Hi, my name is Gijs, and last week we received another brilliant YouTube question, from someone who wonders how you can delete your YouTube watch history. So keep watching! To delete your YouTube history you go to “Creator studio”. You go to “View Channel”, you click on it, and then you go the left side and then you go to “History” and you click on it. And then you will see your “Watch history” or “Search history” you click on this And then you are going to “clear all search history” You click on this, “clear all search history”. Then you are also going to delete your watch history, then you click on “clear all watch history you click on it – again. And you can see that everything is deleted, you can control this by loading more show more, everything is gone. So this is the way. Do you still have YouTube questions after watching this video? Comment down below and I will answer your question. Was this video useful? Give us a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel. and immediately watch one of our other three videos.
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