कैसे Youtube का Watch History/Watch Later देखे

hello Friend, Today’s Information related to youtube While watching YouTube video, you have to left video due to some work and you want to watch again those video which left that time but problem is that every time you open youtube so result is different in home page like that, every time you refresh every time result different so what can you do to see last watched video You have to two option to do it Before telling solution I want to say something, if you do not subscribe my channel so please subscribe my channel Let’s move on tips you have two tips, first is whenever go to youtube you will see 3 line option top left corner in youtube home page if it opened so no problem and if it does not open so click on the option now here you see the option HISTORY click on it. In this option, you can see all video’s which you watched in past It is great option(Watch History Option) You can see all watch history you have this option But in this method you can face problem when your watched video is so old you can face problem to search it so that time you have the second option “Watch Later” In watch later option you can set video in watch later list

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