đź’€StrangeAthon TBR l February 2020 [CC]

The- I think this chair is sinking. *Typewriter Typing* Haló Strangeos, I’m Rachel Verna
and this is my TBR for the StrangeAthon. If you don’t know what the StrangeAthon is,
it’s my read-a-thon that I host every season. The next session will be starting on Monday the 24th of February to the 1st of March so That last week of February a.k.a. next week Because the year is slipping away from us as always. The first challenge is to read Romance is Dead which is to read a book that basically has no romance in it. and I’m reading ‘Jurassic Park’ a novel by Michael Kayton
which is what it has the title on Audible. I know there’s kinda of romance
in the movie version of Jurassic Park but when I looked it up it said that romance
doesn’t really happen in the book and that’s the only romance that’s kinda of in the film so I think that means there’s no romance in Jurassic Park. I had meant to do more research and then I realised ‘Oh My God it’s less than a week until the StrangeAthon. So here’s hoping it’s a book
that doesn’t have any romance in it so I can recommend it to people because it’s probably a book that people have access to easily enough like it might show up in charity shops and
your library might have this book because Jurassic Park I- I believe it’s a popular franchise. The Second Challenge is History Unread
which is to read a book by a Black Author. This is coming straight from my ContemporaryAthon TBR and that is to read ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ by Claire Kann I did want to make room for this book on my TBR
if I didn’t get to it for the ContemporaryAthon. so this is a book by a Black Author about a Black main character who’s on the Ace Spectrum of sexuality. So I’m excited. Like this is a book I got really excited for when I heard about it and I just don’t know why I haven’t read it yet. It’s just one of those most annoying
things about me. The third challenge is Another Perspective
which to read a book by an author who’s a different gender than you. So I’m going for the gender I least related to in anyway to be really in Another Perspective and I’m reading ‘A Head Full of Ghosts’
by Paul Tremblay. This is a book I’ve really interested in and
just not got around to reading either. I’m trying to use like readathons to get through the book I really want to read and just
haven’t read for some reason. Because I’m that person, The fourth challenge is ‘True Love’ which is
to read a book that centres on friendship. I’m reading ‘Monday’s Not Coming’ by Tiffany D, Jackson. This is a book about a girl whose best friend goes missing and nobody really seems to care but her. so I know there’s some Thrillery elements of it
which is my bag and it’s about how looking for this friend
so I think this will cover this challenge. It’s not a positive spin on this challenge. There’s a book that’s coming out in March I think would be perfect for this challenge but it’s not out yet. I really do love books about friendships so if you have any recommendations for
in generall please comment down below. The next book is Heart to Heart which is to
read a book before human heart on the cover. and I am reading ‘I am. I am. I am’
by Maggie O’Farrel. This is a nonfiction book about the author’s many brushes with death. So really in my bag. And it does have a human heart on the cover. The six challenge is In Couples which is to read a book that has an even number of pages or minutes. I’m gonna read ‘Things We Say in the Dark’
by Kirsty Logan. This is a really random pick, I just went through my spreadsheet that lists the page numbers and I decided to go for a physical book cause I’m already listening Jussasic Pack. I don’t know if that was a mistake. I think Jurassic Parks pretty long. We’ll see and it has a lot of science in it which is fun. I like short stories. Erm, next we have BookTube Darling
which is to read a book that has been loved by an online book community. I’m gonna read ‘Elsa and Her Monsters’
by Francessca Zappa. Err. This was a book
that everyone talks about when it came out. I guess it’s still kind of loved, it does
come up once in a while but you know this was a book that was definitely beloved by the BookTube community so I think it’d be perfect for this challenge. and not something I just randomly
thought of at the last minute. Those are all the books that
I want to read for the StrangeAthon. If you are doing the StrangeAthon please comment down below your TBR or just your thoughts if you’re gonna wing it. And Reminder that The F-Up shouldn’t really appear on any TBR videos but it might of for this video because like
a lot of stuff of these books.
I might have not done enough research for. so we’ll see what happens. so I will see you Weirdos where I was next time
where we’ll be in the thick of it. Farewell. I totally wasn’t gonna forget
to film this video today, that wasn’t what’s gonna happen,
I wasn’t gonna do a tag instead. I even painted my nails for all the books I don’t
physically have to show you even though I own most of these books physically somewhere. My bookshelves are mess
so it’s really stressful to find anything.

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