 How to Delete Clear YouTube View History from iPhone iPod iPad

Hey everybody this is your adventurous YouTube
tactician, Derral Eves. Now recently I made a video on how to delete your YouTube view
history from your YouTube account. And I had a ton of questions come in because a lot of
my subscribers actually use mobile devices like an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android. So I
decided you know what? I should make a video and show them how easy it is to delete and
clear your YouTube view history right from your mobile device. Let’s take a look! Alright, so the first thing that we need to
do to clear the history is come up to the left-hand side and you’re going to see these
bars here, let’s go ahead and click that. And once you’re here we need to scroll down
to history and let’s go ahead and click that. And it’s basically going to show all your
viewing history. It’s going to show all the videos that you actually viewed whether you’re
connected on your computer or your mobile device. And to clear this let’s go ahead and
you want to hit the gear right here and let’s go ahead and click the gear and all you’ve
got to do is hit clear history and wa-la! You’re history is gone. Now I have a lot of great tips just like this
one on my YouTube channel. Plus I have YouTube training coming up every Tuesday and Thursday
and the sole purpose is to help you become more successful on YouTube. So you might want
to check them all out. I think I have over 100 videos so there’s a lot to go through.
So it’s worth it to subscribe, trust me why don’t you click this red button to subscribe?
Plus, if you have any questions about YouTube or using YouTube from your mobile device just
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