OK for me, Real Vision classics in the title, thanks

  • Jack off acting like a journalist.

  • CNN ACTING LIKE THEY ARE FOR THE PEOPLE. Promoting Nazi while swpweing against it. Note this CNN, A WEASAL IS A WEALSAL IS A PUKE.

  • Excellent discussion filled with substantive historical market behaviors and the monetary policies surrounding those moves. Thank you or a most enjoyable listen. Sarasota,Florida.

  • 47:32 Here is where shit goes wrong, and where they need to go into the further story. And this is likely what really brings us all down.

    They're going for MMT. Meaning, no requirement for even an outside buyer. Meaning, you've made the actual last and total step into true and full Fiat currency chartalism. Meaning, the amount of currency has absolutely no meaning, no relation to real results or considerations, and is nothing but volume control.

    Meaning, all you need to do is make what we've come to call "sanitized injections" into corporate giants and funds and national champions, for whatever ideological reasons or causes or due to whatever political convenience or connections you may like. Then these giants buy up whatever assets or dole out whatever crap they need to own people or circlejerk things back into motion, transferring the value from the private actor, small company, bank account or what have you, and into themselves. Sifting in the most direct manner, from bottom to top, and then swallowing the economy.

    Congratulations; you've now attained "Fascism With Extra Steps". You're still simulating it, but you've in truth completely destroyed the entire point of the free market; efficiency assessment and incentivization. So the economy is now nothing but a tool for a by definition already failed ideology.

    What follows is then naturally that either the nation dies of cancer, as the innovation and TFP growth is smothered in the crib, from the bottom and up, and you have massive capital flight and deadly idiocy destroying the thing from the inside out. Or, depending on ideological and political factors, the alternative is that the system takes an aggressive stance and attempts to conquer and devour like the Soviets did, claiming resources from the outside and beating itself bloody against the rest of the world in order to feed the gaping maw of its own failure.

    Brave new world, ladies and gentlemen. "History doesn't repeat, but it oftentimes does rhyme…"


  • The Brazilian government is exterminaiting the brazilian biodiversity

  • ….really can't take it….According to Victor Sperandeo everything is ……destiny….Enormous debt doesn't matter…high/low interest doesn't matter…Trump policies doesn't matter….Inflation is neutralised by the Fed…So where is the problem..?Everything is ok ….and because Economies have circles why not waiting for this last one to roll over…..and so forth….It took me by surprise to hear a big investor who also declares of the Austrian school….

  • Central banks were created to funnel money from the middle class to the banks. The Federal Reserve is run by the big banks and the big banks would very much like to buy your home for pennies on the dollar after they get those fat taxpayer bail out funds. The whole system is so corrupt. There is no capitalism in America. You have to have capital to flourish in a capitalistic society but the system is rigged to rob the middle class and push them back into poverty. Real inflation rates are above 6% while interest paid on your savings is far far less than that. The game is rigged.

  • One of the best interviews I've ever seen (and I myself have interviewed market legends). Trader Vic was already an old timer when I bought my first stock in the late 1980s. Didn't know he was still around. He's still sharper than a tack. Adam Rodman conducted the interview like a real pro himself. Out of five stars, I'd give this video six stars.

  • Sooooo…..How does this translate to the poor schmuckatelly on Mainstreet?

  • This guy is trying to have it both ways. He has only 1 foot in the Austrian camp. If he really understood economics, he would realize that the low interest rates were the problem, and raising interest rates was the smart thing to do for the long term.

  • I am a big fan of Mr. Sperandeo. He's the only person I have ever heard explain Basil III.

  • This guy is a walking encyclopedia of historical facts. A financial gem. He knows his facts and has the historical info to back them. But is he predictiing a recession or Depression.

  • Blah blah blah.. it's a Fed driven market, end of story. They can do more stimulus and create hyperinflation or do the politically unpopular thing in substantially raising rates to burst the bubbles and deal with the pain we've delayed for so long.

  • Its August and no recession.. this guy is full of it

  • This video must have been made in 2008 because this is the last time the US experienced a bear market. The US Economy is booming.

    This is Yet another of the FAKE NEWS videos trying to talk down the thriving US economy while virtually all positive fundamentals are at
    record highs. President Trump will be re-elected in 2020 no matter how hard you try to crash the economy. The rest of the world has problems but the US will thrive like never before. TRUE the stock market will go up and down like it always does but it will recover each time and continue to make new highs as the US economy maintains its "GROWTH" momentum.

  • The interviewer looks like a hobo and consequently hard to take seriously.

  • Bottom line. NOBODY knows shit; especially these guys. Govern yourselves accordingly.

  • Interview Date January 3rd, 2019.
    Thanks Real Vision for making these valuable interviews free for everyone 🙏🏻

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