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  • Long story short: Do things in a certain way. Oh and do things in a certain way. Wanna get rich? Just so things in a certain way. Not rich yet? You're not doing things in a certain way!

  • How wonderful and ENLIGHTENING this book is.  It will expand your thinking and stretch your vision. My appreciation for the good folks that posted this.  🙂 -Barksdale

  • Proper preparation in this case like this ulimately prevents piss poor performance. This audio book has enabled me to understand that getting rich, and obtaining true financial success is going to require a sacrifice that only a few are willing to undertake, think about that for a second for no matter what you do, or what excuses you may have, anyone with enough heart, determination, and effort will become the master of his/her domain, and in doing so become financially independent, and ultimately wealthy.
    So decide now is the time for no more average behavior, no more second guessing, here is the blueprint, are you going to lead, follow or get left behind.
    Peace and blessings to all.

  • I have heard this great book n though the reader anounciates well, she is speed reading this book which greatly detracts from it's meaning.

  • best book ever.

  • I was lead by God to come across this audiobook. I thank God for Wallace D. Wattles. Applying the principles, thoughts and ideas that are expressed in this book I am going to be what I have confessed. I have confessed that by January 31, 2017, I am going to be a millionaire.

    I am a man of God with great health and wealth blessing the lives of my neighbors.

  • Well this a motivational audio book it keeps me up in at night thinking bout the greatness of life…..i will be rich u can put yo last buck on that

  • Very good!

  • 1:23:56 importante y sigue

  • Brandon Lira, I am sorry that my expression of appreciation of this book and its guidelines of how wealth can be accumalated and distributed offended you. So much to the point that you express hate. I love this information for what it will do for my life and then what I can do for other people. Even for people that hate me.

  • Did someone get rich after listeninig that? Is it work? Answer please!

  • this is so powerful

  • Brilliant. Excellent. I agree wholeheartedly with the science.

  • Wow want to know more about this

  • He says not to control people while getting rich in either mind or the physical. Well we should all know that this is exactly how people get rich. To make an object that somebody does not need is mind manipulation, and to kill for oil is physical domination. So if the economy is based on oil, how can we ethically get rich? Oh yeah, he said dont think about that, it is not the certain way. Consumers are poor, yet the ones who consume the most are rich. So think about how to consume more if you want to be rich, and don't think about those who are exploited. Manufacturers who ship out to china don't worry about this, because then they wouldn't be doing things a certain way. Please disregard this message if you want to get rich, but before you do, you may want to think about being rich in your mind, for many become wealthy and it still isn't good enough.

  • Faith is in the mind not by the will of thinking superior I understand

  • Thank you.

  • Evil book.

  • No matter which video you that you watch, if you read the comments, you will realize how many complete morons that there are in this world. Their pathetic comments exemplifies their state of being.

  • Hey Joey I said the same thing.. I'll for sure be a millionaire before the end of 2016 or the summer of 2016

  • Good day , any one has the book ( the science and art of great marriage )?

    call today help others feel better

  • This book starts off sounding like a typical get rich and don't care about the others book- B/ c the competition is fearce etc. The book is actually much more interesting and spiritually very satisfying .thank you

  • The video I Am is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. You Tube.

  • horrible narration
    i can't listen to this robot.

  • I don't even know how to refute this video anymore.  I watched "THE SECRET" and had more failures than success.   So I completely rejected it, but kept it in the back of my mind.  I guess its so hard to keep a positive outlook in this day an age.  Not to mention….should the human race even be trying to create wealth and abundance out of thin air?  With our selfish minds, we'd be trying to win over or kill other people (our enemies) with the power of thought.  When you delve into this hippy buddah concious co creation crap, you had better be ready for failures right along with your successes.  Good luck with that little chestnut.  Oh and good luck trying to keep a stiff upper lip after your manifesting doesnt come true, or happens totally opposite than what you wanted.  Leave the creating to the GODS, because with the little information you got from this video, YOU PROBABLY AINT READY FOR IT!

  • So far into chapter 2 and he has said nothing of value… any good book grabs you in the first chapter even pages .. this talks about getting rich but has said nothing up to this point but general non committal bs … I can see why it is free.. like the old saying … older than this book… you get what you pay for

  • I am achieveing my wealth it may start with srubbing toliets and a simple life but i soon shall have wealth no one in my family has ever thought og

  • I love the narrators accent!

  • This audio book is like Laos Tzu's Tao Te Ching, the invisible, tao, the way, internal, the thought and your creative thinking.

  • I've created clear mental pictures for many years. Unfortunately, few if any have been achieved. I follow the advice, I try to work hard. But it seems, nothing really is coming my way. I get "Hints" of things but nothing big.
    What is the "Certain" way? It's not really known. Holding a picture in your mind causes too much energetic build up. I'm trying to understand the concepts, but it doesn't make sense. 
    I feel very drained if I visualize. I feel bad things happen when I visualize too much, weird stuff happens. Hard to explain.
    If there is a "God" and he makes you rich, why make a clear mental picture? Why not just ask for it? Why doesn't the "God" ever talk back? Just a lot of things here that don't make sense. How does one "Act" if they don't know how to act?
    Why would it matter, if you give in use value back to anyone else in cash value? If this is the case, just start business that is valuable, and leave all of the mystic hokey pokey aside.

  • I agree with some parts and hate other parts. Like when he says that you should not have the mentality of "competition". For me the mentality of competition is what fuels me.

  • This sounds like wishful thinking… I'm sorry, but you lost me at " you don't have to save " Saving money is apart of the Law of success. There is no exception to this law. Every successful person has established the habit of saving. I suggest reading the millionaire next door, The law of success in 17 lessons as well as the richest man in Babylon to name a few… All wealthy people suggest reading these… This book here, isn't wisdom. It's folly…

  • I find it hard to apply these to my life, perhaps I have to do things in a certain way

  • Wealth comes from the within. When one is wealthy in value from the within by building one's character, relationships and view of the world. When you have become valuable from the within, material riches will catch up from following the wisdom of money gained from developing yourself.
    That's what I have understood in simpler terms. If there's something that I have not yet understood or wisdom I have yet grasped from this audiobook, please do feel free to reply.
    Have a beautiful day everybody

  • There are several components to becoming successful. These include:
    Taking control of your health.
    Learning about the power of your mind.
    Following in the tracks of successful people.
    One resource I discovered that merges these is the Magic Progress Shortcut (check it out on google) without a doubt the no.1 info on success that I've seen. look at this unbelievable site.

  • if someone has the right mind and big motivation

    call me 786-307-6155 I'm looking for carazy people that want to grow and become millionaires. this business aint easy but is simple, if you work you get rich!




  • One great part of this book is how you can apply these laws to anything. Notice how he talks about poverty as being non-existent and says there is only wealth. That's how you have to see things. I had a grandmother once who said because I came from her bloodline there must be some good in me. It's like actually no, it's all good, there's only good. That's all there is. Today there was a note in my mail to do a census and it says "fill it out it's the law", and at first my reaction was to insulted that these people were trying to communicate with me, and be like "who gave you the right to have any law over anyone", but then I realized that this would be creating bad stuff. I would be part of the problem rather than part of the solution. This is how it works. So you apply it to love. There is only love. There is no energy out there that is not loving me. There is nothing that enters my world that is not love. And I adamantly refuse to go any place where they preach anything different, talk to anyone who believes anything different, read books that say it's any different, etc., etc., and THIS IS ALL IN THIS BOOK.


  • I always wanted to rob a bank, but too scared that I might be caught, I guess I have no guts.

    Instead 10 years ago I was learning how to invest in the stock market and now I'm happy having made a small fortune. But quite a few times I had all my money in one company. I had to do that because I saw opportunities and I had little money at the beginning but now that little sum of money probably 50 folded 🙂 I know that one day if I keep investing all my money in one company I might lose it all. So a couple of years ago I was diversifying in to around 15 or 20 companies. Yet at the moment there is one company on my mind and I have in it around half of my money again. What makes me even more happy the share price of this company still keeps going down and if it carries on this way I will sink all of my money into one company again 🙂 I know this company is a safe bet: it hasn't got much debt, very profitable, price per earnings low 2.5X, pays dividends at this price around 7.5 percent and the company increases dividends every year, from the profit around 20 % is payed in dividends. So everything looks good. My guess is that after 5 years I will be rich or who knows maybe I'm wrong and I will have nothing 🙂 But I'm not worried a bit about this 🙂 Some people say I have guts 🙂

    I guess there are many ways to make money…

  • Honestly so much better than "think and grow rich" this is amazing

  • Loved it. But it is similar to the law of attraction from The Secret

  • I read a lot of good reviews on the internet about how Mofedest Miracle (look on google search engine) will help you to finally knowing the correct secrets laws of attraction with it. Has any one tried using this popular secrets?

  • The audio book. The science of getting rich is astonishing.

  • "The supply will never run short" lol of course , it was 1910. If they could see what they've done. I'm still listening though.

  • Hi Joey, thank you for sharing. Years ago when a good friend of my sent this audio book to me, I applied the principles and experience my income multiple within weeks….So it works perfectly!! good luck to you

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    The Science of Getting Rich (Wallace D. Wattles),
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    buy my product and please share to someone who needs.

    Thank you

  • "Nature is an inexhaustible storehouse of riches; the supply will never run short." Such as fossil fuels and clean water…

  • name the forest type in England that be gain to disappear by the early 19s century ? short answer?

  • Can someone explain how not putting down your competition lets you get ahead

  • I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who asks me about success!

  • I was lead by God to come across this audiobook. I thank God for Wallace D. Wattles. Applying the principles, thoughts and ideas that are expressed in this book I am going to be what I have confessed. I have confessed that by January 31, 2019, I am going to be a millionaire. I am a man of God with great health and wealth blessing the lives of my neighbors.

  • im gonna be a millionare,you dont need that much money for what for fucking what. i remmember when i was 22 i started trading stocks i promised myself not to be a greedy. i made a little 1% gain here .30% gain there. now im 36 and im actually a millionare. being in that greddy mindset is what messes you up. well in the stock market world at least. you get greddy then boom your stock goes down 3% percent then 6% then 20% and your out of the game. i live off 2000-3000 a month and im actually a millionare you guys have to be more humble you dont need that much money for what so u can buy a audi rx8 thats gonna cost 100k depreciate in value and you have to pay 1000 dollars in car insurance hahaha 😂😂😂

  • I can't stand this woman's voice. buh bye

  • It is hard for me to decipher what is being said because of heavy accents. Was excited to listen to it while commuting. I'll read the book. Thanks for the effort though.

  • Thanks for doing this. I needed to see this in real time touching the cash! I have a gift for you.
    Now for you to times that money by 10 using the LAW OF TENFOLD RETURNS aka The John D. Rockefeller technique from 1964

  • You sound polish. Such a beautiful accent. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • #morelife

  • This is a great book and every word is true. Remember you still have to take right action. Learn how i took right action and you can too.

  • I have spent months researching into success and discovered a fantastic website at Wilfs Wealth Tactic (check it out on google)

  • @ sa9135 Laalchi Kutta

  • Love her accent! Very sweet yet mature.

  • Okay allow me to explain this…… can have these things but don't get it for the Love of it…….for money is just a tool to get the things you need and sometimes enjoy……but Don't make money your God because the True Creator God of all things are far greater than man made things…… remember' The True God the creator of everything create the World for Everyone to live on it and enjoy……but it is man who brings pain and suffering to man…..not God….so let's us enjoy what the true Creator God has given us all……for God made plenty for everyone…….just a reminder to us all……don't forget who gave us life and the things on this planet…….thank you…..

  • Excellent Read!

  • computerized brain washing….

  • scientists are rich

  • Avoid: Annoying voice & poor English

  • STUDY, TRAIN and TEACH others.

  • Hiring Right Now Jana Lewis .. opportunity …look for me on facebook.

  • This is 9/18/2018 Has anyone from 2 years ago proven this right or have you fell off the road to riches? Or are you still working on it. I will report in 2 years. Kirk Out

  • Seems more like religion than science to me. This book is VERY dangerous because it's based only on the positive (pg 43 of the PDF). The basic principal behind this is very satanic in the since of rejecting the negative and think only on the positive. Remember gen 3…

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks a lot for the opportunity of listen this material thanks again

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  • I hope someone can summarize for us

  • Thanks for sharing. God bless you!

  • those kind of books where realy envogue back then. Most of them are based on the occultists philosophy like in "The kybalion", "the science of getting rich", "the master key system". Than it got less spiritualistic like Napoleon hill and carnegie which was the lecture of buffets generation, then there was ben graham…

    The spiritualistic came in, obviously because of moral concerns and to reduce the cognitive disonance. People want money, people think money is bad because of observation. … -><- so they need philosophies to justify their nature or their wants…humans

  • Another great spiritual messenger. Long may their work live on. Like Abraham, Neville and so on 💖💖👌👌👌

  • Thank you

  • The Secret Of Getting Rich💰

  • HAHAA!


    "A People Destroys Themselves For They Knows Not Nor Do They Want To Be Taught By Their Own"


  • To save your time:

    1. Inspire,
    2. Be optimist,
    3. Work hard,
    4. Don't see problems of poverty,
    5. INspire the poor so they want to be rich.

    Yada yada yada. He might as well tell everyone to eat a lot of breakfast and brush their teeth. Ok now, if you truly want to be rich, you need asset. Don't have it? well tough luck buddy. You should get debt then and start a business.

    Or better yet, go to school, get that magic paper, and then use it to get more magic paper that can buy stuff. Don't ask if the magic paper is based on debt 😀

    Don't forget to save your money according to Wallace! Oh, 0 – 1% interest rate on your saving? be an optimist!

    Housing bubble? Don't think of the problem! Work hard and be an optimist, good boy.

    Just a tip, never trust a book that promise you how to be rich, it's all a scam. I read many. Hell, these people should work in a church since they are practically selling dreams. At least the bible was interesting.

  • 26:46

  • Is it true?

  • Excellent! Quite like Chopra's Laws of Spiritual Success and more succinct, as well as Western, in its orientation and expression.

  • voice is seductive. Meditation. I dont understand but relaxing))

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  • I got up late today, I skipped my breakfast and had my lunch.
    It sure will bring me wealth

  • This is so vague, to the extent it becomes useless, at least the first 2 chapters, but how to soldier through the rest of chapters if the book is fulled of "a thing" and something and stuff like that.

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