कोडेक्स गिगास के बारे में 10 बातें । Devil’s Bible – 10 Facts About Codex Gigas

The Codex Gigas is one of the most mysterious manuscripts from history. Written by an unknown author, and the physical volume is so large that it needs to be held open by two people. It feels as though the book wasn’t fashioned for human hands, so where did the Codex Gigas come from? Some say that the text was authored by the Devil, who even etched a self-portrait on one of the pages. Others attest that the Codex was the work of a singular monk, though many believe that he made a pact with Satan to complete his work. Codex Gigas is that 10-12 of the original pages are now missing. Allegedly, these pages contain information so dangerous that they had to be destroyed for the sake of humanity.

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