Історія України за 10 хвилин / Українська історія / History of Ukraine (english subtitles) ЗНО

History lessons have always been the saddest among all other lessons during our school years. These constant wars and rebellions! How can one remember them? All these princes, hetmans and writers – is it possible not to confuse them? And thick volumes of textbooks and novels, making you drowsy. And historical head-scratching maps. And constant lament for the fate of the people. But you know, actually, the history of Ukraine is combative and optimistic. And it is possible to tell it in as little as ten minutes, along with all maps, rebellions and hetmans. Don’t you believe? Let’s make a bet. If we make it in ten minutes, you will like this post and subscribe to the channel! Agreed? Don’t be stingy – you’ll find here a lot of
interesting information, especially about history. We promise! This map will be a field of the historical events. Such maps are also known as contour ones. The borders of modern Ukraine are marked in it. They will be seen in all historical periods, so that you could understand, where and what was going on from the point of view of the modern system of reference. Our map is not rather accurate, as it is designed only for illustration of the historical processes, but not for careful calculations. Let’s scale down it a bit in order to concentrate on Ukraine. We will count time with the help of the stopwatch. It is here, in the screen. If you do not give credence to our stopwatch, just take yours. And here is a timescale. It will help us to see the duration of each period in the history. If we mark mountains, steppes and forests in this map, you’ll see that the lands of our
country are situated equally on both sides of the border between the European forest-steppe and the Great steppe. Forest-steppe is good for corn growing, that is why these lands have always been inhabited by grain growers. The steppe is not suitable for grain growing, that is why, traditionally, the nomads kept their cattle here. And you know what? Ukraine and its people appeared in the result of the historical interaction of two absolutely different civilizations: the settled one in the forest-steppe and
the nomadic one in the steppe. Well, what else haven’t we mentioned? Oh! Smartphone. Let’s put it beside the map. Here we’ve created a chat for our heroes – for the dead, the living and those not born. If you have sharp eyes and mind, you will be able to get double pleasure. So, are you ready? Let’s turn on the stopwatch and let’s go! Trypillian culture is a star among old forest-steppe cultures. Trypillians were ploughmen and skilful craftsmen. Today you can see excavated remains of their large cities. The first known people in the steppe were Cimmerians. No cities are left after them, only graves. But there are descriptions and images made by the ancient Greeks The first known state in Ukrainian lands was Scythia. The Scythian herdsmen lived in the steppe and raised cattle. Scythian ploughmen inhabited the forest-steppe. They were grain growers and skilful craftsmen. Note that both ploughmen and herdsmen were considered to belong to one people. Their successors also lived nearby and fought side by side: Sarmatian nomads and Wendian ploughmen. The tribes of the Goths came from the north-west, but the ploughmen, headed by the tribe of Antes, together with the nomadic Huns expelled the invaders and founded their common
state, the Union of Huns, headed by ferocious king Attila. It is interesting that the contemporaries considered the powerful Huns state as empire. By the way, it was then that Kyiv, our primordial capital, has been mentioned in the written sources for the first time. In the 7th century, the Ukrainian steppe was captured by Khazars, but Kyiv princes Askold, Oleh and Ihor came against them. Prince Sviatoslav the Brave finished defeating invaders and concluded military alliance with the local nomads. In the 9th century, the Rus with its capital in Kyiv appeared in the forest-steppe lands. It was the state of the grain growers. In the 11th century, the tribes of the Ukrainian steppe united under the rule of the Polovtsians and created the Polovtsian Union. Kyiv prince Yaroslav the Wise together with the Polovtsians conquered the lands up to the Baltic, and the Rus became one of the most powerful states in Europe. By the way, it was then that our emblem, Trident, appeared and it was then that our land was called Ukraine. In the 13th century, the Horde was headed by the descendants of Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan in the Ukrainian steppe. Polovtsian prince Yurii Kochakovych headed the Union with the Rus and the allied troops went against the Horde, but they failed. Polovtsians did not manage to defend their steppe, but they did not bend and carried on rebellious wars. After all, the Rus under the rule of great Prince Danylo Romanovych managed to defend Volhynia, Halychyna and Podillia. In the east, Prince Danylo fought against the Golden Horde and in the west he carried war against the Teutons and the Poles. He even got the title of the King of all Rus and the Rus turned into the Kingdom of Rus for the period of over 100 years. Finally, the Poles captured Halychyna and other Rus lands were joined to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Ruthenia. By the way, it was then that the Rus troops went under the blue-and-yellow gonfalons for the first time. In 1362, prince Algirdas defeated the Golden Horde troops on the Blue Water and liberated the Rus lands. By the end of the century, the Grand Duchy took under control the steppe frontier, where the Mamais family held the reins of power. By the way, it was a
motherland of future Zaporizhian Kossacks. In 1441, the descendants of the Black Sea region Polovtsians, the Crimean Tatars, created their own state under the protection of the Grand Duchy – it was the Crimean Khanate under the rule of the khans from the Girays family. It was then that the Crimean Tatars emblem, taraq tamga, was affirmed. The Golden Horde invaded the lands of new Crimean state. The Grand Duchy could not help its ally, as Muscovy was coming to its lands. The Khanate had to look for new protectors, and they went under the aegis of Ottoman Empire. At this time, a new steppe state, Zaporizhian Host, started building up strength in Polovtsian Podniprovia. The people of this state were called the Kossacks, and their capital was called the Sich. The first known Cossack’s koshovyi was Bohdan Hlynskyi, from the old Mamais family. Meanwhile, Moscow did not stop its aggression against the Grand Duchy and in order to defend itself, it had to unite with Poland and create federative state – the Polish-Lithuanian
Commonwealth. In the result of this union, the Principality of Rus lost its statehood. The protectors of the Rus independence asked the Kossacks for help. Zaporizhian Host claimed the rights for the Rus lands with arms. The most famous Cossack wars against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth were the campaigns of Kosynskyi and Nalyvaiko, who, gladly, were joined by the local rebels. During the rule of koshovyi Petro Sahaidachnyi, the Sich spread its influence on Kyiv. The Zaporizhian Host got international recognition and concluded peace with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, having joined forces for the march on Moscow and the battle near Khotyn against the Ottomans. Though, very soon the Poles turned their arms against the Cossacks, and the Cossacks concluded an alliance with the Crimean Tatars. The Zaporizhian Host helped to defend the eastern borders of the Khanate. The Crimeans supported the Cossacks in the wars for the Rus heritage. In 1648, Bohdan Khmelnytskyi together with Crimean khan Islam III Giray won back the lands, which since olden times have been called Ukraine and united them in the state, called Hetmanate. And he was chosen as its ruler, Hetman. But the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth cooperated with Muscovy against Hetmanate. Young Ukrainian state together with Crimea had been fighting on two fronts for over 50 years. There were glorious victories during these wars: The Kossacks of Ivan Vyhovskyi together with the cavalry of Mehmed IV Giray defeated the Moscow troops near Konotop. Hetman Doroshenko with the help of khan Adil Giray expelled the invaders and put an end to the so-called Ruin period, a civil war, which had been exacerbated for as many as seven years. Hetman Ivan Mazepa dispossessed Poland of the left bank of Dnipro and united with Sweden and against Moscow. In 1710, Hetman Pylyp Orlyk together with the Cossack Rada (Council) drew up the first Ukrainian Constitution and together with the Crimeans defeated Moscow troops on the river Prut. But in the end, the enemies divided the former Rus lands among themselves. Zaporizhian Host found itself under the rule of Crimea. But the Ukrainians did not lay down their arms. Rebellious wars of the Haidamaks and Opryshky depleted strength of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and it collapsed. Western Ukrainian territories were transmitted from Poland to Austria, where under the old Rus crown the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, the successor of the Rus Kingdom, was created. Here the Ukrainians got the right for self-government and the rebellions subsided. The Russians, in their turn, captured the lands of the Zaporizhian Host and destroyed the Sich, the symbol of the Cossack statehood. In several years, they destroyed the Crimean Khanate too. Russia started to extinguish and evict the Crimeans and Nogais from Tavria and Kuban, and Kossacks – from Podniprovia. A part of Zaporizhian Cossacks founded Zadunaiska (Transdanubian) Sich under the aegis of the Ottomans. The Buh and Black Sea Cossack hosts appeared under the rule of Moscow. Soon, the Russian authorities moved the Cossacks to Azov and Kuban, where earlier almost all Nogais had been exterminated. In order to solve the Ukrainian and Crimean issues once for all, Russia started annihilation of language, culture and self-government Cossack’s traditions. The Ukrainian intellectuals stood on the defensive. Self-regulating Ukrainian schools and educating centres were established and book publishing was developing all over the country. Taras Shevchenko was a symbol of Ukrainian revival. Soon, secret political communities occurred. Pavlo Chubynskyi and Mykhailo Verbytskyi even created the anthem of future Ukraine. The land was in flame of peasants and Cossacks rebellions. National liberation movement of the Crimean Tatars strengthened. Ismail Hasprynskyi was their main ideologist. The Russian Empire did not sustain the struggle with Ukraine and finally collapsed. Our peoples founded the allied Ukrainian People’s and Crimean People’s Republics. It was at the same time that Noman Chelebidzhihan created the anthem of the Crimean Tatars. But they had to defend their independence with arms. The Crimean People’s Republic was destroyed by the Russian communists, and the Ukrainian one found itself under the rule of Germany and turned into Ukrainian state headed by Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskyi. Very soon, the Germans left Ukraine and the independence along with the name UPR returned. The state was headed by Symon Petliura. Simultaneously, Ukrainian rebels in the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria founded Western Ukrainian People’s Republic, which in 1919 united with the UPR. The unitary UPR carried on war on three fronts and, unfortunately, lost. Ukrainian lands were divided between Russia and Poland yet again. But the struggle did not subside. Insurgent armies were carrying on war in Ukraine. As a result, Russia was bound to grant Ukraine the right for autonomy and temporarily reduce pressure of culture. However, in the 1930s, both Poland and Russia strengthened the terror again: the Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars were thrown into prisons, evicted, starved to death, but the flame of struggle burst out with new strength again and again. Before the beginning of the Second World War, the borders of Europe changed. The Ukrainians of Zakarpattia took advantage of this: they founded tiny Carpathian Ukraine and have been defending it for several months as a symbol of aspiration for great independence. In 1941, during the German occupation, the Ukrainians tried to revive their statehood twice, in Lviv and in Kyiv, but both of these attempts were suppressed by the Germans. In reply, the Ukrainians created Ukrainian Insurgent Army, UIA. In 1944, underground Ukrainian state occurred. Its President was Kyrylo Osmak; the supreme authority body
was Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council. The army of this state, UIA, under the command of Roman Shukhevych fought against the Germans, and then for as many as ten years – against the strongest empire in the world – the Soviet Union. In 1954, armed struggle was suppressed, but it was replaced by liberation political movement. The communists made concessions: they joined Crimea to Ukraine and weakened political, language and cultural pressure. But the struggle did not subside. Finally, the communistic empire did not sustain the war with Ukraine and collapsed, like its occupants
predecessors. Independent Ukraine revived like the Phoenix Bird, and now it belongs to you. It was won back by real heroes, and today it is you who is to make it the best state in the world. Ooh! See? Ten minutes sharp, as we’ve promised. We won this bet, so, you owe us the subscription and like. Your comments will come in handy as well. We should be proud of such history and it is worth sharing with friends. In case your friends do not understand Ukrainian well, we’ve made English subtitles. They can turn them on. There is no fiction in the story you’ve heard and seen here. We’ve created this animated film on the basis of the book Painted History of Ukrainian Independence, published in 2013, and we consulted very authoritative historians in the process of work. By the way, the book has been published in English for the friends of Ukraine abroad. Both in the book and in the animated film, we stopped on 1991, the year of becoming of independent Ukraine, because it is a wonderful and logical end for such story. The people, struggling for independence so long, got it at last. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to develop and protect our state, because today there are a lot of those who wish to lay their hands on such a tasty morsel. Think back to at least the situations, when we barely lost our country in 2004 and 2013. And when Crimea was grabbed in the
marauding manner. And when the war was unleashed in the Donbas. We are sure, we’ll win. Because we created this animated film and we know that it is not for the first time that our people get into struggle against the greatest and the most aggressive vulture of their days – the Golden Horde, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Russian and Ottoman empires, communistic Russia and Hitlerite Germany. And we’ve got one question: Where are they now, these powerful giants? In the dustbin of history. In the end, both the present aggressors and future ones will get there. Because they have not seen this animated film and do not know the real history of Ukraine. But we know. And those who have not remembered at the first try, should watch it once again. Or read the book. Or do a combination of both. In consequence, you will be able to tell the history of Ukraine in interesting and easy way to your children and grandchildren, maybe not in ten minutes, but you’ll add something you’ve seen with your own eyes or done with your own hands. As history is being written every day and is created by each of us. Remember it.

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  • Что за бред!!! Не выдержав борьбы с Украиной!!! Российская империя розвалилась? Наивысшая точка дибилизма со стороны автора!

  • Будь ласка, зробіть англомовну версію цього відео, тому що у більшості людей відтворення субтитрів вимкнено за замовчуванням, а в кого вони увімкненні – занадто ліниві, щоб їх читати на фоні іноземної мови та анімації. Це важливо, тому що ввівши в пошуку YouTube слова Ukrainian history отримуємо в основному відео з відвертим мракобіссям типу: Україна вперше стала незалежною в 1991 році; козаки були російськими; Україна в апріорі частина росії; українська мова ніколи не існувала; Україна виникла під час Кримської війни в 1850-тих і тому подібне Мракобісся.

  • Думаю, ще "дерибан" України не закінчився. Ще Польща та Румунія відхватять ласі для них шматки. Залишки ж України максимально зрідять, звільняють від українців і заселять "народами без землі"…
    От що буде далі, цікаво?.. Дуже хочеться вірити, що Україна поверне свої території і відродиться. Тільки для цього треба українському народу навчитися самостійно керувати своєю державою, а не довіряти чужинцям-іновірцям та підступним "браттям слов'янам".

  • Слава Украине!


  • Спасибо огромное!Вы рассказали так доходчиво,как не рассказывают в школе!5 из 5!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcOfbm5PlWk

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Q2MLy0DEswY-1ZheTcYig

  • Щоб знати куди ти йдеш, потрібно пам'ятати звідки ти прийшов!!! Творцям каналу велика Вдячність.

  • А Крим яким чином тут?Просрали в 2014му


  • Доступно, геніально стисло !Дякую!!!

  • Лайк авансом не глядачі,я ж вам довіряю.

  • Вітаю, 100000 підписників ?

  • Промиваємо мізки за 10 хвилин.

  • Моє коріння сімейного дерева сягая польської історіі. Мої мама та тато поляки по національності і народились в Україні як іх батьки. Я люблю Украіну, тому що це моя батьківщина. З рядянської історіі я гарно памятаю як Россійська Імперія знущалась над Україною. І мені було цього досить щоб зробити деякі висновки. Те що відбувається в краіні дуже сильно пригнічую людей не байдужих до майбутнього цієї краіни , ТОМУ Я ЗАКЛИКАЮ ВСІХ КОМУ НЕ БАЙДУЖА УКРАЇНА , НЕ ДАТИ РОССІЇ ВСТАНОВИТИ СВОЇ ТУТ ПРАВИЛА І ЗАКОНИ.

  • Щиро вдячна за таку дійсно потрібну в наш час та цікаву роботу???

  • І нічим пишатися, бо самі бідні в Европі, сором і ганьба українським володарям.

  • С какой дырки тебя выписали?

  • Дай вам Бог доброго здоров'я. Ви робите велику справу. Просвітництво або терор? Ви обрали найбільш дієвий та гуманний шлях. Але всеж без крові волі не здобути. Дякую вам від щірого серця.

  • Упоротый дядя, который разжигает, и сеет ненависть между славянскими народами. Мне пох, что было когда то там, я родился в СССР мой дед отвоевал всю великую отечественную войну с братьями русскими, и мне важно что было при мне, а не тогда, ведь я живу сейчас, и не имею отношения к прошлому, не надо манипулировать в этом плане!
    На последок я хотел бы сказать следующее, каждый человек видит по разному одну и туже картину, так же её можно преподнести с разных углов. Я не вижу нейтралитета в этом видео, я вижу целенаправленный розжиг, хоть и не очень открытый.

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