රනිල් දෙයියෝ will RETURN! #Ranil2025 | Reddit Time

*our former president* one of the greatest memes in Srilankan history you stupid idiot you could’ve retired nicely in that last week you released a murderer and ruined it i thought you were one of the greatest memes in our history ruined it i welcome you all
i’m Maniya this is reddit time
yes we are doing reddit time again lets go and see our reddit what are the posts you might be wondering where is my chair i have it but im not gonna sit just as a change in this episode we are going to see the political memes of these days and also you already know our new president is Gotabaya Rajapaksha
and our prime minister is Mahinda Rajapaksha after Mr.Mahinda became prime minister you must have seen this how he descends from the sky (thats our Prime minister !!
what does your one can do huh
😛 ) *impersonating an political party leader Anurakumara Dissanayaka* wait a minute you were going to dislike this video didnt you ? video just started but you tried to dislike it watch this till the end *ahen vlogs is another youtube channel* *twisted words*
short dick ashen if Sajith loses astrology is a lie
(Sajith was a presidential candidate in 2019 election) among presidential candidates if Gotabaya Rajapaksha wins as you say cant Mahinda Rajapaksha become the prime minister ? to people who stopped their relationships due to mismatching horoscopes F bajurdeen (former minister accused of cutting a large proportion of a forest) + premadasa (presidential candidate who promised to build houses)=fortnite if you didnt get it bajurdeen cut trees sajith premadasa build houses fortnite is building houses this is not political balagiri (a disease causing sore throat among children )
not today tomorrow *baiya
which is a slang used to call or identify a certain person who support a political party * i showed the meme not that im happy about it how peter parker becomes spider man is after a spider bites him ashen becomes ashen vlogs after a butterfly sting him (butterfly AKA gay) *pohottu guy AKA Baiya * Sajith will become the president are you high cunt ? the amount of memes on r/Piefm is very low i need a help from you i have posted the subreddit link down below join it and post memes make Memes if you cant make memes steal them steal them from facebook pages and post them here its ok steal them
but when you post them give credit to the page we are going to look at facebook because reddit does not have any posts wait a minute a very popular meme during these days is this
“name and village is unknown but a human ”
meme as i saw this on TV i knew this is gonna be a meme why after we teach you this much you still voted for eagle not swan northerners :
name and villages is unknown but its a bird who is Ariyawansha Dissanayaka ? name and villages is unknown but a human hey siri who is your photographer ?
name and villages is unknown but someone who came to ruin me to support Gotabaya Lionel Messi have tattooed a flower Bud putano (son)
is demolished Gota is gonna win you guys know an Australian cricketer Lional Messi he have tattooed a flower bud in his arm but you cant remember Lionel Messi posted something like this he has Pressing his foot on a Buddha’s statue are people like that supporting Gotabaya ? now dont tell me he doesn’t know what it is thats why he is pressing his foot on it this is the first meeting in negambo after bomb explotion on Easter Sunday *nibba from the crowd*
cheers dont cheer that UNP(political party )
nibbas dont listen just cheering have you seen this ? just like a zombie im gonna eat their genitals we have weird crazy people in SriLanka he doesnt care it is recorded or its gonna be on the news Mom: isn’t your exam is near stop using your phone and study about my intelligence i have an immense trust no one can compete with me this is taken from is when Mahinda became the prime minister suddenly last time you have seen Bus Craze people you have seen foot fetish craze people you have seen tik tok craze people but have you seen who eat shit from 1982 i have been with Sajith Premadasa’s father i am the one who they call Elephant Piyasena im an Elephant im not going to vote anyone else im voting for Sajit premadasa’s shit his broom im from Rathnapura Rathnapure shit craze people *obviously theres no point typing it it both written the same way in english * kariya=fucker dont dislike this ! mr.mahinda rajapaksha had his birthday last week so Happy birthday mr.Mahinda a new Wax museum opened in Polonnaruwa so there was a figurine of our simple president
:waste of wax are you trying to tell us that they have made a statue of a scarecrow ? if they used the wax from it to make a candle at least people could’ve read a book me:today it might rain ? fren: after gota become president he will make a technology to generate electricity from rain 2-3 minutes after a girl look at me the things i think you must have listened to eminems rap god but have you listened to Sajith premadasa’s rap god ? *he is just rapping about some villages he helped i guess* world’s fastest rap did you know in the sonic movie the person who acts as Eggman is our president Gotabaya Rajapaksha’s son Manoj Rajapsksha and at the end of this movie the Eggman will Kidnap Sonic on a White van and make him disappear according to movie critics (i rather would not explain this i dont want a white van ride 🙁 ) in the end sonic also had to go from a white van dont you have work
rather than doing stupid shit like this ? dont show that you were born a low cast there’s a facebook group called advising Gota to make this country a better place lets see what are the advises they have given to gota every time you get a Dollar look at it in a disgusted manner and smile at it Downgraded way can we make the dollar Downgraded if we make a hole on one rupee coin and make a washer out of it we can make its value go up from 1 rupee to 19 rupee by advertising on foreign channels saying dont come to Srilanka we can make SriLanka look like a developed country to the rest of the world this is a good idea why anyone else think of this ? if we post an ad saying dont come to our country people will think highly of us when they ask us not to come to australia we think australia is a great country and if we do the same to SriLanka we dont have to be second to any other country if we changed the shape of our beaches and make it look different can we tell them we are not Srilanka and avoid paying the loans since all the Chinese people look the same we can say we cant remember the one who gave us loans teledramas like Dewani Inima dub them into other languages and exporting them we can earn a huge amount of money Mr.Ranil Wikramasinghe have resigned from the prime minister post and moved from temple tree mansion our god ranil
how humble is he can you see that before anyone ask him he resign and goes away 5 times he became the prime minister of our country legally Ranil GOD he is going away from us but he is not going to go away he will be back our only hope in 2025 god Ranil we shall meet again Ranil god i will give everything i have 2025 ranil will be in front baiyo will be destroyed like this before i send a white van if he become president boys and girls we need the freedom of speech we need the freedom to tell thief’s that they are thief other wise we have to stay silent shuting our mouths and that thing we are ready to die for our freedom of speech lets fulfill our Duty by voting the Swan and eat milk rise on 18th definitely Sajith premadasa will win im sure sure sure *eating milkrice at a winning person’s parade*

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