티켓(1986) / Ticket (Tiket)

Ticket Producer Jin Seong-man Planning Kim Ji-mee, Sin Gyeong-sik Screenplay Song Gil-han Cinematography Koo Joong-mo Lighting Choi Yui-jeong Music Shin Byung-ha Editing Park Soon-duk Art director Won Ki-ju Recording Kim Byeong-su Kim Ji-mee Ahn So-young Myeong Hui Lee Hye-young Jeon Se-yeong Park Keun-hyong, Choi Dong-joon Yoon Yang-ha, Chang Hyeok Kim In-moon, Lee Suk-koo Makeup No Il-sil
Styling Lotte Beauty Salon Effect Kim Kyeong-il
Optical Yun Jong-du
Audio assistant Kim Bum-soo Color adjustment Kim Gwang-un
Printing Kim Ho-Gyeong
Developing Korean Film Council Photograph Lee Tae-jik
Art design Kka-mang Assistant director Kim Il-won, Choe Seong-sik
Hwang Qu-duk, Park Jae-ho, Kim Young-bin Assistant cinematographer Park Seung-ho
Lee Sang-gi, Cha Nam-jeong, Dan Hyeok-tae Assistant gaffer Lee Du-hwan, Choi Woong
Lee Jae-bong, No Yang-ho, Kim Seong-su Production supervisor Lee Won-bu
Production manager Ahn Sang-mu Director Im Kwon-taek Registered Job Agency
Wonju District Make or break! Go! I’m going to win this one! Hurry up! I got a double score!
Bonus! You! You in the blue sweater! You, get up! Johyang Cafe How pathetic! Who’s to stop her? Hurry and order some lunch. Come inside and unpack your bags. It’s this room.
Go inside. Where are you going again?
To card gambling? I’m going to pee. Stop dragging your slippers. She has been with me for 3 years. But she still owes 1.5 million won in debt. If you don’t want to end up like here
then keep your wits about. This is a port city
so most of our customers are sailors. It’s also a holiday place
we get a lot of tourists as well. So keep your manners. I won’t have you chewing gum,
dragging your slippers, sitting around with your legs apart or crossing your legs
when there are customers around. And always wear a skirt
during business hours. But I only have pants. Then buy some skirts! Have a good rest today. Hey, pay up. It’s 600 won each
so pay add an extra 200 won. Why? So tightfisted even on the first day. Wow! Chohyang Cafe rocks! Hey, let’s meet up later. Let’s go fishing together at night. She’s the prettiest. You’re killing me here. You’re giving me fever. Yes. Pardon? Wrong number. Ma’am, have some sausages. Sister Ju, come and have some sausages. Okay. – Ju!
– Yes? How many boxes of drinks
did we get yesterday? 3 boxes of cola and 2 boxes of cider. Where are you from, Miss Hong? Yeongwol. The mining towns, huh?
How horrible. I’m from Wontong. The mountain village, huh? They’re all the same. You? I’m from Seoul. Why did you come to this hole instead? They pay 200,000 won
but it’s 300,000 won upfront. Pay upfront is not the big deal here. You have to stick to the three rules
in this business to make it without debt. Three rules? Cash only. No mercy. No repeats. It means never accept credit and never sleep with anyone
more than once. Go to sleep now! Yes, Ma’am. What’s the madam like? Don’t even start.
You have to pay back for 3 cups of coffee just to go out and buy some panties. You’re drunk again. Don’t give alcohol to Miss Ju. Alcohol is poison to her. – You got that?
– Yes. Go to sleep.
We get up at 6 in the morning. Is that the Fisheries Co-op?
It’s me, Madam Min. We have new girls
so come in for some tea. – A cup of herbal tea.
– Okay. It’s the first order for today.
To hell with herbal tea. Two coffees! What do I have to do
to get you out of my sight? – Hey, Madam?
– Yes? Are you planning to throw
her 60th birthday here? Hey, look who’s talking? Hello, I’m Miss Yang. Take a seat. Okay. – I’m Miss Hong.
– Drop by. I changed the girls. – We have new girls.
– Hello, I’m Miss Yun. We’ll be waiting for you. He’s our regular. Director Mah
of Jejung Oriental Medicine Clinic. Coffee’s ready. I heard you have new fish in port.
Let’s see them. Good to see you. You’re not new.
Why are you snuggling up to me? Mr. Ma, are you going to keep
all the fish to yourself? A doctor should stay at the clinic.
Are you here to diagnose their pulse? Fishmongers should at the market
be selling fish! Are you trying to fondle me? Here are the new girls.
This is Miss Hong and this is Miss Yun. – Hello.
– Wow! This is the owner of Daegwang ship.
Captain Gwak and Captain Kim. And this is Captain Park. Hold tight!
Not my fault if you fall. Step on it! You like to speed? I’m go crazy! Absolutely crazy! Wait! Wait! Damn it! Keep your eyes open! Sorry, mister. What ship is this anyway? Midway! The Aircraft Carrier.
Didn’t you know? Mister, where’s the shipyard? The shipyard?
Turn right at the fuel storage. Yes. Come in. Sit over here. My eyes almost popped out waiting for you. Oh, the cream! So forgetful! Have fun. Take this. – Bye.
– See you later. Hey, girls bring bad luck. I told you to never bring them on board! Have some. It’s getting cold. Why don’t you watch that? What are you doing? Come on. Sit down. Is this your first time? Please. I will scream. Sit down.
Why are you playing hard to get? I’ll give you some pocket money. What are you doing? Hey, stay with me. I said stay! Oh, my chest! Hey, Rookie! There’s a delivery! Hey, Rookie! You, fool! If you’re in this, then you should have some fun
and pocket some money too. It’s no use being stubborn. Hey! If you really don’t want to
then tell them you’re on your period. What? When did you get here? I just arrived. How did you know where I was? I was going to write. I found out from the job agency in Wonju. Wait for me at the bakery across the road.
I’ll be there as soon as I can. Okay. Wow! Who is he? Your boyfriend? Yes, he is a sophomore
at a teachers college. Wow, your boyfriend is a collge student! It’s the girls from Johyang! Come! Come! At Busan Port with my brothers gone Only the seegulls cry sadly To the ferries that go by Oryukdo Island I call out to them
but my brothers don’t answer back Come back to Busan Port
my dear brothers Encore! Encore! Why not! I’m like a juke box. – I don’t know his name.
– Hey, sis! Time’s up. What’s this?
We’re still drinking, you can’t leave. You only bought us for two hours. I’ll pay overcharge for extra time. Why are you nagging? Aren’t you coming? When I left the mining towns to come here, it’s because they said that sailors are hot! So stop nagging me. What the hell! I feel good! And when Hong Jeom-sun feels good
she goes all the way! More songs! That’s it! I was too meek so I couldn’t stop him.
He turned around and left. I feel lonely left by myself.
My heart feels empty. We started at Mt. Seoraksan
and went to Cheoksan Hot Spring, Gyeongpodae and Naksansa.
We went everywhere! He’s really generous! Generous my butt!
So what if you had fun? All the ship owners have debts to pay off. I got it. Two coffees for delivery! Come on.
Room 207, Cheonil Motel. Sis! Sis! What’s wrong? Are you okay? Where have you been? The motel. I barely got out. You wearing a pad! Shall I go instead? Thanks. I’ll buy you breakfast tomorrow. Two colas, two coffees. One herbal tea. Two Chinese pearl barley tea.
No, make that three. One coffee. So daft. One yogurt. Rookie, I’m going to record
Mr. Ma’s delivery as an hour, okay? It was only 40 minutes, ma’am. I told you if your delivery takes
more than 20 minutes then I’m going to calcualte it as an hour
and charge 5,000 won. But I couldn’t in that situation. Hey, I didn’t pay you 300,000 won
just to deliver tea, you know? No excuses.
Cough up 5,000 won for penalty. There are 70 cafes in this hole of a place. I need you to work hard. Otherwise after paying for food,
your wages, taxes and rent, there is nothing to live on? Rookie! What’s with your clothes by the way? I’ll set up credit at the fashion store
so get yourself some clothes. I’m so pissed off! I fell asleep for a sec
and that idiot ran off. I even had to pay for the motel! I don’t believe it! Wait till I catch that hyena! Lodge What did you do about your rent
and tuition fees? Nothing yet. I’m going to take a semester off and work. Actually I start work the day after tomorrow. I came
because I won’t be able to see you much. I’m sorry. Something came up at home
and I sent all the advance wage. So I had nothing to send you. It’s okay. You did good. I can get a temporary job. What are you going to live on
until you get paid? Don’t worry. It’s going to work out. I think I should quit school. College isn’t everything in life. No, you have to complete college
no matter what. You are my dream and hope. It’s my father’s 60th birthday soon.
Let’s go and meet my family. My big brother will be happy to see you. Okay? I feel bad.
I can’t even see you off at the bus stop. It’s okay.
Just don’t strain yourself with work. You have to care for your body. It wasn’t expensive
but I wanted to get you something. When you miss me,
you can look at the watch. Thank you. I’ve never gotten a present like this before. Hurry. You’re going to be late. Don’t lose courage. Okay. Goodbye. I’ll write. Min-su! Kiss me. I’m sorry, Ma’am.
I didn’t get your permission. Why is a student calling you out?
Shouldn’t he be studying? Are you sure he’s not a hoodlum? No, he’s not that kind of a guy. Anyway you slept out
so that’s 10,000 won in penalty. Come on, he’s my boyfriend. That’s not going to work with me. Cut! Cut! Cut!
It’s not good. We’ll go again. You can’t be that cold.
Can’t you just bear it a little? This is going to melt. The camera man needs change the lens. Get the 50mm lens. – Lighting team!
– Yes? Get the battery. Okay. Give me the towels. You are the actor Kang Min, right? I’ve seen in many movies. So you like movies, huh? Yes, becoming an actress is my only dream. Have done any acting before? Of course, three years ago,
I went for the TV actress audition. The judges all said that my acting was good and that my face and body was superb. Then how come you are not an actress? What do you know? I forgot my lines at the critical moment. Hey, aren’t you coming? You go first. I’ll catch the bus. Okay. Where are you staying? This could be my chance
to become an actress. Please help me, sir. – Mr. Kang, over here please.
– Okay. Come in! Is that you, Seong-sik?
Is it done? Okay. When will it be ready? Keep seeing him. Okay, drop by sometime. I got it, buddy! I can’t do this. What’s going on? I’m sorry. This isn’t going to work. Why are you crying?
Did someone hit you? I don’t think
this life is right for me. I’m trying but it’s not working. You think I was born for this? I was so shy at first. I would have rather died
than do it with someone I didn’t like. But I crumbled once and then twice. That’s how it started
and now I have virtually no feeling. How crazy! I want to fly. I want to fly so bad. If I get a full ship,
that won’t even matter. So you won’t pay me back
if you don’t get a full ship. – I wouldn’t dream of it.
– Old lady! Please wait outside. Don’t come in. Here you go. I’m not a beggar.
My daughter Jeom-sun works… There is nobody here by that name. – But she is supposed to…
– Please go now. Why are you… – But they said she… I already sent you money.
How did you know where I was? I asked at the last place you lived. Do you think I’m some money making machine? What is it this time? You’re driving me crazy! Out with it! Can’t you just say? Your father won’t last much longer. There is an oriental medicine clinic
that is good at treating strokes. Only if I could get him one last treatment. You expect me to take care of that too? If you want me to keep my job here,
please go now. Just go. – Miss Hong!
– Stop it! Mom! I tried everywhere
but I couldn’t get the money. Go and sell this. I’m busy so I can’t see you off.
Goodbye, mom. Yes. Excuse me. – How old are you?
– Why? Did you order the coffee? Why? I’m going to pay you. – Why are you hitting me?
– You thoughtless bastard! A student should be studying!
You’re already doing this? – Get out!
– Let me go! – Get out!
– Let me go! Why, you! Look, it’s supposed to be 160,000 won
but there’s only 140,000. How should I know whether it’s supposed to be
160,000 or 140,000? You really didn’t take it? Did you see me take it?
Did you see me steal your money? You’ve got the wrong person. But it’s only you and me in this room. Look, what kind of a person
do you think I am? You shouldn’t look down on me
just because I deliver coffee. Shall I call the police? No, no. I’m not saying that you stole it. Geez! This is so frustrating! You’re not playing a prank on me? You’re driving me nuts! Fine, search me then. Search me. Go on. If you come clean and say that you’re short
of money, may be I can accept that. But you keep saying I took money
that I didn’t even see. What am I supposed to do? What are you doing? Geez, I’ll give you more money. What are you doing? Oh, goodness. Oh, my. Garden Motel Is the movie team back? Have you talked to the director yet? The director and I are sworn brothers. He listens to everything I say. Oh, really? I asked him to send back
the actress from Seoul and have you act instead. Then I can be a star too? Of course. It’s not a big role
but it’s a perfect role for you. Thank you, sir. How many outfits will I need to bring? Three or four will do. What’s more important is your acting. There are many love scenes in this movie. Your part is that of an erotic woman. When you like a man,
you don’t leave him alone. More than anything,
you have to good at sex scenes. Do you think you can do it? Yes, I can do it. First take your clothes. Pretend I’m the man you want to seduce. Lights are over here. The camera’s over there. Take off your clothes. Take the man’s hand and take him to bed. Fondle your breasts as you kiss lightly. Then smile. Then naturally, very naturally, lie down on bed. I’m relying on you completely. Please make me a star. One coffee, one cola, three coffees. – Is that right?
– Yes. – You can go now.
– Okay. You can leave! Pack your bag and go! Do you know how many customers
I’ve lost because of you? That’s right.
We can’t run this business without them. They say when in Rome do as the Romans do. How much longer
are you going to drive me up the wall? Your father’s 60th birthday
is around the corner and what are you going to take home? Will you go empty-handed? It must be because of that college boy
or hoodlum rather. You can’t even love
if you don’t have money. Seeing how he follows around a girl like you, you must’ve spent quite
a bit of money on him already. That’s none of your business. What’s the Rookie doing out late at night? You’re upset about something. Bear and grin! The good days will come. It’s getting late. Let’s go home. I scored Godori and 2 points for the skins.
That’s 3,500 won each. You? Okay, okay. You already owe 6,000 won!
You stop now! You won 37,000 won! You can’t just stop!
Pass the cards! I don’t want to stay up all night! Come on! What are you doing? It wasn’t just me who won. Let go of me! I only won 2,000 won. Sis! Sis! Sis! I’m going to be in a movie. A movie? A pearl won’t lose its shine
just because it’s in mud! How’s this dress? What movie are you going to be in? You have know idea how I feel right now! I had a test with the director
and he’s going to have me star in his movie. He said I could even have the leading role. Once I get the lead,
it’s bye bye to this life. How about this dress? What role did you get? A woman when she fancies a man,
never leaves him alone. Doesn’t leave him alone? You know, like a femme fatale. A girl who works at night clubs
wearing that glittery dress? No, a young widow
working at a butcher shop. Why are you laughing? They want two girls at the Namnam Cabaret. You’re out. Miss Yang and Miss Hong! Se-rim, I got your letter. It hurts my heart to know
that you’re taking care of all the house work when you’re just a young girl yourself. Oh, I’m so glad to hear
that our elder brother has a suitor. But I’m worried about the money
we’ll need for his marriage. Sister Ju, come quickly! He’s a famous best-selling novelist. He’s been waiting for you all this time. Please take a seat. He’s looking for a working girl
with lots of experince. You’ve worked here the longest. What is this about? Is that the sailor’s association? May I speak to Captain Park Il-du? It’s me, Rookie. It’s my day off. Will you come and see me? I’m not joking. My husband was a poet.
His name was Kim Dong-min. What? – He was jailed for resisting censorship.
– That’s right. I heard that he stopped writing
and disappeared. Do you know where he is now? I don’t know whether he’s dead or still living. It was when he was in prison. I had to support him in prison
and make a living. So I had no choice but to work at a cafe. There was his spending money in prison
and lawyer’s fee. I even had to send living expenses
for his mother back in his home village. I couldn’t make ends meet
with the measly earning. My debt kept growing and in the end I couldn’t resist the temptations of the men. I still can’t forget it. The first night
I gave up my body to a stranger. What was it like? I offered my body to him, but all I could think about was my husband. But before I knew it,
he was no longer on my mind. I couldn’t help it
but my body was yielding to pleasure. I hated myself to death. But once it started, I couldn’t stop. I fell deeper and deeper into decadence. I watched him from a distance
on the day of his release. And I haven’t seen him since. I still remember the winter night,
when I went to visit him in prison with the padded clothes I made
and the two boiled eggs in my chest to keep warm. I took on many lovers to try to forget him. There were men who wanted to live with me. I worked at bars
but ended up with stomach ulcers. So I came back to working at cafes. What’s your dream or hope in life? Winning the lottery. A poet and this fallen wife. And cafe tickets to buy girls. This is great material for a story. If you could help me with one more thing, this could become a bestseller. What? How about it? Do you have any diaries
or journals that you’ve kept? Sell it to me and I’ll pay you well. Cheoksan Hot Spring Resort Miss Yun, over here! That’s refreshing. Take a shower. You have a boyfriend. Are there any jobs on your ship? Why do you ask? My boyfriend had a temp job in Seoul. But it must’ve been no good
because he wrote saying he quit. Not a problem.
Right now we need people anyway. When do you sail out? The 20th of this month. Oh, the ship owner is
throwing a party before we go, so make sure you come. Mr. Kang Min is in, right? He left for Seoul yesterday. That son of a bitch! Ma’am, I’m back. Ma’am, I had a fantastic day today. Your girl, Ju Hwa-sun is still a player. I played around with a novelist for fun. Played him around? He kept nagging at me to tell him about my past. As you know,
my husband ran off with a friend so here I am working
with my parents looking after my kid. What’s there to tell? So I told him your story like it was mine. What did you do? You thoughtless fool! Sorry, Ma’am. I only told him up to the point
when you got here. Also I left out that part about
seeing him at Mt. Seorak. Come. Let’s take a picture. Smile! One, two, three! Put your hand like this
and smile when I count to three. One, two, three! Let’s go to your mom now!
There she is. – Mom!
– Mom! Let’s go ride the cable car now. Let’s go. The cable car weighs 2,500kg. The slope is at 26 degrees on average
and the distance is 1,200m. It will take approximately 8 minutes from Seorakdong to Gwongeumseong. I almost didn’t recognize you.
How long has it been? About ten years? Let’s sit down. Look at the camera. Don’t look at me. For a while, I went around looking for you. I couldn’t find you anywhere
so I thought you were dead. Why did you leave without a trace? Where do you live now? Who can I get in touch with you? Look for Madam Min of Johyang Cafe
in Sokcho. Okay. I will come and see you. I promise. – Hey, Hong!
– Yes? Who’s the guy you were having fun with
in Geojin yesterday? Some guy from Daegu here to buy squid. I’ve never met such a miser before. Your life is so complicated.
Keep it simple! I’m here to see Yun Se-yeong. She’s known as Rookie around here. Are you Kim Mi-su,
the teachers college student? Yes. Don’t you have any pride as a man? You shouldn’t burden the girl you love. That’s not my intention at all. That’s why I came here
after getting her letter to work on a ship if I have to. I heard you’re from a rich family.
Why are you living on your own? I had a lot of problems with my stepmother
right from the start. So I tried to make it on my own,
but it’s so hard. Two Chinese pearl barley teas. Oh, my! That old racoon is such a jerk! That bastard! Min-su! Min-su! Calm down! What a madhouse! Let’s go inside. – Yes.
– Come on. Let’s go in. She’s not here. Captain Park, I told you about him before. Oh! – How do you do?
– Take a seat. A smart college boy with no experience.
Are you sure you can handle such rough work? If others can do it,
there’s no reason why I can’t. Please take good care of him. Of course. Anything you ask for. He’s a good man.
He’ll take good care of you. I mean it.
You’d better take good care of him. I said I will, kiddo! What’s this on your dress? Hey! You know Mr. Choi from the fish market
is my regular and yet you stole him! He’s not your husband,
so why all the fuss? Hey, come back here! Come back! I’m not done with you! Let go of me! Stop it! Let go! What are you doing?
You let her go! Get up! Are you out of your mind? Go inside. Go sightseeing at Mt.Seoraksan
and have a bath at the hot spring. Okay. Sokcho Fisheries Co-op Hey! Hey! – Give me my money!
– What money? What? Come over here! What’s all this?
Have you gone mad? Why, you! You’re killing me! You’re pathetic. If you want to seduce Mi-ja,
then pay me back my money first. You keep calling and asking for Mi-ja
in a fake voice. Okay, okay.
I’ve got it under control. That loan is over a year… Pop them in your mouth
when you feel bored. Why don’t you pop them in their mouths? Them? Are you Miss Hong? Yes, but I’m not really guilty of anything. That man ran off
and pinned even the motel fee on me. But you committed assault.
I should have arrested you. I’m going easy on you for the Madam’s sake. Pay him his medical expenses. If you don’t settle this,
then you’re arrested. Ma’am. Can I get an advance? How much is it? 50,000 won. You better clean up your act. A toast to a full ship! We’ll be back in just two months.
Lock your doors good until then. If I get a full ship,
I’ll give you 300,000 won as bonus! Yeah! Yeah! Easier said than done! My ship will surely come back a full ship!
Isn’t that right? Of course! So now you’re a ship owner too? When you come back,
I might not be here anymore. What? I can see you off when you sail out, right? Sure. But you’re not allowed to say goodbye. That’s the custom of the port. – Let’s go.
– I can’t. Ma’am, we need three rooms. Sure. Come in. Donghaejang Motel I’m sorry. I waited all night for you.
Where have you been all this time? In the end, I called you at the cafe. They said you went to a sail out party. I know it’s going to be tough,
but give working at sea a shot. I’ve decided not to work on a ship. What? Why not? It hurts me to leave you
working in this rough place. But what else can we do? You and I, we only have
our bodies to work with. Se-yeong! I know it’s asking a lot
but can you help me? There’s a job opening
at a construction company managing building materials.
But I need deposit money. It’s a night job,
so I can even go to school. I can pay for rent as well. How much is the deposit? 300,000 won. I’ll try to come up with it. I’m sorry to burden you like this. – Here.
– What’s this? – For a full ship.
– Wow! Thanks! Thanks a lot. You shouldn’t have. Rookie had to go on a long delivery. Really? Tell her I said thank you. – Get all the fish!
– Okay. Don’t forget the money! – Thank you.
– Okay. Dear Hwa-sun, Cheol has entered elementary school. It hurts my heart to see him
grow up without a mother. I told him you were coming to see him soon and he has been bragging it to his friends. In the evenings he would wait
for you at the gate, and go back to his room sniffling. I know you’re busy but come
and see him on his birthday with nice new school bag for him. Cheol wrote this for you. Mommy, I miss you. Hello. No, she’s not here. She’s out. Sir, what happened to the ship Oseondan? It was wrecked. What about Captain Park’s ship? Detailed news hasn’t come it yet
so I don’t know for sure. But chances are
that ship is in trouble too. What am I going to do? Yes. Rookie! Rookie! – Yes?
– A phone call for you. Hello. Wireless operator? Oh, it’s you. You’re calling me in the middle of the night.
What’s going on? What? – Is that you, Miss Yun?
– Oh, Captain Park! You’re okay! Don’t worry. My ship is fine. I miss you. I miss you like crazy. I miss you too. Please kiss me. I love you. Okay! I love you! I love you. Hey, what happened to my ship? Your ship got wrecked and Sister Hong’s ship is drifting
because the engine broke down. Only my ship is okay. You’re so lucky, Rookie. You’ll get a big bonus from Captain Park and people will say you’re lucky,
so you’ll get a lot of customers. Where are you coming from? Seoninjang Motel. Go to Budu Motel right away. After that is Donghaejang Motel. – Okay, ma’am.
– Room 108. Got it. You’re on the black list
since your ship got wrecked, huh? Nobody wants me because I’m bad luck.
I only get long delieveries. People always blame bad things on others. It’s unbelievable.
Come on. Let’s go! Step on it! – More!
– It’s dangerous! Step on it more! Okay! What the heck! I heard Beep-beep got injured bad. He’s nuts.
He got twenty stitches on his head. He thinks he’s some motor bike champion. I should’ve known. Great job, everyone. 300,000 won for the cook. Think of this as your own business
and do your best for me. – Be frugal with the groceries.
– Okay. When did you say
your kid’s first birthday is? It’s the coming fifth. Ask your wife to come by. Okay. Miss Ju! You advanced 70,000 won from your monthly
wage of 200,000 which leaves 130,000. Your debt was 1,500,000. Take away 130,000
so now you only have 1,370,000 to pay off. Next, Miss Hong! Last time you got carried away at the diner
and came 2 hours late, that’s 10,000 won. You practically slept out once,
that’s also 10,000 won. You got a shirt for Mr. Choi
from the fish market, that’s 15,000 won. I gave you 50,000
in advance for medical bills so a total of 85,0000 won. Medical bills? You beat up some guy
and had to pay him compensation. That son of a bitch! I can only give you 300,000 won upfront. Why? Why? Don’t you know? If you don’t like it, go work somewhere else.
What’s it going to be? And pay off your debts. I don’t want people coming here
to collect your debts. Next! Look at you. So pathetic!
You drive me nuts! How much is it for me? Yours is a bit complicated. 100,000 won
for buying clothes at the fashion store. 50,000 won for buying make-up. 25,000 won in advance
when you were running around playing actress. The day you got no customers,
that’s 40,000 won. That comes to 215,000 won in all. After deducting that, you get 35,000 won. What? Why? If you take away 215,000 from 380,000,
I should get 165,000 won. It’s 250,000 now and be grateful for
even that with men saying you’re bad luck. Next, Rookie. 5,000 won for Director Ma and
10,000 for staying out with your boyfriend. 5,000 won for the shipbuilding yard. That comes to 20,000 won
but you already paid all your penalties. So the monthly wage of 300,000 won
is all yours. You worked really hard so far so I’m raising your monthly wage
to 380,000 won. Thank you, ma’am. I got 35,000 won
from Daejin Ship’s boatswain he owed and I gave you that. Why aren’t you counting that? You’re confusing me.
We can talk later. I only take away from your wage
the money you spent so don’t think that I’m unfair. I’m not running a charity. It’s a business. We’re all in the same boat. You remember that. Sis! Se-rim! Sis! It’s been hard for you, hasn’t it? Tomorrow is dad’s 60th birthday
but we have nothing. I didn’t think you were coming either. You didn’t forget. You came! Thank you. Thank you.
I’m so glad you’re here. Min-su, this is my father. How do you do? Goodbye! Help yourself, ladies! Mr. Yun is a lucky old man.
He has such a fine daughter. She works at a company in Seoul
that makes refrigerators, televisions and even runs a sugar factory. Yes, it has some 2,000 employees. I’m one of the secretaries. Who is that young man over there? He’s going to be my son-in-law. Let’s have some more. Come on. You should go now! Are you going to stay up all night? Hey, you shouldn’t just end it here. With the bridegroom here, why don’t you
have your daughter’s wedding? – But things should be done in order.
– The eldest son should have a drink too. Daughters are precious too
but the son should get married first. Right, right. You can’t deprive him of a wife
just because he’s disabled. Come on, let’s clear the tables. Take these away. Come on. I heard you have a suitor. This is my last chance
but we can’t afford it. If we buy her family a plot of land,
then I can bring her. Don’t worry.
I’ll make sure that you get a wife. I can do it
if I work really hard for just a year. Thank you. Thank you. I have nobody but you. I feel great.
I feel good. Thanks to you, we had a wonderful banquet. I’m glad that you’re happy. All the people envy me
because I have a such a dutiful daughter. On days like this,
I wish your mother was still here. She would’ve been really happy
to see all this. By the way, is your boyfriend rich? Don’t worry. Once he graduates, he’ll earn a lot of money,
buy a big house and a car. I’m going to marry him.
You like him too, don’t you? I’m not sure. For our family to have a college graduate
as the son-in-law… – He seems too good for us.
– Thank you for giving us permission. Anyhow I’m having a fantastic day. On the blue waters of Dumangang River The boatsmad paddled the oar. The days gone by. The boat that took and left with my beloved. Where did it go? My dear beloved Me dear… You must be tired.
You don’t even like singing. Let’s sleep now. Hold me. I’m tired. Let’s just sleep. I have the money ready. The money that you asked for last time. Gangwon Express Hey, Rookie! I need to talk to you. It’s been a long time. What’s this about? What are you doing? Come over here! We’re done. You can come down. Is it bad? The sexually transmitted infection can be
treated in a few days but she’s pregnant. What? Pregnant? What are you going to do now? Are you going to have an abortion or not? Huh? I’ll decide after I see Min-su. That cruel bastard! It’s inexcuseable! – Ow! Sis!
– How can he beat up a young girl like this? Stay still. Do you think you’re going to be Miss Korea? Take a good look at yourself. But my face is my biggest asset. Then how come you’re getting no customers?
You’re all mouth. Here. The letter got returned. Why is it open? What’s the big deal?
I opened it and read it. You sent him an SOS thinking
he’s some Prince Charming. Do you think that bastard
will come to see you? Come to your senses
and focus on making money. You need to money to live in this world. Hey, put that away.
Gambling cards won’t put food on the table. Look at you! What are you going to do? Rookie is over there lying in bed. Sales are down. Are you going to ruin me? What do you have to say for yourself? If this is how you’re going to be
then I have plans of my own. You haven’t eaten for days.
Have some. Get up. You’ll wither and die. Sis, I have a favor to ask. Please take my things out for me. You’re going to run away? Please help me. If he doesn’t get in touch with me soon,
I’ll go to him. I’m worn out mentally and physically. I want to rest.
I want to rest in Min-su’s arms. You won’t get anywhere. There are job agencies in every corner
around the country. Is that Johyang Cafe? May I speak to Madam Min? Speaking. My name is Seo Byeong-seok from Pohang. Do you know a man named Kim Dong-min? Yes. He was too busy to come himself
so I came in his place. I’m staying at the New Seorak Hotel. Would it be possible for us to meet tomorrow? It’s good to see you again. Hey, Miss? How is your cafe business? This is from Dong-min. It’s not much
but your compensation from his heart. He wants to make even
and put the past behind. What does he do now? He helps out
with his father-in-law’s business. He manages his real estate properties, funds and many other things. But he doesn’t hold the purse strings. It would’ve been hard for him to come up
with that money without his wife knowing. I think he did all he could in his situation. I ask you this as his friend. Please forget him. – Is that Kim Dong-min’s house?
– Yes. – Is he in?
– Who’s speaking, please? My name is Min Ji-suk.
I’m his student. May I speak to him? Please hang on. It’s for you, dear. Speaking. It’s me, Ji-suk. You’re calling me in the middle of the night.
What’s going on? Shall I come to your house?
Or will you come to me? No, no. No need. I have some business in Seoul tomorrow
so I’ll see you there. Where and when? At Dongsung Sky Lounge,
at two in the afternoon. Meet me at Changshin-dong. You know the playground at the top. At two. How have you been all this time? I almost didn’t recognize you at Mt. Seorak. Remember when we used to live
paying 10,000 won a month for rent? My mind is blank.
I need some inspiration. Stop it. Really, darling… I can’t write anything! What are you doing to me? Darling… How is it going? I need you to stand by the window again. Asanyeo keeps running away from me. When the moon rises, look at my face. When the flower blooms, feel my lips. When the wind blows, listen to my whispers. When the creek flows, touch my eyes. When the mountain peaks,
think of my breasts. You are my sweet little flower bud. You are my mighty dream of the soul. My poor wept and left in the end. You are the very inspiration
that gave me love for art to bloom. Why did you give up poetry? When I saw the countless pitiful lives
of the people in jail, I realized how meaningless
and powerless my poems were. So I decided to quit writing poetry. I still thought
that the poet Kim Dong-min would be living like a graceful crane. This is no land for a graceful crane. Let’s forget it all.
It’s all bygones anyway. I’m not so poor that I would accept money that you came up with
behind your wife’s back. I’m giving it back to you. As they say, life is like a bus. A bus that leaves doesn’t come back for you. When you left me
and disappeared without a word, I looked for you for quite a while. In the process, I found out about
your indecent deeds and rumors. I found out why you had no choice
but to leave me. I understood everything. In th end, I concluded
that I had no reason to look for you and I made a fresh start. Please don’t look for me
or disturb my life anymore. Johyang Cafe
Goodbye, I’m leaving. Closed for the day
No words of farewell. The train leaves at dawn It leaves Daejeon at 0:50 A.M. All is asleep and the night is silent How could it be that it’s only me weeping? I can’t stop it from leaving The train for Mokpo Drink up! Ma’am, I can’t drink any more. – Come on, drink!
– I drank too much last night. My stomach is a mess inside. How ridiculous you are! Your whole life is a mess, girl. No reason for your stomach to be otherwise. Drink up! Hey, sing something upbeat! I’m no good at singing. You used to party with the sailors. All I do is look at him. All I do is fret over him. You’re pathetic.
Forget it! There was a girl who got hurt in the end
just looking and fretting. That girl was me! Hey, Rookie! You sing something. Life is incomplete Like an unfinished letter But we… Stupid bitch! That tiny bitch… You’re still wet behind the ears, girl. So how can you sing about life? Stupid bitch! Do you even know
what you’ve lost up to now? You don’t know, do you? I don’t know myself
so how could you know? So that’s why life is incomplete. Lottery girl, you dance.
You’re the best at slow dance. How about you dance with me? What is wrong with you, Ma’am? You’ve been drinking hard liquor
on an empty stomach. What are you trying to do? Are you going to ruin our business, Ma’am? Damn bitch! Pay up your bebts. Insolent bitch! What’s it to you if I cross the Pacific
riding on an eel’s back. Why do you care? You can’t even take care of your own kid. Hey! Hey! What do you girls think of me? Why aren’t you saying anything? Lottery girl, you say something. Huh? You’re a regualr success story. No other woman has made
as much as you in all of Sokcho. No matter how you earn it,
hundred million won is the money endowed from the heavens. That’s what success is. Success? Success my ass. You poor bitch. I used to think like you, girl. But I’ve ruined my life. You bitches don’t know anything. I hear a great man says that life is like a bus. Once it leaves, you think it may come back, but it doesn’t, never. Girls, if you don’t want to end up like me keep your wits about. – Your wits!
– Johyang Cafe. Oh, it’s you from the motel.
This is Miss Yun. Okay. I’ll be there right away. Hey, where do you think you’re going? I’m buying tickets for your time.
So you’re mine. That bitch… Come in. Why not me, right? Is this how you have to see me? Oh, are there other ways to see you? Didn’t you know this what I did for a living? Why, you! Get an abortion right away!
Who knows whose seed it was? That’s for the abortion.
It’s over between us. Hey, Min-su! You dirty whore!
You should die! Die! Seoul-Sokcho Don’t you think you were too harsh? I didn’t know
that she would fall into such depravity. I couldn’t bear it. What are you going to do with her now? It’s not just her fault
that she became like that. You neglected your girlfriend
while accepting money from her. You’re just as responsible, don’t you think? But I did all I can to save her. I even went to her home
on her father’s 60th birthday. I didn’t know
that her family had it so hard. It really pained me. Finally I have a stable in Seoul so I came to get Se-yeong. But… But I couldn’t. The beautiful pearls come out of spoiled shells buried in mud. It’s not too late. If you embrace her with warmth, she can be really beautiful again. I’ll have to think about
if I can take her back or not. You’re saying you’ll leave her. Well, she’s dirty now. What am I supposed to do
with such a tainted girl? You cruel and heartless men! – Hey!
– What are you doing? Help! Men like you should die! Stop it! Help me! Die, you bastard! Give it to me. Min Ji-suk, you have a visitor. A visitor. Ma’am, do you recognize me? Please have some. Ma’am! Miss Yang was trying to run away to Incheon but her husband came and got her. Miss Hong went back to her home village. And Min-su, he didn’t die. He said he will come
and visit you with Rookie. Ma’am, I’ve been thinking to myself. You know how you used to be
really happy with that man, even though you were poor at the time. It’s that kind of thing. We’ve been living forgetting all that stuff. Maybe it was the same for you too. Honey… Have some before it gets cold. subtitled by Free Film Communications

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